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  1. hahahahhahahaha this threads funy
  2. this guy is for college jam bands to slowly think hip hop is cool. its a jewish rapper., come on how cool is that. oh god
  3. laugh it up mawtter of the fact is its a range rover
  4. was it like throwing a hotdog down a hallway?
  5. having sex with spanish chicks! OLAY!
  6. go to some restaraunt and get a gift card. people love food
  7. MY 2006 ONES: 1-get apartment 2-travel out of the country. 3- girlfriend 4- save money 5- get a new car 6- connections 7- either get paid higher or find a better paying job 8- being more responsible 9- not smoking as much 10- bad habits need to deteriate 11-get tattoos 12- paint some nice things
  8. anytime you dont know where you kid at, get off that crack
  10. shit doesnt help either to know heroin is easier to get then alot of other drugs
  11. the truth lies in themselves, you cant talk an addict out of his problem, the only way real addiction comes clean is if it through the addict himself, in other words the addiction will run until the person either decides to stop for themselves, or it will burn the wick at both ends.if he/she isn't willing to the listen and fight the temptation, then dont even bother, shits like a broken record, your friendship will also fall through.
  12. some of you guys want some really stupid things.\ ill take a bottle of whiskey and be happy.and a carton of camels if im really loved.
  13. i wouldnt call it embarrasing more like doing it for fun. theres been a bunch of times where ive gone to restaruants on busy populated streets and shit all over the toilet seats and floors surrounding them and pee'ing on the toilet paper. many time walking abandon tracks and having to shit and wyping them with my socks. or going to spots on the highway and bringing taco bell napkins and taking nice poops before i do other things. i guess its gross but everytime i do something like that, i laugh hysterically while doing it. i also like to eat as if im mentally challenged. im an asshole
  14. lobster salad sandwich with fries and jack and coke
  15. it boils down to this, in all the cities, there are cameras planted everywhere. all of witch are taken photos of every face, same with stores nowadays, walmart for example. when you walk into a store of that nature your photo is being taken wether or not you did anything (theft) its on file. nowadays one out of every five people is seen on this..... the tv. reality tv. our identities are no longer ours to the extent they were a decade ago. i think maybe its becuase ive done one to many recreational drugs in the past years but i have beleif of if you use certain words, in the same sentence (example. bomb, bush,president,) will trigger some sort of thign where, whoever can pinpoint your locatoin and listen to the conversation. i sound like some buddhist dude in jail but i could be true theres just no prooving. plus dogs are eyes and ears too.
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