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  1. :spent: <---- this emoticon doesnt give a fuck about the previous post
  2. you live humble as hell in ny compared to anywhere else in america, unless your very rich and have an actual apartment in places like times square. but nah, most of ny are on the poor side, but theres allot of culture and shit, its very wild and out of order and noisy, its great. oh, my job in nyc, staten island living: mover live with mother in an apartment complex
  3. That emoticon shit was so 2005(ish) Quoted post [/b] im always late on trends, i just bought my first tims 2 weeks ago
  4. i lied im only 51% slutty :chicken: <-- this emoticon best describes my life
  5. I keep seeing the word fetus in the title of this thread.
  6. undercover shoppers are more pigs than cops and if you dont know, now you know
  7. hahaha he ate his salad with a fork last night
  8. gooooox obviously never been in jail. and i like your attitude dobsilla. undercover shoppers are worse than cops themselves in terms of respectable jobs and human brotherhood and shit like that. fuck them all
  9. 80% slut :bday: <----this emoticon best describes my life
  10. isnt this about jose padilla, the chicago puerto rican muslim?
  11. nuyorican


    DMX arf arf! woof woof!
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