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  1. when i saw this earlier tonite at teh peeler, i thought franklin had just physically killed quarry. ugh.
  2. ah sweet. thanks for the tip on expired film dudes, i got a hook up for some 690 styles i'm going to snafu tomorrow. i'm excited.
  3. okay, what the hell is that thing? also, polaroids nerds: i have a shitty old one stop..please confirm, i can use all 600 film correct? as in 690?
  4. everytime i see jbrsh post i fucking wish i could afford polaroid film. it's so stupidly expensive in my parts. damn. DAMN.
  5. good time waster: http://www.aiga.org/content.cfm/aigamedalists
  6. flonase is a tight phrase. i wanna be the guy that gets paid to make up ridiculous names for medical products, i'd rock that shit.
  7. if you wanna be real gentle about it you lean over and suffocate them.
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