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  1. also, 'in the spirit' of crossfire, you spelled continuation wrong.
  2. ^likewise you must not understand just war theory and international law and treaties related to war. the US invaded, thereby negating any sort of authority to morals and what you can reasonably deem 'right' war conduct and 'wrong' war conduct. also convenient to solely blame the 'terrorists' and not the impetus. you've heard the term 'flytrap' right?
  3. yea, it may not be right, but that's the leg their standing on and have to work from with a dude like 50cent. aside from that, the security issue will be a big deal and will likely fall on taxpayers who would rather 50cent stayed in the US anyhow so..
  4. what a fucking dipshit.
  5. i didn't read the whole article, but i'm pretty sure the operative phrase was that 50 'promotes violence', not that 50 himself is going to kill people. i don't know if he actually 'promotes' it since i'm not a big 50 cent guy, but he certainly increases the volume of violence in society. is there a liklihood 50 is going to be the impetus for some mindless youth to cause a ruckus or perhaps incite violence while listening to lyrics that glorify it? i'm not saying the race thing isn't part of the equation, but i think there is more weight to the actual substance of canadian authorities concerns than your assertion it's merely a race/celebrity thing. eminem has caused a ton of controversy everywhere he's gone, including canada. also, do you actually know eminem and kid rock have extensive criminal records comparable to 50 cent?
  6. for those nights where you feel like drinking hard shit. The Wizard-Albert Ayler from the maestro work:
  7. man...my whole day today was sitting at a garbage pc trying to finish an arts mag with a retardedly slow redraw..to move a stupid little tiff 2inches over takes like 45 seconds, with another 45 to change tools. this is after i talked to a friend on the weekend from another agency who told me the whole place is pimped out with the latest g5's and cs2. aarrrgh. i pretty much blasted this all day along with many other analord tunes. also, this particular tune makes me think it should be played in some teched out euro sports car while driving *psychotically fast. AFX - Xmd5a(Analord 10)
  8. this isn't quite 'uncomfortable' in the sense i originally intended for the thread, since it didn't bother me much, but whatever. a few years ago during the summer i decided to spend the money and try parachuting. i get to the training session and scope out the situation. eventually a shitload of people show up, many first timers as well. so you go through and do the exercises to prepare and stuff, and one of them is where you practice your landing. well i get up there, and there's a good 20-25 people waiting below, all watching me intently to practice my landing. well, i jump off the ledge and proceed to bring my knees up and widen the space between them. basically you are flying down at a crowd of onlookers with your legs spread eagle. as soon as i do this maneuver i instantly rip a massive hole in my shorts..and to my horror, realize i have no undies on and am exposing my dudes for all to see. everyone laughed it up good including me. anyhow...this just reminded me of some guy one of my buddies knows who had a stick impale his scrotum after a snowboarding wipe out. ouch.
  9. gigantic jug is a spectacular user name as well.
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