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  1. (Raises a pint) Cheers to 10 and many more.
  2. You don't need a lawyer, but you need to show up when the judge sets the appointment. Represent yourself and immediately request a paternity test and claim you have no idea who this person is. This will throw it back onto her and she'll drop the case knowing it isn't your kid. Also if you proceed to sue her it will probably cost you more in lawyer's fees to end up not getting any money out of her and the fact you even pathetically mentioned "suing her" shows that you're just as greedy and desperate as her.
  3. Not my favorite of yours, I still like the reaper from Acrow the best. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Link for the article? I tried googling it and found an article that said it sold for $245k. I want to see the real estate listing and see some pics of the inside.
  5. Lots of great art up for grabs.... Kannon Art show, tattooers for Japan. https://www.facebook.com/groups/311369815626186/
  6. The old lady obviously is not cut out to be a bus monitor. Imagine if those brats were bullying some other kid on the bus, that lady would've done nothing. She doesn't deserve to be a wealthy charity case for being a shitty employee. Also those kids should have their bus privileges revoked, parents should be raising their kids with better morals then bullying some poor old lady and should be inconvenienced to having to drive their own kids.
  7. I think once the insurance company steps in, that dude is not going to just get criminal mischief charges for destroying a valuable painting. Dude is a total fucktard for bragging about on Facebook. He snitched himself out. Lol
  8. I have a sleeve from Steve, it took me approx. 3 years to get in, but once you're in you won't regret it. Steve is not only a great artist but a very humble guy. I have seen all the "seasons" back pieces Steve has done and they are all top shelf. I think he has a few of them posted on his instagram. Quality is worth the wait. I hope to start a rib/leg piece with Steve in the fall. Steve was telling me he gets about 1500 emails a month requesting tattoos and he only takes on about 30-40 new projects a year so if you want a Steve Moore tattoo you better have a great idea and a good chunk of skin. As for southern Cali-try out http://www.gurutattoo.com/, Aaron does some stuff that is similar to Steve's work. Also Terry at http://www.remingtontattoo.com/ is worth checking out.
  9. Re: Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch Has Cancer, Tour And Album Postponed RIP MCA http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/beastie-boys-co-founder-adam-yauch-dead-at-48-20120504 :(
  10. geezpot

    korny 2012

    Re: kony 2012 Keep yourself informed... http://visiblechildren.tumblr.com/ Also BP recently found large untapped oil in Uganda and now the US wants to invest interest. WTF? Seriously, I bet if there was oil in Bosnia then the Serb militia wouldn't be killing thousands of kids every year. This world is so fucked up and greed driven.
  11. The tattooing community lost a great guy yesterday. RIP Jamer.
  12. groyn, whoever did that tattoo should NOT be apprenticing anyone and is probably blowing smoke up your ass to get a free employee/shop bitch to clean toilets and do all the front of the house crap. If you want to tattoo seek out a better mentor and learn it right the first time.
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