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  1. bump for igams's tits and im crew. bombing pretty hard lately
  2. NAH THE ONLY PERSON ON 12OZ WHO WOULD WATCH A 30 MINUTE SPECIAL ON GAY DUDES JUMPING AROUND IN A FOAM FILLED MOON ROOM IS WHITEOX Quoted post NOT EVEN RAGE IS THAT GAY B. Quoted post [/b] so you and rage get straight into the hardcore shit when your chillin at the bear's crib?
  3. done and done. and for you kids who'd burn them, it's your loss. People who would discount an entire genre of music aren't real music lovers. I could love a polka if it was good enough. I can dig almost anything if it's good. Some genres have a lot more crap than others, but every genre has a few good songs. Quoted post [/b] maybe, but i couldnt be bothered listening to all the shit to find a couple of exceptions
  4. yeah, that scene pissed me off, you'd think the creators would appreciate how many people have had friends and family hang themselves. it was just unnecessary ps you're a fool inkie
  5. is that the second shot that hit him ?
  6. WhiteOx


    the best online fps was tribes: shifter. i was the best player in australia, i shit you not
  7. WhiteOx

    80's movies

    I think you missed to piont of the thread....dune i'll accept
  8. wow. I am so glad i dropped maths half way thorugh high school
  9. I thought a fresh hip hop jam was about to jump off
  10. WhiteOx


    why does nappy head refer to that bushy afro hair mean ? diapers = nappies here
  11. I posted a thread about mr blobby a couple of years ago. - A Fathead (genus Psychrolutes) trawled during the NORFANZ expedition at a depth between 1013 m and 1340 m, on the Norfolk Ridge, north-west of New Zealand, June 2003 (AMS I.42771-001). Photo: K. Parkinson © Australian Museum. The scientists and crew on board the RV Tangaroa affectionately called this fish 'Mr Blobby'. Note the parasitic copepod on Mr Blobby's mouth.
  12. they were found on the NORFANZ voyage not after the tsunami
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