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  1. thinking about it anyhow. anyone know some tricks to get it for cheaper? buying through a school? employee coupon? whats the word?
  2. stumbleupon.com click stumble in the top left hand corner, and it switches to random websites... cool shit...
  3. poesia- you seem to know alot, so i'm not going to say you're wrong. but fuck it, life's life, this is my first house, it's not going to be the last ya know what i mean? so it's all good, as long as i get a good rate, if i have to wait out the housing market so be it. it will be real world austin 2 before i go under please believe me. i'll bring in a few mother fuckers at $600 a piece before i lose my house. believe. i know i've said some stupid shit and fucked up over the years in some peoples eyes but i am a pretty smart cat when it comes to some things, and i fucking play to
  4. thanks player. thanks for looking out for the kid / hating on me / telling me how it is for all these years, and still being able to put up with me. ya'll have helped out in some way or fashion...
  5. ******************* ******************* UPDATE: do today i went to sign some final lot papers, asked a few questions, and i moved to another lot, it's in a cold-a-sac, much bigger, and instead of my other lot that was only worth $2k, this one is 10k. and i don't have to pay for it. (that was one of the incentives when i signed up, lot premiems covered up to 20k. (they don't have anything more than this piece im getting). so today i just made 8k in about an hour on my house. ******************* ******************* and thanks all for the kind words / advice tips... appreciated.
  6. bumpski! keep them flicks coming
  7. i've heard good and bad things about them. i plan on watching them like a hawk though on my shit. different areas also build better than others im sure. i figure if some rich folks that seem to be in my neighborhood are dropping $250-350k plus, i'll be okay. but honestly, i feel like everyone now a days is somewhat shady or trying to cut corners... i plan on being in there for about 5-7 years unless i get married earlier, which i dont see happening anytime soon. and if worse comes to worse, i'll just keep this property and rent it out when the time comes to upgrade. the best thi
  8. yes sir, concrete slab.... my buddy got the laminate, and it really looked good. plus easy to clean, and helps with people with allergies. ive always had carpet though, but we'll see.
  9. thanks for the heads up, i'll have to ask my realtor about that. i'm building with KB HOMES. theyve been around forever, so hopefully i wont have any issues. i believe from what my kb contact said, they cover everything for up to 10 years. (as far as structural issues)
  10. my house is like $179k before customizing it / upgrades. and yes, you people in cali or nyc are fucked... its way cheaper here in texas. (atleast for now, people started coming here and buying up property / land...) and pistol- the big ranch style house or whatever you're referring to, you can probably get if you move further outside of city limits, but i'm in the city to an extent. my house is, master, 2 kids rooms, living room, dining room, and a 4th bedroom that is a miniature den / office space. i went with this floor plan so that if and when i sell a few years down the li
  11. 12oz helped me correct this. i use to fuck it up all the time. still might if im drunk and not paying attention... but you know.
  12. to the east side, finally got a piece of that pieeeeeeeeeeee. so, latest update on my lifeola: i'm in the process of building a new house and I can't be any more excited than i already am. Going to be 3 minutes away from my job, 2 streets away from one of my best friends house. brand new awesome community i'm building in with a lot of promise... some house details: -2137+ sq feet (i say plus because i'm adding a retreat to the master and a covered patio). -tile flooring in wet areas and laundry room / or wood laminate, haven't decided which way to go yet...(my buddy got
  13. done that a few times... shits awesome. hasn't back fired yet.
  14. be careful out in roundrock... they'll send you to death row if you get caught painting out that way... round rock and georgetown = dont fuck with it.
  15. Re: i got a jaywalking ticket yesterday. weaksauce
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