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  1. Smart


    http://www.timesunion.com/local/article/Once-a-15M-dream-project-now-a-250K-demolition-10914880.php not that anybody will ever see this or post here again
  2. Smart


    RIP BETES never got the chance to meet him in person but we talked about other shit before i even knew he wrote. my condolences to his family and friends. (pics stolen)
  3. Smart

    white people thread 2.0

  4. Smart

    Pizza Appreciation Thread

    had a great grease pie from a local joint earlier. Sicilian cut, sauce on top of the cheese. toss on some parmesan and crushed red... so good.
  5. Smart

    Rock Climbing

  6. Smart


    stolen bump
  7. Smart

    N E W Y O R K C I T Y

    all flicks in both posts stolen
  8. Smart


  9. Smart

    12oz collapsed?

    i know some of you aren't a fan but good for him
  10. Smart

    12oz collapsed?

    homie is on MTV now... shits wild
  11. Smart

    the torrent sharing thread

    anybody have invites for pass the popcorn? you will be greatly rewarded
  12. Smart

    N E W Y O R K C I T Y

    BITCH YOU GUESSED IT STOLEN but yeah darks aint playin