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  1. no idea but laugh it up. this shit is like sideshow night at redneck bar #12 manic depressives an all.
  2. ugh...guess what i write. as for the latching etc etc...and the tailspin...i wouldn't give to fucks about being banned. honestly. i don't care. do it. as for the other shit, you're so gay for me... did any of your psychologists ever explain 'projecting' to you? it's when you feel a certain way, in your case, gay...but you don't know how to deal with it properly, so you project it onto others in order to 'deal' with it yourself. haha. you're a year older than i am and acting like a highschool girl on myspace! fucking ridiculous! i love 12oz prophet! hahaha. hope you guys are having fun in the mod room. happy thanksgiving,
  3. haha. you thought i was getting mad? i thought you were getting mad. this isn't fun anymore. you could see some of my pieces in the south. i'm not giving specifics b/c this is the internet. anyhow, go fuck yourself, some more insults, blah blah blah. fuck shit damn cunt hell piss
  4. check for firmware updates for cd burner
  5. i used to collect all kinds of things. my last passion was autographs and movie posters.
  6. casekonly

    X-BOX 360

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/80491849@N00/ 360 crashes http://www.johnwiseman.ca/blogging/?p=72 fires caused by 360
  7. alot seeking. i've painted alot. faggot.
  8. i started painting in '92/'93
  9. wow, seeking. you counted how many times i mentioned your name. that is pretty gay. "dear diary, casek mentioned my name half a dozen times today (that means six). maybe he'll tlak about me today, too hee hee. your friend, seeking" see what i mean? the egos...big egos. so, you've painted. i haven't had as much time to paint this year. wow. who fucking cares? you travel...wow. i travel almost every thursday through sunday. a different state. holy crap. that is so interesting. no one cares. no one cares about how many states either of us have been to. no one cares how many pieces you've put up. as far as i'm concerned, this is over. this is the internet.
  10. to see if you would keep it up...the shit talking. you can\'t handle what you dish out, dude. that\'s all.
  11. to see if you would keep it up...the shit talking. you can\'t handle what you dish out, dude. that\'s all.
  12. nah, i expect you\\\'ll do the right thing. the whole point of me saying shit back to you is to see if this would come up. i wanted to know if you could handle the shit you dish out. edit: if you feel that you must ban me, condemn me, whatever. do it. i\'ve broken no rules.
  13. haha. i'm flattered. do you need some zoloft seeking? i've got some old stuff laying around. you can have it. p.s.-suck my crank. edit: you knwo what? when i was in 5th grade, i used to make fun of a girl alot because i secretly liked her. is that what you're doing seeking? are you gay for me? becausei don't swiing that way, dude.
  14. casekonly

    X-BOX 360

    ps3 is gonna be dope. gonna have to wait on it, though.
  15. dumy: tell me of this other place where people are sane
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