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  1. By having the electoral college the country is instead led by also mob rule, it's just a smaller mob. The electoral college was a compromise between those that thought the senate should choose the next president and those that thought a citizens majority should choose the next president. The Electoral College was never intended to be the “perfect” system for picking the president, says George Edwards III, emeritus political science professor at Texas A&M University. “It wasn’t like the Founders said, ‘Hey, what a great idea! This is the preferred way to select the chief executive, period,’” says Edwards. “They were tired, impatient, frustrated. They cobbled together this plan because they couldn’t agree on anything else.” source "Another camp was dead set against letting the people elect the president by a straight popular vote. First, they thought 18th-century voters lacked the resources to be fully informed about the candidates, especially in rural outposts. Second, they feared a headstrong “democratic mob” steering the country astray. And third, a populist president appealing directly to the people could command dangerous amounts of power." (same source as above) "Not only was the creation of the Electoral College in part a political workaround for the persistence of slavery in the United States, but almost none of the Founding Fathers’ assumptions about the electoral system proved true." (same source as above) To back up the previous statement: The reason that the Constitution calls for this extra layer, rather than just providing for the direct election of the president, is that most of the nation’s founders were actually rather afraid of democracy. James Madison worried about what he called “factions,” which he defined as groups of citizens who have a common interest in some proposal that would either violate the rights of other citizens or would harm the nation as a whole. source I believe that the factions Madison was concerned with are prevalent in today's society, these very few people with particular interests (large corporations etc etc) are able to literally buy the legislation they want, which makes Madison's issue with direct democracy moot, as these factions have already figured out a way to get around the issue of not actually having enough votes. How would there not be a purpose in voting? Literal 1:1 voting gives everyone the voice they deserve if we are to believe the declaration of independence as it is written (all men are created equal) 1:1 voting along with a clearly drawn line between what the federal government is allowed to make laws and how those laws affect states is an obvious win for the majority of americans. I have to get ready for jiu jitsu, otherwise I would have added more information.
  2. One of the main problems I have with the news forum is your inability to actually respond to any real criticism of your ideals, I don't know if this is due to you actually trolling or if you lack the capacity and attention span to back up any of your claims. This forum honestly should be for reasonable and thoughtful debate and discussion, but every chance you get you seem to want to troll. But of course it's on everyone else because once you're done spouting your unsubstantiated drivel you end with the caveat "don't get butt hurt guys lol". It's disingenuous and in my opinion you specifically shouldn't be allowed in an area where real discussions are taking place because you have no real interest in any actual conversation. What I continue to see from you, and why I try to stay away from this specific forum for the time being is you writing some stream of consciousness BS that isn't based in reality, then when called out on your shit you curl up and cry that the other person is taking your positions more serious than you are. It has happened maybe twice, but definitely once before with you where I call out specific arguments you make with actual real world facts with actual real world data that back it up and cite the sources and you either respond with another stream of consciousness spaghetti essay that does not address anything I refuted or you just do not respond all together. Sorry, I didn't mean to call the forum itself trash, since a forum itself is only comprised of what the users put into it. The reason I don't want to post in this forum currently is because it is over run with your trash. To give an example - If I have 2 buckets, one that is clearly marked trash and has a bunch of trash in it, and another bucket that is clearly marked pristine auto parts that also has a bunch of trash in it but there's one pristine spark plug at the bottom of the bucket, which one is the trash bucket? Just because someone thinks you are a troll and calls you out on it doesn't mean they are fragile and butt hurt - It's a really weird stance for you to make, and one I've seen you make several times. Instead of attacking people's character for thinking you're annoying, why don't you try to post something that is actually interesting instead of "lol gaiz, impeachmintz, I don't actually have anything constructive to say - Discuss" to your edit: I personally think each vote should be 1:1. Someone in Wyoming's vote counts 3.6 times as much as my vote does. source This is only because I live near more people than they do. I do believe that the senators that represent more people should have more weight on senate votes because the way it is set up right now, some motherfucker in Wyoming is over represented by his or her individual vote, and by his or her representative in the senate. It's dumb, and should be rectified. Mind you, I would be saying the same thing if it was Hillary in the white house and bad orange man won the popular vote. To sum up my response to your edit: No, it's pretty clear I am saying the opposite of what you think I'm saying.
  3. When you say the Californians what are you talking about exactly? Obviously not the election of the 45th president https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/hillary-clinton-officially-wins-popular-vote-29-million/story?id=44354341 and obviously not the recent impeachment 'trial' in the senate where the senators that voted to impeach represent 18 million more actual people than those that voted not to. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/feb/05/how-donald-trump-got-acquitted-after-impeachment Anyway, sorry for coming into your jerk off session, i'll leave.
  4. iloveboxcars


    thankfully the guy kept his head on the inside. If your head is on the outside of the body when you go for a double leg you're gunna have a bad time ok?
  5. Bruh. I mean, in the news forum we have a moderator and an administrator just trolling constantly. How straight garbage and worthless is this forum? It's literally the nonsense thread conservative talking points edition.
  6. Also Ari Shaffir has always been an unfunny piece of shit, is he finally getting what's coming to him for that Kobe tweet? I can only hope his career is over and he finally kills himself like everyone knows he should.
  7. I went down a half guard rabbit hole after this conversation (mixed in with other random youtube videos) but man, I can not for the life of me pay attention to a single sentence that john danaher says. I try. I try so hard, but it's just like when my wife is telling me a story I don't care about. I'll say "ok I'm paying attention this time" and then the fucking video is over and I realize I've been playing minesweeper the entire time. How do people pay attention to this guy. Is this adult adhd?
  8. oh wait no we arent. hold on when you grab the kimura you already are squeezing your legs together, then you adjust to get under them but it usually doesn't take as long as they are depicting there. I usually just do a 90 degree turn so I get from off my side and onto my back and their hand is already behind their hips and their base is lost, so they are generally resting their chest on mine.
  9. yeah, when I do it I usually put a lot of weight on their leg and squeeze my thighs together so they cant get their knee through.
  10. A purple belt at my gym is built like stretch armstrong and he uses a lot of keenan's material. All that lapel black magic shit. That first choke is interesting that they show, gives me an option to try when someone is just laying there in side control.
  11. This works often enough for me, you can also use it to sweep them if they are aware enough to do a front roll before you lock it down.
  12. What I work on depends on who I'm rolling with. People that are better than me - I fight for top and from there keep spamming different sub attempts until I fuck up just enough that they sweep me. Then I try to get to a position where I can shoot for a kimura. I just really like finding kimuras right now. Finding one but not being able to complete it with these guys (as expected) I consider a win for myself People that are at sort of the same level as me - It's actually surprising how flow-rolly me and 3 other guys are. We all started close enough together, and we laugh through out the entire roll generally, just doing dumb shit to each other, but keeping it competitive. We aren't giving anything away but we also aren't holding on for dear life usually. People that are worse than me - Guard retention and sweeps, but after I sweep i try to work my way back to bottom, and then I do the triangle bait for armbar bait for omoplata and the reverse until I lock something down. With people that are much smaller than me I try to match their strength and focus on technique.
  13. It’s good to be back. our coach has us do 4 “laps” around a circle where each person chooses 10 of whatever exercise they want to do (can be anything from burpees to pushups) and I went from the dude that called out burpees or sprawls every round to the guy that calls out sit-ups or pushups so I get a brief moment of trying to catch my breath. You lose cardio fucking fast. I won’t be the dude that calls jumping jacks though. I’ll never lower myself to that level
  14. Similar to @fat ralphymy recent Jiu jitsu journey has been filled with god trying to stop me from going. I’m finally back in the weights and bjj but not full bore on either. Probably going to do 2 days weights 2 days bjj. While I was unable to work out I kept eating as though I was going hard though, so I went from 190 to 215 pretty quickly. Getting my diet back in check as we speak. focussing on survival with higher belts and guard retention with guys I can handle. Been giving up my back on purpose and shutting people down as much as I can. I’ve survived all 7 minutes (minus the time it took to get to my back) with my back taken. Still working on my escape, but I think it’s going to click pretty soon here.
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