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  1. Nah, rather the quick fire session than the week of no guesses. Let’s keep this moving
  2. I use google drive but save changes to a drive on my personal computer. I will never trust any sort of cloud services fully. Sorry this happened.
  3. There’s other brutality in it. It’s about the English taking Australia from the Aboriginals. but it’s a female director, and she purposefully made the rape scenes horrendous because she feels as though rape scenes are portrayed as not that big of a deal and almost sexy in most film. Anyway- I’ll stop crowding this thread with rape
  4. The Nightingale. I recommend it, but I am serious about the amount of rape in it. I never want to see this film again. someone else go. My house is in the 5 day service disconnect area PG&E is calling out due to high dry winds or whatever, so I’m not really sure about my online presence in the coming days.
  5. not Bird box, haven’t seen that one either Hintorino: same director as Babadook
  6. More hints: incredibly uncomfortable amount of brutally depicted rape
  7. First episode of the new American Horror Story looks promising. I always forget about it until it pops back up in my downloads, but it really is a well done show.
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