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  1. iloveboxcars

    Unofficial Jiu Jitsu thread

    I steal stuff from yoga and incorporate that into my before class stretching. I generally get there 30 minutes early to foam roll my tender spots and do some stretches.
  2. iloveboxcars

    Unofficial Jiu Jitsu thread

    also now that I'm back in full swing my training schedule is not as I described before. It is as follows: monday - upper body weights tuesday - BJJ wednesday - lower body weights thursday - BJJ friday - BJJ saturday - BJJ sunday - yoga
  3. iloveboxcars


    Wow RIP. If baconators still exist I’ll eat one in his honor today.
  4. iloveboxcars

    Unofficial Jiu Jitsu thread

    Update: we made it through boys
  5. iloveboxcars

    Unofficial Jiu Jitsu thread

    i think i might have some diarrhea in a bit. i'm not really sure. I've been struggling with if I should go tonight, but I'm going to go anyway. butthole gods dont fail me now.
  6. iloveboxcars

    The best of outdoor style: Hiker, adaptive, tactical, etc

    I swear by Hoka for the rare times I actually do any trail running. My wife absolutely hates them, says they make her feel like she’s falling forward. I also use use them for day trip hiking and backpacking. I havent tried anything thing they have to offer WP wise, but I know that it exists. They do the color ways that you would expect from a shoe company that focuses on running. Usually pretty bright and vibrant colors fading into one another and all that other bullshit. They do have a couple color options that are nice color wise though.
  7. iloveboxcars


    Heads up on Risk though. The host is quite possibly the most annoying person I’ve ever come across. He talks for about 5-10 minutes at the beginning of each episode. I highly recommend skipping it. There is no important information there, he just blathers on with the worst voice known to humanity.
  8. iloveboxcars

    Unofficial Jiu Jitsu thread

    I first got interested when a friend of mine invited me to one of his ground pajama karate sessions. Fell in love. 1. How long have you guys been practicing? I've been going for 8 months. I've had to take 2 months off due to a rib injury though, so I generally say I've been training for 6. 2. Where do you guys train? Near Oakland, CA at PFMMA. It's a Caio Terra associated gym (who's main spot is in San Jose, only 45ish minutes away). Tyson Griffin (of UFC fame) owns the gym and trains there about once a week. 3. How do you guys train/build strength for it? I thought it would be all I needed but I've seen now that I need to work on my core, especially my lower back in order to stop getting injured. So my training schedule as soon as I go back full time (still got a slight rib injury) will be as follows: Tuesday - 1 hr strength and conditioning, 1.5 hrs BJJ Thursday - 1 hr strength and conditioning, 1.5hrs BJJ Friday - 1 hr No Gi, possibly more if others stay instead of going to da club Saturday - 1 hr open mat (maybe more) Will probably throw a Monday in there every other week or so of only BJJ 4. Do you guys where gis/no-gi and what brands do you guys prefer? It depends on the day. Friday's and Wednesday is no-Gi days at my gym. I prefer Gi though. My no-Gi stuff is some Under Armour shorts(not nut huggers) and one of those Nike sweat wicking shirts, both from REI. You don't really need BJJ gear for no-Gi so easier on the wallet at first. Gi wise I have two. a lightweight Hyabusa that has worked just fine for me. I actually prefer it over my normal Gi because I run hot and it allows more breathability. I also have the OSS brand one my gym used to sell. Now they sell Faze or something? I don't really like the design of it so I wont be buying one. If you're looking for recommendations just go and get a $100 one of any one of the brands I or ralphy listed.
  9. iloveboxcars


    Slow Burn - 2 seasons the first one goes in depth on the Watergate scandal and the second goes in depth on the butthole cigar scandal and Clinton being a rapist. Risk/The Moth/This is Actually Happening - People tell stories about their lives. Risk can get really freaky, TIAH can get pretty depressing, I actually go to a lot of The Moth "story slams" that are put on near me. It's my favorite of the 3. Last Podcast on the Left - In depth fact based analysis of serial killers and other pieces of shit throughout history with stupid jokes thrown in. Recently did a several episode exploration of the stupidity of the Donner party. Dis/sect - long form music journalism. Super interesting. So far he has done To Pimp a Butterfly, MBDTF, and Channel ORANGE. And that graffiti interviews podcast Coupe did had its moments as well. I forget what it's called. Thursday Legends or some shit.
  10. iloveboxcars

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

    Listening to people i disagree with politically on youtube, playing videogames on mute and doing planks between games.
  11. iloveboxcars

    Legal Weed Up North

    It’s been legal In California for a little bit now. The weed stores here seem to be a lot less GNC and a lot more “weed is flippin sick bro” I don’t really marijuana anymore though. It’s always fun for like 10 minutes but then I’m still high for another 2 hours.
  12. iloveboxcars

    The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)

    I don’t take a lot of pictures. Rode out to Stanislaus national park this weekend. Rode about 5 miles in the dirt to camp next to the Tuolumne river and drink and shoot guns. Some of us went fishing as well, but that’s not really my bag. The weather shouldn’t be this nice in November.
  13. iloveboxcars


    NuForce BE Sport4. i had a pair of Panasonic Bluetooth earbuds for about 7 years that were great. They had a piece that hung around your neck so the weight was always centered. If you were only using one earbud (which I do a lot) the one that wasn’t being used could be connected magnetically to the piece that hung around your neck. Those broke though. These aren’t as convenient for my needs as the Panasonic’s were, but they are still pretty good. Battery life seems to be about 10 hours of continuous use (switching between podcasts and music and gps). My my one major gripe is that there’s no “center of gravity.” If I just want to wear one earbud the other side can’t be affixed to anything and so I’m forced to readjust the unused side constantly so that it doesn’t feel like it’s trying to pull me down by that side. You would think something so light wouldn’t be that much of a bother, but it really does get in the way.
  14. iloveboxcars

    Weigh In: Politics vs Pop Culture

    Those in power have successfully put rivalism and factionalism at the forefront of the political zeitgeist so that no matter what the most pressing matter is (climate change, our completely corruptible and corrupted political system, mental health, natural disasters) we can not focus on those things. We instead are funneled into a system that completely blinds us to any relevant or viable argument from the other side (cherry picked and personally curated news feeds based on your past browsing history) until we are where we are today. Their media and yours is the problem. Media is the problem. The continuous boom of the drum as each new misleading article headline and paragraph is written guiding you to the line you were designed to fall in until empathy no longer exists for someone of differing opinions is the problem. Every moment of hypocrisy is repeated and droned on about over and over again by the media as though being a hypocrite is some sort of crime. It fucking isn't. You, I, We shouldn't care that someone said/did one thing yesterday and said/did something opposite today. That isn't the root of the problem. Everyone is a hypocrite in some sense. Why are we reporting on it? When there are video and audio recordings of the president pandering to literal racists and demeaning over half the U.S. population, why do we care that in 2013 he criticized Obama for doing something and now he is doing that same thing? It's just so incredibly stupid. Our voting systems and political system needs such a substantial overhaul where do you even start? Do you start with the absolute ridiculousness of a two party system when ideologies are much more nuanced than black and a slightly lighter shade of black? Do you start with the people in power being able to vote for their own raises while telling us unions are bad? Do you start with the inherent flaw in a system that allows groups to obfuscate the truth to such a degree that "lying" would be a better term for it, and not face any repercussion? How about the fact that because I live near more people than someone in the bumfuck of Missouri that my vote isn't worth as much as theirs is on the national stage or that someone losing the popular vote by such a large amount is still able to become president? OR when business owners such as The Waltons are among the richest people in the world while living off of what is essentially welfare because they refuse to pay their employees a reasonable wage. When will we begin to design a system that no longer rewards sociopaths over all others? When do we say as a nation this isn't working anymore. When do we say they've figured out how to game the system and they've won this game, it's time to rebuild or go scorched earth?
  15. iloveboxcars


    oh and I forgot about this shit It's just so incredible.