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  1. Schnitzel is slang for methamphetamine in my circle.. as far as writing I retired 2 years ago and I've never been more isolated or out of shape, opposite effect achieved than desired
  2. Can anyone recommend me some cats like RJD2 and BLOCKHEAD with ill hip-hop instrumentals sahdahtay
  3. Dog you don't know, what it takes to get this doe, there's no Motha fuckin way that I, could show you how we ROLLLLL, STATE PROP CHAIN GANG!!!! EARLY !!!! So anyway, I'm canning hydromorphone nicknacks at the mash jig as usual and suddenly a glistening squall of coke donuts begins to manifest on the screen of my Tamagatchi. Now, I think Madame Soliloquy otherwise known as my Tamagatchi , well I think the bitch is marked off da earf now. So it's time for pan-nuclear armament attacks on the gypsy strongholds because Tomahawk missiles cuddle up in gypsy cunts like bongos and Gonzo's out at scintilla fest ya dig ? In conclusion, return my FUCKING L. A Lites UNSCUFFED, WIT NO SOCK FUZZIES OR IMA KILL YOUR FUCKING GUNTHER
  4. Putting pennies up my ass, see I put 300 pennies up my ass every day that's roughly 9300 pennies per month 11,600 pennies per year, in my life I've put 1.1 million pennies up my ass PRETTY SOON THE WHOLE WORLD WILL BE SPENDING NY ASS PENNIES, YOU GIVE MY ASS PENNIES TO YIUR KIDS TO GET GUMBALLS AHHHHHHZAHAHAH
  5. About what, interdiction puddles formed around the rings of lady Ayahuascas venomous gonzo cunt? Yeah, we're guilty, they're all fuckin' corpuscular dunce caps spilled down the ritualistic phallace which worships the condom de Gucci societus maximus .... It's really quite tragic, they ran outta bullets they shoulda brought a ladder 🪜
  6. Hah, holy fuck, IDK how you remembered that... That shit must have really been one of a kind, huh?! I must say it was hands down the illest hoodie/sweater I've ever owned. Uhhm I'd say about 8 years ago I hit a giant silver tag on the back in hotpaint and rocked it bombing a bunch of times. It's either in my basement or in the garbage. I'll have to take a look!
  7. Oh ETHREADZNY? I remember him, we rapped a bit. Shiet, RIP shun.
  8. Hopefully someone shot a porn flick facefucking one of them dumb bitches
  9. I was like HMMM let me go investigate this supposed ''L'' hahaha =P
  10. Btw I can't see the flix but I still have a coogi hoodie with my tag on the back
  11. Is our mero the same one with a TV show now ???
  12. You rangggg ?! I'm around just selling drugs and bombing Kensington broad day
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