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  1. how can we get this? pm ME FOR A TRADE....
  2. Dont forget RANK in that pic...get ya shoeshine on!
  3. http://www.facebook.com/#!/video/video.php?v=428258156653 check out the preview of the doc...
  4. [/img] Ilove the submitted proposal letter for the wall for the owner to review!!
  5. [/img] Then this was the next page,followed by the next pic,interview.....
  6. [/img] This is the PRE interview,describing the "FROM THE DEPTHS"wall....... This is pic is 2 pages.
  7. I tried to get them 2 u..your like a ninja,no one can get to ya,your almost as bad a kad... ill try to get the file ,and post it.... i saved that dero pic for the myspace page... never saved the rest. what about the skate park?
  8. [/img] My fault,This is RJ.....AND A BIGGER PIC TO GO!
  9. [/img] kinda small but this is the box....sj...
  10. If you were out taken pics in the 80's early 90's you deserve some credit.
  11. TRUE..... i got pics sent to me from who knows who,and they were cropped ,rescanned ,lightened up,contrast up-down,versions of liquids,bravo's and half of the other guy's,pics...I like to see the name or watermark of the person who owns the pic.... Maybe someday they will put out a coffee table book,about graffiti and how philly "was"the shit......... MY 2 CENTS...
  12. FUNKY ASS RAY.... check the jenny -n- far....that shit was everywhere in 85...
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