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  1. Tails0nE


    Those ain't half bad man.. I'm sure with some more color ways and you could style them with some dope shit those middle ones are solid.. So I ended up kind of "accidently" buying the Chicago black toes.. Just came in earlier.. I did the bid shit the other day on stockX as @Kults said but in the middle of my shift.. was like hmm, highest bid is this, I'll only go 5 dollars more.. about an hour went by and the price went down by a dollar.. another hour went by it went down again by one more dollar.. by then I figured meh fuck it I probably won't get em if they're this high I only put the bid up for one day so no biggie.. then like an hour and a half later BOOM, order confirmed.. I only say I accidently got em cause I didn't expect for it to happen so quickly lol
  2. Tails0nE


    Just seen this and thought you guys would enjoy it.. so apparently this guy made this trick shot called the "rendenzook" on battlefield 4 or 5 I believe where he flew straight up while being chased, ejected, shot the following plane with a rocket launcher and landed back into his jet.. looks like the developers loved it so much they put it in the trailer.. Didn't know that it was a trick shot but that's pretty fucking awesome honestly..
  3. Currently trying to see what all the hype is about.. so far I'm like 12 tracks in and meh..
  4. Been pretty busy with work lately haven't had time for myself this past week or so.. finally got to enjoy my whole morning without anybody trying to contact me so that was nice.. here's a quick photodump of lately.. Morning smoke Slumped Been playing the fuck out of this since last night.. brings back memories and not as weird as I expected it to be on console rather than PC.. This is just a lil something I was fuckin with.. found the song on YouTube and let it play in the background while I played a quick lil drum pattern to get an idea.. might turn it into a full beat eventually we'll see.. VID_34730701_111754_555.mp4
  5. I got my 5g shot a couple weeks ago and my signal has been better than ever.. Nah I've been fine tho.. one day of feeling hungover minus the booze and I was fine.. we just recently had a covid scare at my job last week with some new dude catching it but the hotel mandated masks again like just before we found out.. either way I'm good.. just mad annoyed with social media with all the contradictory shit like you say and just overall dumb shit I see people spew out their ass.. I did recently come across this video and thought it was pretty interesting at least in regards to the past what year now or so.. one of the things I pulled from this was the part where they said, "Logic can be met with logic, while illogic cannot. It confuses those who cannot think straight. The big lie and monotonously repeated nonsense have more of an emotional appeal than logic and reason." Just overall an interesting video and perspective on things.. figured if there's anywhere to post this It'd prolly be here I guess..
  6. @ndv @nicklesndimes Not gonna lie tho here's another reason why I would rather get a regular turntable set compared to just the digital joints.. seen this video a while ago for this lil "phase" controller for vinyl and alot of people using it now and imo this is suuuuper fucking dope.. don't even need to put the needle down on the record for serato don't gotta worry about bumping the decks or the table or anything.. soooooooo sick... Start at the 2 minute mark and let it ride to see what I'm talking about..
  7. That is a pretty dope deck tho.. I've been thinking about grabbing one also honestly but then I feel like I'm just spending money and not being practical of my set up.. but then again im just being a cheap ass about it too really.. eventually I do wanna get some stuff to build my current set up and start mixing.. that's why I've been kind of torn between the lil guy and the audio Technica.. As of now I mainly need one to start sampling the records I have now and the ones my sister is holding hostage at her house.. but ultimately I'll probably wait and get the audio tech and eventually a mixer and what not and go from there..
  8. Recent things I really wanna buy.. debating on the turntable weather to get the audio technica one or the portable turntable.. the bigger one at least I can future proof myself to get a mixer n whatever, but the cheaper one is smaller and will fit on my desk set up.. still on the fence about which one to get mainly just wanna use it to transfer vinyl over and casual listening.. also this new chair I've had my eye on for a minute but being a cheap ass about it and of course some J's.. idgaf if they're mids they're dope to me.. first gonna grab these then probably the shadow 2.0 or the Jordan 1 zoom monarch since fall is slowly approaching.. meh...
  9. i fucking hate lolla sooooooooooo much.. bunch of stupid fucking drugged out half naked fucktard teenagers from naperville and barrington.. get fucked nerds..
  10. preciate the feed back my dudes.. and yeah i think i am just taking it to the chest for some weird reason and overthinking it too much.. just gonna let em know whats up and test the waters for the holiday season.. either way if shits wack i can go right on into the other room but for now i can absofuckinglutely take some extra cash to achieve some short term goals of mine for the time being.. party on wayne..
  11. this new drake and josh reboot is kind of depressing...
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