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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWTBxPudQig had this song stuck in my head during an entire saturday night service at this old restaurant i worked at. i wanted to bang my head against a wall by the end of the night.
  2. Thanks @KILZ FILLZi appreciate it. I read the post above about vpn's and passwords so im bout to check out some of these websites cause i dont trust this mcafee at all.. but my main question @Dirty_habiTis besides vpn's if i want to download music or movies is utorrent or any torrent sites still even a thing? my last computer was running windows XP and last time i was really even downloading anything thats when pirate bay and everything got shut down. i just bought this new lenovo ideapad mainly for music production and photoshop but even with all these music and movie streaming apps being so easily accessible i do miss just downloading an artists entire discography and jamming out for days. any idea where i can start this journey? also any antivirus software or anything you could recommend to prevent this beaut' from fucking up on me..? much appreciated in advanced
  3. yeah grammar and punctuation was never my strong suit on here.
  4. so, not only have i been completely out of the loop of teh 0ontz but ive been kind of out of the loop when it comes to computers. with the rise of the smartphone and tech in general everyone has had access to basically anything they want all within their pocket or on their tablet. im still a huge nerd when it comes to tech but my hands on experience with most things are basically none. point being, i recently just upgraded and bought myself a new laptop from my old inspiron tower i got handed down from a friend. dual core processor, 2gb of ram.. yeah.. pretty weak.. the laptop i just bought is a Lenovo ideapad 14 inch. Ryzen 7, 16gb ram 512 gb ssd, pretty much just the right specs to get what i need done without any hassles. so it pretty much comes down to this.. i have no idea what the fuck im doing besides the basics... like what the fuck is all this..? last operating system ive used was windows fucking XP. My main questions for the oontz, like, is utorrent and everything even still a thing anymore? last time i was really using a computer pirate bay and all the other torrent sites got shut down completely. where the fuck can i download music and movies without worry? is it even worth it with streaming devices so easily accesible? also do i need a VPN to do so? and what the fuck is a VPN?? i get the idea of it and everything just not the super intricate details. I just reached 30 dudes and i feel like a old sack of shit trying to push buttons hoping things will go right. plus i dont know if this was worthy of its own thread or if theres already a tech thread somewhere on here but i cant be the only one who feels this way.. trying to relearn everything is really annoying.. where the fuck is casek when you need him..?
  5. just bought some bison meat the other day from the store.. any cool ideas or recipes anybody has in mind for these bad boys..? i mean i was just gonna make some bison burgers but anything else intriguing holla at ya booooiii
  6. Avatar the Last Airbender Live Action Film.. Just dont...
  7. Seen this happen numerous times on instagram.. but that 4oz tee..??? Fucking barf...🤮
  8. I think everyone here so far has summed everything up as far as stereotypes and computer stuff.. factory reset the mac for double measure and you should be good but as far as the stereotype shit I get it dude.. I live on the south side of chicago so I'm always on the look out BUT, I have come across some decent people even though they aren't decent themselves which I can see doesnt make much sense.. but overall I think it's just kind of a sixth sense type thing.. like you know your stomach gets some type of way when you're in a bad predicament you know.. I get it when I know I'm somewhere I'm not suppose to be or around the wrong type of people and listening to that feeling has saved my life a couple times AND my wallet more so.. if it looks and smells like bullshit, most likely is.. But Idk dude.. dont trip tater chip I'm sure the nano bots are out of your system by now with all of your DNA heading to Nigeria now.. kidding.. but tbh with all the technology around especially considering most of us now are all on smartphones if it's not these shifty Nigerians or indian call centers getting your info it's definitely big brother so were all kinda somewhat half fucked already... Also I have a chromecast and a Google home my girl got.. chromecast is cool if you're just streaming shit from your phone to your tv.. google home is cool I guess I just keep asking it how to curse in Japanese so I can talk shit to my friends.. I doubt anyone is listening to me or my conversations and if they are they're probably bored as shit or wondering why I keep asking google how to say "suck my dick you ugly whore" in Japanese.. typically keep it on mute tho which is like 75% of the time though..
  9. Wish I had the pics to make a meme of when my dumbass got punched in that threesome years back... Ps. Love you oontz ❤
  10. i had a thread about a threesome that ended up badly and me getting punched in the mouth mid stroke... dont do it.. but in the words of a true gentleman, "fuck that bitch".. detach yourself emotionally from her, get your keys from her and tell her to fuck off.. if not, the cycle will keep continuing and she'll continue using you to her convenience while having complete disregards for your emotions for her.. simple as that..
  11. a visual version would be cool.. i guess i might kick it off i mean i havent been that active in making sik rap letterz so i got nothing to worry about.. just a matter of finding pics and putting them together.. ill prolly make a thread sometime soon once i get some together..
  12. ^ i was thinking the same thing except my son is four now.. (yes i have a kid) like, how will the internet or technology even evolve within the next lets say five years even..? would it still be the same or would social media platforms evolve so much that message boards like this would become obsolete even..? But, if 12oz is still around by then i wouldn't mind my son oontzing it up.. I feel like we've all grown from this website in one way or another believe it or not and it'd be cool to see if peeing in girls butts would still be a thing when im older.. If he ever answered me with boogie hands tho or calls me a tpwf i think i might die of laughter honestly..
  13. definitely gonna be coppin them tees asap including the last one.. i should be safe in my hood..
  14. browsing teh oontz but more so procrastinating on doing my laundry.. only because i gotta walk a couple blocks to the laundromat since my washer is broke and i really dont wanna deal with peoples lil badass kids running all over the damn place... ill do em tomorrow fuck it..
  15. i havent played but ive heard alot of good things about both the game and that new nintendo switch.. i gotta give it to them though the design of it is pretty dope.. especially how you can just pull it off its stand and walk out the crib still playing the game where you left off at and even play with friends in public like it aint shit.. i havent had a game system since the original xbox.. my buddy had a 360 and always left it at my crib so i guess you could say it was ours so to speak idk.. i have been thinkin about buying either a playstation or an xbox but im still stuck in between which one to grab.. not to mention xbox is still cookin up project scorpio or whatever (stupid name by the way) and im sure sony is in the works with something in order to compete with microsoft as usual.. so idk weather to wait it out for this next line of consoles or say fuck it and grab one..
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