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  1. Tails0nE


    This reselling shit is getting ridiculous.. supposedly sony and microsoft is trying to figure out something with retailers to avoid bots and scalpers but who knows.. 10 seconds is insane dude..
  2. it is bullshit honestly.. but, apparently i need that before i can even bother paying the reinstatement fee.. then gotta wait till December 8th for the dmv's to open up again and go take the test all over again..🙄
  3. true.. most of the time with peoples resolutions they ditch em after the first week anyway.. peep the gyms the week after new years and a month after and see how many people are STILL in there.. tpbm has already had their cup of coffee this morning..☕
  4. currently drinking some cafe bustelo scrolling through here before looking up sr-22 insurance so i can reinstate my license.. seen a video last week of a dude doing uber eats and made $8000 in one month.. 12 hour shifts but if its possible meh.. why not..🤷‍♂️ if ill end up making more than this whack ass unemployment then so be it..
  5. why do people stress themselves out even more when theyre already stressed as it is..? why put extra unnecessary pressure on yourself when you cant even handle daily tasks..? only to end up bitching and complaining about the situation you willingly put yourself in only to sarcastically say you're grateful and blessed but only for all the negative that has happened to you instead of the actual good..? how about shuttingthefuckuponceinawhileyoustupidfuck..? basically, girlfriends suck... *MorningRantOver*
  6. well from what i got from the video they're just some mashed potatoes some famous french chef dude made that he was well known for i guess.. basically he boiled the potatoes with the skin, peeled them once they were done boiling then put them through a ricer.. i guess the ricer breaks it down super tiny but breaks up the starch a bit as well where as a food processor would make it more stringy.. something to do with the blades breaking it up the way that they do.. then you add butter and add milk, wisk, then you put it through a fine mesh sieve to make it fluffy and creamy.. the trick though i
  7. might fuck around and try making some boujie mashed potatoes for thanksgiving with the fam..
  8. lets not forget the people who swear up and down that 5g is the cause of corona virus.. also the guy from hs who screamed at me online that space is fake and we all live on a flat earth covered by a glass dome that the government put there.. people really believe this shit..🙄
  9. i just woke up and jesus christ im fucking hungry now.. you guys are killing it especially that spaghetti squash that shit looks soooo good... i always wanted to try and make spaghetti squash but our oven doesnt work every time we try and use it the alarm goes off and my girl refuses to ask our landlord for a fix or new one because of her anxiety and "i just feel like im bothering people i dont wanna bother anyone" 🙄🤦‍♂️ @Merceryeah that roof shingle is some achatz michellin star boojie shit.. when i worked at one of my last jobs Next and The Aviary next door always had some stupid
  10. ive had some family members catch covid.. cousin had it bad but didnt need to be hospitalized.. her mother got it and was hospitalized but made it through.. another friend caught it but didnt need to be hospitalized but might catch it again since shes constantly making out with people at the bar and refuses to wear a mask.. one side of my girls family had it and didnt bother telling anybody attending her uncles funeral (thank god we didnt go) and now theyre all getting extremely worse.. weather or not you believe "the media hype things up" or whatever the hell the case is its prett
  11. Tails0nE


    yup ive been seeing them.. xbox with the disc drive, loud pops and disconnecting and smoking here and there and ps5 with their ssd issues and shit.. idk i always wait a while for next gen consoles mainly cause i dont wanna have to send back my console to get fixed like a month after i buy the damn thing.. i learned my lesson with the 360 when ALL of my homies got the red ring of death and had to send theirs out for weeks to get fixed before i was able to grab one.. after that i said yeah fuck it ill wait.. kind of like the whole cyberpunk shit.. i was talking with my cousin about i
  12. Tails0nE


    yeah i dont get it.. i mean its not like they're NEVER gonna be restocked again.. ive seen way too many people try and resell them or "join my wraffle bro 60 each person 100 people in one lucky winner gets it" like dood shutdafukup.. either way im gonna wait a while before copping one to avoid hardware issues.. the hype is NEVER that real for resale prices.. 👎
  13. Tails0nE


    they're probably gonna be sold out for a lil while but once they do restock they should have alot more than when they first put em out.. depending on how sony wants to go about it they should release some more on black friday or right before xmas for moar moniez.. but who knows how quick those will go this time..🤷‍♂️ or you can buy it resale from some 17 year old kid with yeezys and a bape hoodie smoking a juul from his supreme fanny pack for $1200.. 🙃
  14. *sigh* well.. this is gonna be interesting...🙄
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