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  1. i had a thread about a threesome that ended up badly and me getting punched in the mouth mid stroke... dont do it.. but in the words of a true gentleman, "fuck that bitch".. detach yourself emotionally from her, get your keys from her and tell her to fuck off.. if not, the cycle will keep continuing and she'll continue using you to her convenience while having complete disregards for your emotions for her.. simple as that..
  2. a visual version would be cool.. i guess i might kick it off i mean i havent been that active in making sik rap letterz so i got nothing to worry about.. just a matter of finding pics and putting them together.. ill prolly make a thread sometime soon once i get some together..
  3. ^ i was thinking the same thing except my son is four now.. (yes i have a kid) like, how will the internet or technology even evolve within the next lets say five years even..? would it still be the same or would social media platforms evolve so much that message boards like this would become obsolete even..? But, if 12oz is still around by then i wouldn't mind my son oontzing it up.. I feel like we've all grown from this website in one way or another believe it or not and it'd be cool to see if peeing in girls butts would still be a thing when im older.. If he ever answered me with boogie hands tho or calls me a tpwf i think i might die of laughter honestly..
  4. definitely gonna be coppin them tees asap including the last one.. i should be safe in my hood..
  5. browsing teh oontz but more so procrastinating on doing my laundry.. only because i gotta walk a couple blocks to the laundromat since my washer is broke and i really dont wanna deal with peoples lil badass kids running all over the damn place... ill do em tomorrow fuck it..
  6. i havent played but ive heard alot of good things about both the game and that new nintendo switch.. i gotta give it to them though the design of it is pretty dope.. especially how you can just pull it off its stand and walk out the crib still playing the game where you left off at and even play with friends in public like it aint shit.. i havent had a game system since the original xbox.. my buddy had a 360 and always left it at my crib so i guess you could say it was ours so to speak idk.. i have been thinkin about buying either a playstation or an xbox but im still stuck in between which one to grab.. not to mention xbox is still cookin up project scorpio or whatever (stupid name by the way) and im sure sony is in the works with something in order to compete with microsoft as usual.. so idk weather to wait it out for this next line of consoles or say fuck it and grab one..
  7. nowadays whenever i see a poll weather its online or in person i feel obligated to automatically write down boogie hands no matter the circumstances.. thanks 12 oz..
  8. Guilty.. Only sometimes though...
  9. smokin, cleaning, lurkin, procrastinating.. also lowkey wondering if i really am being catfished or not..
  10. sitting here kinda salty i didnt wake up early today.. got alot of shit to do but its too late for all that now so im thinking of other ways i can be productive today instead of just sitting around the crib..
  11. well i work in a restaurant as a "serving assistant" but soon to be server.. basically a fancy word for backwait i do everything but take orders for now.. my restaurant is a michelin star restaurant so the pay is pretty good my job was actually on the chicago episode of "fuck that's delicious" recently.. i didnt go to school because i was young and stupid and i ended up having a kid with basically the antichrist herself.. honestly though ive been thinking really hard about going back for broadcasting and audio production and engineering because i love music and making music, i could definitely do radio shit and most of all ive heard tons of things about my voice and how i should do it from numerous people.. also thinking about voice acting or trying to get into it.. it looks fun and even though it does get exhausting playing a cartoon character or whatever for 8 hours a day or so i believe id still have fun with it.. mark hamill is notorious for the voice of the joker besides being luke skywalker and i think thats super dope i definitely wanna do something like that but dont know where to begin with that.. but first things first, i gotta save up money, get my license back and a car so i can start seeing my son alot more often THEN start looking into going back while working at the same time and saving up to move out of this damn basement.. dont know if it'll be worth it but i believe it'll be a start and a foot in the door in the industry id like to be in rather than be serving tables for a living..
  12. this man royce has gone ape shit on his recent freestyles hes released..
  13. off from work hoping that my double tomorrow is smooth and slow like it was tonight.. gotta be up early but you know... #TeamSleepProblems
  14. i used to watch your disney movie all the time as a child.. you have sik skills brah..
  15. just got in from work a couple minutes ago debating on going to this holiday party tomorrow night.. i have a dentist appointment in the am and might have to get one of my molars pulled since i have a hole in it thats just getting bigger and more annoying.. if i do i dont know how its gonna work out if im gonna be all doped up n drugged out the remainder of the day... its open bar tho.. and apparently every year at least 3 or 4 people get fired so it might be worth the free liquor and entertainment for the evening.. still debating on it..
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