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  1. Definitely didn't think I listened to ghost that much but here we are I guess...
  2. i got my son for the weekend so were just hanging out.. going to my girls families house today then my mothers house tomorrow.. pretty chill overall.. just more so entertained at the idea that my sons mother told him not to call me daddy and by my normal name because she's still big mad she lost her court case on wanting to move to texas with him.. sucks to suck im chillin though.. might make some eggs in a hole for a late breakfast since i haven't ate yet but im too lazy to even begin getting it started.. might teach my boy how warzone works in the meantime though.. Happy turkey day my fellow 0ontzerz
  3. Cold as hell waiting for the bus home.. Then noticed this throwie across the street..
  4. I definitely did not read all of that rambling but from what I've gathered.. bikers are closet homos because they get tattoos, are in a gang and tried to upcharge your brother a ridiculous amount for the drugs he was trying to buy from them.....? And are lesser than you because you drove a Lamborghini and let your wife peg you.....??? The oontz never fails to bring the lulz..
  5. Looking at random rap letters while waiting for my train to work..
  6. i was telling a coworker friday my whole tequila threesome story and why i dont drink it anymore then afterwards remembered i posted about it on here.. ahhh what a time... still dont fuck with tequila though..
  7. i think longest relationship ive had was this recent one of 4 and a half years.. she legit just sprung it on me on monday shes not renewing the lease and leaving by september and i have till october or november till the lease is up.. so now im looking for a new spot since she decided to drop the ball on me like that.. fuck it tho it is what it is.. kind of glad tbh just wish it was better communicated but whatevs.. thing that sucks with me is that ive kind of always had someone dependent on me and with the way my conscious gets me sometimes (and i hate it when it happens) i tend to give in and help out.. when my parents split my mom became mad depressed so i had to be there, my sons mother when she had my son but then i found out she been had some other dude on the side, which she has two other kids with now.. and my recent girlfriend just had this thing of always identifying herself as the victim and always seeing things black and white.. i cannot tell you how many times id be enjoying my day off just chilling and jamming out only for me to call and check in with her like "hey hows work going?" and for her to start off ok then go off on a fuckin 2 hour rant how she hates her job and how life blahblahblah while she cried to me about everything.. that shit is draining as fuck.. but for a couple months now ive just been blocking her shit out just deadass putting the phone on speaker and letting her rant while i go make a sandwich or something with the occasional "yeah.... uh huh.... nah i feel you.." i got no time for that shit anymore especially with these recent developments.. now i just gotta reclaim all this lost energy and get back on my shit..
  8. shits been in the back of my mind since saturday...
  9. just ate a late breakfast.. eggs in a hole with avocado and spinach along with a delicious cup of cafe bustelo.. now just sitting here doing more investigating on soundproofing and makeshift booths i can make but im about to force myself to work on some music ive been putting off for a while.. been kind of down lately and realized i have absolute zero motivation to do the things i actually enjoy so ive been trying to be proactive about it by turning off my phone and wifi for a while just so i can concentrate with no distractions.. wish me luck..
  10. Sometimes you just gotta pull it.. I got this super dope reptar shirt from rue 21 out of all places a while ago.. my girl dragged me to the mall and when we went in I seen it right away.. basically looks like an iron maiden album cover but with reptar on it fucking buildings up and his name in the iron maiden font.. I just HAD to...
  11. Yeah the closet is a solid choice for now but I'm RIGHT on a main road in south side chi and during the day i hear the bus right outside, trucks, stereos, motorcycles and everything.. front closet is too empty so I still get a decent echo I'd have to just try at night to record for now when it's dead outside.. normally the crackheads are by the 711 and not outside at the bus stop so it should work out for now.. Also fuck these companies taxing on shit.. found a collapsible vocal booth which is just metal poles and moving blankets for like $500.. pffffffffffttttttt
  12. Just bought these 3 shirts and they finally came in the other day.. gonna cop some more shit soon..
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