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  1. glad you got through it @abrasivesaint 🏆🍻 so far on this end my results from last week came back negative still.. whatever it is im doing right im still doing.. spraying shit non stop and constant hand sanitizer and somewhat distancing myself.. my girls daughter went back to her fathers crib and since then my girl wont shut the FUCK up about going outside and wont leave me the fuck alone in the front room.. "well the doctors said after 10 days im not contagious anymore but i can still test positive for 3 months" i dont give a fuck about any of that.. stay the fuck away from me unti
  2. Earlier it was this... Currently I'm listening to this...
  3. Tails0nE


    Dude I'm fucking DROWNING in updates and it's slowly killing me.. besides att being fucking wack, I just bought an external 2tb hard drive and decided to download warzone again since I have the space now.. fuckin 90 something gb download took like a day and a half.. I go to play once it finished, BOOM, 51gb update file.. go to play normal multiplayer on cold War, BOOM, 46 gb update file.. cyberpunk? Another 43gb for their new fucking patch.. at this point I feel like my PlayStation is just gonna catch on fire eventually..
  4. Tails0nE


    Remember I'm working with my shit att internet while my girls daughter is plugged into the matrix playing fortnite, minecraft AND scrolling through tik tok all at the same time.. so yeah I got a lil excited lol Seriously don't know how that kid does it..
  5. Tails0nE


    @Dark_Knight yeah i think you should be able to keep it i dont think they just take it away once the month is up.. there are other games on there too but this one looked the most fun.. plus its only like 2gb so it'll be quick to download.. 👍
  6. Tails0nE


    with all this old school 8bit talk i gotta recommend Enter The Gungeon.. i just downloaded it the other night since its free on playstation for their "state of play" or whatever and its super fun.. mad fucking annoying cause yeah you die and you gotta start all over again but overall its pretty sick.. this video pretty much explains everything.. i think you all have a ps4 so yeah definitely check it out..
  7. holy fuck dude thats nuts.. honestly its not even like that over here on this side.. i really hope you get well soon my dude.. its crazy hearing that cause its super chill over here for us with my girl and her daughter.. my girls daughter has been fine and just in her room.. i hear her cough and sneeze here and there more coughing sometimes but then shes cool.. my girl has just been on and off lethargic but also has had that pain behind her eyes but not as bad she says it just feels like a minor headache.. she says it comes and goes same with her hot flashes.. all in all they both
  8. Tails0nE


    Not gonna lie that Ringo Ishikawa makes me wanna get a switch myself.. that and this game called 198X for switch.. same old school style 16 bit.. always love games like that if they're done right.. both Ringo and 198X I would definitely binge for sure.. I'm debating on getting another game since there's a good amount on sale for PSN.. also gonna buy an external hard drive so I don't have to keep deleting games to download something new.. there is this one game called Generation Zero I remember seeing trailers for a whiiiiile back then never heard anything about it.. it's on sale fo
  9. yeah id keep my mask on if the daughter came out n constantly sprayed shit down like the fridge handle and what not.. and honestly not really just positive results.. like her daughter the second night she stayed with us came in the room and laid with her saying her stomach hurt and she had chills.. but since then she just coughs here and there and says her head hurts for a bit, then shes fine, then it'll hurt again for a lil while then back to normal.. havent had that much of an appetite cause of her stomach i guess but she ate like a mofo this morning before i woke up so thats good i guess..
  10. Eating pussy then putting on a mask is like a real flavor saver.. Also mask burps are mad fucking gross..
  11. Hope you get well soon @abrasivesaint my girls daughter has been with us since last Saturday and is positive she's staying till april 1st.. took a test the other day my results were negative.. my girls was too but she took a rapid test earlier this morning and she came out positive.. now I'm stuck in this fucking house with a girl who keeps coming out of her room and her mother who keeps going IN the room to play with her.. really fucking annoyed with both of them at this point honestly.. gonna take another test soon one of these days and hopefully it comes out negative
  12. It is what it is.. like I told my cousin I'm not gonna sit here and just aggressively ponder on how easily this could've been avoided on some could've should've would've shit.. even tho it could have been.. but whatever.. gonna take my test soon and wait and see what happens... Fuckin sucks tho cause I was deadass gonna eat my shrooms chocolate bar but not anymore I guess..
  13. i was thinking about getting a pair myself.. i really dont get the hate for mids if they look dope they look dope fuck it.. plus i realized the other day i only have like 2 pairs of shoes and both pretty busted so i gotta step it up.. wanna get these and the tokyo biohacks they're a decent price on stockx..
  14. just found out my girls daughter tested positive for covid after being here since saturday.. now i gotta go get tested tomorrow and see how were gonna go about these next two weeks.. thought i'd be able to avoid it but i guess not... 🤦‍♂️
  15. Welp.. just got this from my local street pharmacist earlier.. said they're super legit.. not sure if I'll eat some tonight but when I do I'll be sure to report back on if they do the job or not.. @NightmareOnElmStreetI know you were talking about microdosing in the other thread so I'll let you know how this turns out once I eat some and weather or not they're worth it if you ever see them around your way..
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