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  1. Uzi is wack for sur BUT I do give him props for legit just being himself.. even if he comes off as a weirdo or whatever in an industry where image is everything and everyone's image is the same fucking thing I like how he just sticks to himself I respect it.. he's still wack tho that doesn't change a thing.. Playboi Carti can burn in a dumpster fire with his entire catalogue.. that whole lotta red bullshit album feels like a 4chan troll album it's so fucking god awful.. compared to others legit the absolute worst fucking thing I've ever heard in a long time.. sooooo fucking trash.
  2. There's honestly alot of em it's gonna be kind of hard to narrow it down to just 5..
  3. Why does the dude on the left in that last pic look like the dad from that 70's show..?
  4. Also how do y'all feel about Isaiah Rashad? I fuck with him but sometimes that mumbling shit is annoying imo..
  5. Word.. they haven't been super on it like that honestly my manager just kind of nonchalantly asked the other day like "hey did you get vaxed yet?" Like nah haven't had time to really, which is true.. "oh for sure no worries i mean it's up to you just remember you get that hundred bucks ya know.." like meh... A hundred bucks ain't shit to me honestly.. If everything works out and they fix whatever shit is going on with these cases of inflamed hearts then sure whatever.. but as of now I'm like a strong 75-85 percent naaaahbruh..
  6. And just for shits and giggles here's a dope track that actually samples that exact song I'm listening to...
  7. Currently on track 3.. Hiroshi Suzuki - Shrimp Dance..
  8. So, they were asking me if I've taken the vaccine at work yet.. it's not mandatory they were just seeing if I did or not cause I'll get a measley $100 if I do.. haven't looked into it personally but there's something about inflamed hearts happening to a certain amount of people who got the Pfizer one? Anybody got any word on this by any chance or has taken Pfizer themselves? Personally that's the only thing that's got me skeptical because my dad had some heart problems before him and my mom split in like 09.. had to take lil nitroglycerin pills every day for it but I'm guessing he'
  9. Lol yeah I plan on getting a car immediately I just gotta work some shit out with the Michigan courts, who can equally go fuck themselves, as well as some other finances n shit.. but yes that is my top priority rn..
  10. Tails0nE


    Well luckily and also unfortunately I have to wear those dirty ass chucks for work so I don't gotta worry about them getting dirty there.. also side note I fucking hate those god damn things.. no support even with the extra insoles I bought and I be slipping and sliding all over if the floor is wet.. legit almost busted my shit 3 times on Saturday.. for a restaurant you'd THINK they'd have me wear non slips if anything... But with the cocainas I can at least rock em to and from work hopefully with little to no issues my job isn't even a block from my train stop.. Next ones I wanna
  11. Tails0nE


    My triple white Jordans should be here by Friday alot earlier than expected.. guess I'll be able to look fresh for the bday coming up... Fuck I work that day tho....
  12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riding_shotgun "Riding shotgun was used to describe the bodyguard who rides alongside a stagecoach driver, typically armed with a break-action shotgun, called a Coach gun, to ward off bandits or hostile Native Americans. In modern use, it refers to the practice of sitting alongside the driver in a moving vehicle. The phrase has been used metaphorically to mean giving actual or figurative support or aid to someone in a situation.The coining of this phrase dates to 1905 at latest."
  13. Just went to go get some malted shakes from this mom n pop ice cream place down the street and stopped at the local taco truck for a quick bite with the girl... Also some random throw I seen on the way back..
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