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  1. I came home still with my girl, so I worked out all those feelings with her. I guess we could talk about porn if you want though, no homo. I do like porn My dude.
  2. Checking in again. I just got out of prison after 26 months, and Mero just keeps getting more famous. Oontz.
  3. I also recently acquired a 25% stake in a cabana at a private beach club, so for those of you who remember 15 year old homeless AB, or 21 year old, fresh out of jail, sharing a full sized bed with my girl AB, I done came up
  4. I'm still kicking myself in the ass BECAUSE OUT OF PURE LAZINESS AND NOTRETURNING A PHONE CALL, I didn't buy the house next to my parents, which sold for 9K. Yes, $9,000. Thousand. On a double plot of land. Damn NFL and degenerate gambling taking up all my time... Anyway, I am still going to buy a house, and rent that while I live here, then rinse and repeat
  5. Sorry if you hurt you're neck, but I'm lazy, a little drunk,and posting from my phone. First was my office (sneak storage), which I plan on adding shelvig/one of those sliding library ladders too. Next is My living room,kitchen, pool hall/bar, washer and dryer I never use cause I love the wash and fold/dry cleaners,more living roo, bathroom, and my room (excuse clothes all over the floor - my girl gets mad sometimes). Still getting both carpets replaced with tan berber, and then painting the bathroom, plus installing glass around the shower, and a 40" TV over the door. I know people who've liv
  6. I recently moved into a 1700 square foot condo, and I love i. I even stay home dokrinking some nights instead of going out now (somewhat because of how many bars I'm still banned from from my wild, younger days, but also because I love it here so much). The owner who is a member of a worldwide, "club" is cool as shit, and half the people who live here either work for or are friendly with my girl's father, and I knew a lot of them beforehand, so shit is pretty cool. We've got a nice mix of strippers, various bar employees, etc. so a lot of people party late and don't complain about the noise. A
  7. That was such a fail. I can't imagine how much worse it would be now, about 80 lbs lighter than those days
  8. I did not, but I went on an insane runbefore, and then again since I've been home. Trip as awesome regardless She is, but I did not. She's actually very normal and cool. A couple of homies have been kicking it with her in LA since then, so I may go visit soon, since I'm supposed to be in San Diego next month anyway
  9. I just spent a little while reading threads I posted, both under this name and as AyeBee, and all I can say is that I appreciate how much certain people tried to help me lol. I would never claim I'm not still fucked up, but I forgot how young I was when I first started posting on here...damn
  10. Met April O'Neil whilst in Vegas, which had me pretty hyped. I don't write my made up name on things that don't belong to me anymore, so I guess the whole scribble face thing isn't necessary anymore
  11. I just got home from a week in Vegas, so my sleep schedule is a bit off still, and I randomly thought to check in here - what the fuck happened to this place? Did EVERYONE go to Twitter? If anyone wants to get in touch or anything, hit me on there - @BigBullyDos. As far as Mero goes, I don't know if you guys know this, but he's pretty "famous" these days. Follow him on Twitter too, @THEKIDMERO. He's on MTV these days as well, on that Guy Code show
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