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  1. I came home still with my girl, so I worked out all those feelings with her. I guess we could talk about porn if you want though, no homo. I do like porn My dude.
  2. Checking in again. I just got out of prison after 26 months, and Mero just keeps getting more famous. Oontz.
  3. I also recently acquired a 25% stake in a cabana at a private beach club, so for those of you who remember 15 year old homeless AB, or 21 year old, fresh out of jail, sharing a full sized bed with my girl AB, I done came up
  4. I'm still kicking myself in the ass BECAUSE OUT OF PURE LAZINESS AND NOTRETURNING A PHONE CALL, I didn't buy the house next to my parents, which sold for 9K. Yes, $9,000. Thousand. On a double plot of land. Damn NFL and degenerate gambling taking up all my time... Anyway, I am still going to buy a house, and rent that while I live here, then rinse and repeat
  5. Sorry if you hurt you're neck, but I'm lazy, a little drunk,and posting from my phone. First was my office (sneak storage), which I plan on adding shelvig/one of those sliding library ladders too. Next is My living room,kitchen, pool hall/bar, washer and dryer I never use cause I love the wash and fold/dry cleaners,more living roo, bathroom, and my room (excuse clothes all over the floor - my girl gets mad sometimes). Still getting both carpets replaced with tan berber, and then painting the bathroom, plus installing glass around the shower, and a 40" TV over the door. I know people who've lived here some as long as 7 years, still with nothing around the shower- it feels so weird. Anyone, some are owned, and I know when it opened like seven years ago, people were paying a quarter million - not that long ago, some one bedroom units were sold in the $60K range. Combine that with the fact that the owner is going to the can soon, and I believe now is when I'm gonna buy my unit, hopefully for 70-80K, as opposed to paying $1450 a month in rent
  6. I recently moved into a 1700 square foot condo, and I love i. I even stay home dokrinking some nights instead of going out now (somewhat because of how many bars I'm still banned from from my wild, younger days, but also because I love it here so much). The owner who is a member of a worldwide, "club" is cool as shit, and half the people who live here either work for or are friendly with my girl's father, and I knew a lot of them beforehand, so shit is pretty cool. We've got a nice mix of strippers, various bar employees, etc. so a lot of people party late and don't complain about the noise. A Patriot lives here as well
  7. That was such a fail. I can't imagine how much worse it would be now, about 80 lbs lighter than those days
  8. I did not, but I went on an insane runbefore, and then again since I've been home. Trip as awesome regardless She is, but I did not. She's actually very normal and cool. A couple of homies have been kicking it with her in LA since then, so I may go visit soon, since I'm supposed to be in San Diego next month anyway
  9. I just spent a little while reading threads I posted, both under this name and as AyeBee, and all I can say is that I appreciate how much certain people tried to help me lol. I would never claim I'm not still fucked up, but I forgot how young I was when I first started posting on here...damn
  10. Met April O'Neil whilst in Vegas, which had me pretty hyped. I don't write my made up name on things that don't belong to me anymore, so I guess the whole scribble face thing isn't necessary anymore
  11. I just got home from a week in Vegas, so my sleep schedule is a bit off still, and I randomly thought to check in here - what the fuck happened to this place? Did EVERYONE go to Twitter? If anyone wants to get in touch or anything, hit me on there - @BigBullyDos. As far as Mero goes, I don't know if you guys know this, but he's pretty "famous" these days. Follow him on Twitter too, @THEKIDMERO. He's on MTV these days as well, on that Guy Code show
  12. Oh, and in case you were unclear on this, while manicures ARE for faggots, pedicures make it feel like you're walking on pillows, and you should try it
  13. Oh yeah, and for anyone who cares, life is real good these days. I'm about to get a pedicure, haircut, and then drink entirely too much. Maybe I'll even come back and drunk post later, for old time's sake (probably not)
  14. Look at all my peers who became mods. None of you ever fought in any Swamp Wars, but you did other good stuff, I'm sure
  15. For those of you who actually care, life is good. I lost about 80 lbs, stayed out of jail (knock on wood), met a cool girl, and still drink way too much. I also still hate Australians, except for 5. And Swindle. By the way, br0 - I deleted my Facebook, not you
  16. I used to be fat. And needed a haircut. And really liked cocaine (I still like cocaine). I decided to randomly check back in today, and it feels good to see I'm missed <3
  17. Anything cool going on here?
  18. I also would be willing to bet a very large sum of money against Hank and Mike being related
  19. Kraft is too cheap. He thinks Belichick can just work miracles forever
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