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  1. japillahan

    Non internet trolls. "Real life"trolls.

    c'mon y'all
  2. japillahan

    The BMX Thread

    stripping the paint and cleaning it up tonight. anyone know what it might be? I already had an offer to sell it from a local bmx collector
  3. japillahan

    The BMX Thread

    word; so long story short, I tried to get this kid to have his mom bring him to a store in town where the owner collects old bmx's cause he'd know more and whatnot, kids mom didn't want to bring him (it's not real far) so he got pissed and painted the frame. Yesterday he traded it for one of the bikes in the shop (I work at a used bike shop so I traded him a not too bad mtn bike) so I got it.
  4. japillahan

    The Nonsense thread

  5. japillahan


  6. japillahan

    The BMX Thread

    So i work at a used bike shop and some neighborhood kids brought in a 16inch redline. Toughneck/roughneck stem. something like that. mag wheels and coaster brake. it was busy so i didnt get time to look at it real close otherwise i woulda taken pictures too. looked old. had an oldish-looking redline logo headbadge decal like so it didnt have any other decals i dont know much of anything about bmx bikes. i told him to bring it back tomorrow; i'll try and take pictures.
  7. japillahan


    HIBUK and PETS on the I-94 tunnel entrance No cam and no time in car. someone get it
  8. japillahan

    The Nonsense thread

    "I'm gonna read the comments section for this local newspaper; what's the worst thing I could find?" ....
  9. japillahan

    The Skateboard Thread

    yo props to whoever post that picture about staying true goin thru life picture. I don't skate, but I like the picture. I'm pretty sure I saw it on thsi thread. thanks
  10. japillahan

    The Nonsense thread

  11. japillahan

    The Nonsense thread

  12. japillahan

    The Nonsense thread

    they got the dogs wrong
  13. japillahan


    Re: PROP THREAD ******OG'S ONLY*********** Pure Graffiti