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  1. off to paris tonight so i should have some new flicks for you guys...
  2. post em in here alot of stuff is just from france not paris on this thread!
  3. KR WORLD TOUR UPDATE April 28, 2006 KR is an artist from Queens, NY. A graf writer, painter, photographer and the man behind the paint brand Krink. He also just put out a fresh book called It's All in My Head, which showcases his unique handstyle, art, photographs and his bombing of postal boxes in NY. We were lucky enough to have him take some out of his crazy schedule to do a World Tour Tee and answer the following questions…. 1) How did you get your start doing graffiti? What was your initial inspiration? Graffiti started for me as a punk ass screwing around. It snowballed into an obsession, which I am currently recovering from. 2) Who were your early influences? Early influence was growing up in Queens. The neighborhood hoods. 3) Have your influences changed as you perfected your craft? Absolutely. You gotta keep it moving. Be open minded. 4) What's the craziest place you've ever hit up? Crazy is a relative term…I caught tags a couple of doors down from The Hells Angels Chapter here in NYC. I didn't realize where I was. The guy told us to beat it, but it could have went really wrong for us. I hit some nice spots in Brooklyn. 5) Do you still enjoy writing? Do you still do it regularly? NYC is locked down. Expect to be arrested. I don't have time for that. 6) How did the mailbox thing come about? Expanding the audience. By taking my name out of the equation, it becomes abstract. The act is similar, but I'm not putting myself first. 7) You make your own paint, how did that start? How much development went into that? I had to make due. A big part of writing successfully is being resourceful. 8) What do you want to be remember by? A loving family. KR is part of Stussy's World Tour Project, his tee drops this Saturday along with Marok, Mode 2 and Tet at Stussy stores around the world. Paul Mittleman for Stussy via http://www.honeyee.com
  4. The Hipster


    HAZE WORLD TOUR UPDATE June 1, 2006 Haze was born in New York City in 1961. As a member of the influential "Soul Artist" group, he was an essential part of the collective of artists who brought graffiti as an art form into the arena of art galleries and media consideration. Working and showing alongside artists such as Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Haze played an integral part in the New York underground and hip hop culture that emerged as a definitive theme of popular culture entering the early 80's... 1) Where are you from? New York City, born and raised on the upper west side of Manhattan. 2) What was your earliest experience with graffiti? Who put you on? I grew up riding the broadway train line which was probably the first line that graffiti started showing up on in the city. So graffiti was almost like a flower that started growing all around us in the neighborhood and I just knew there was something new and exciting happening that I wanted to be a part of. There were also a lot of great writers that lived and wrote in my neighborhood and I was fortunate enough to meet some of them early on. A couple of the older writers like Malta and Steve 161 put me down with some of my first styles and trips to the train tunnels. I became part of a neighborhood crew called the Soul Artists in 1973. 3) Who did you look up to when you first started writing? The original broadway style kings like Snake 1, Stay High 149, Phase 2 and Jester, and also LSD 3 who became my real mentor once I began to mature as a writer. 4) How long did it take you to develop your own style? I started when I was 11 years old, and like most people, I was probably just imitating the great writers of the times for the first few years... I think I had developed some of my own tag and bubble letter styles by the time I was 13 or 14, but it was around 1979 that I began to use the Haze tag style (with the swirling e) that I have been perfecting for almost 2 decades now. 5) Was it hard to move from the graffiti world to the design world to the clothing world? Yes and no- Stylewise, it wasn't that hard to make the transition, especially because the streetwear market was still a lot more name and logo driven when I was getting into it. At the time, I approached clothing mainly as a new canvas to apply the same kind of logos and graphic sensability that I had been developing as an art director, including further development of logo and identity samples that I had been developing within my record covers and hip hop graphic design. However, as a business model it was really different and the whole new learning curves of production, marketing, sales and politics were not so easy... As a graffiti artist or graphic designer you are often much more free to do your thing purely according to your own interests, where to be successful in the clothing game you also have to apply yourself to a lot of business principles that are not especially fun or creative. In many ways, I still find those to be the more challenging parts of that world than the development of design and aethestics. 6) Are there any artists or designers out there you look up to? Sure, though I'm not sure looking up to is the way to describe it, as I think it's the people who I feel on the same level with inspire me the most... Some of the people like Keith Haring who I did look up to the most are no longer with us. It's current artists like Delta or Ease who I admire these days for staying true to themselves and their own styles in ways that have allowed their work to mature so beautifully over time... 7) What are some of your favorite movies? I have always been moved more by reality than fantasy in movies... especially epic human dramas. The Scorcese classics like Mean Streets and Raging Bull, Apocalypse Now and Coppola's best, Once Upon a Time in America, Deer Hunter, Drugstore Cowboy... and of course, Clockwork Orange, 2001 and the Kubrick greats too. 8) What music have you been listening to lately? For all my involvement in hip hop over the years, I am still kind of a rock dude at heart when it comes to music... Hendrix is and will always be #1, and I went back and listened to all my Smashing Pumpkins and Guns N' Roses the other day... and they rocked. 9) Favorite car? Hmm that's a tough one. I have a lot of favorites over the years (and I own 4 cars now) but at the moment my favorite is the latest one I bought a few months ago: A 1991 Ford Crown Victoria Undercover Police Interceptor- it was originally a special order by the Connecticut Police Commissioner in a rare dark charcoal paint over grey interior. It is the very last year of the older "box" style which I always loved and is in as close to mint condition as you will ever find a real police model car of any kind. 10) Favorite marker? Sharpies. It's all about the sharpie for everyday use... (and when it comes to bigger tags, it's the Posca wide tip paint marker from Tokyu hands.) Haze is part of Stussy's World Tour Project. His tee drops this Saturday, June 3rd along with Futura, Revolt, Ease, Lyons, Elms and Ghost at Stussy stores around the world. INTERVIEWS: JUNE 06 HAZE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. The Hipster


    Haze- Born in New York City in 1961, as an member of the influential “Soul Artsist” group , Haze was an essential part of the collective of artists who brought graffiti as an art form into the arena of art galleries and media consideration. Working and showing alongside artists such as Keith Haring and Jean- Michel Basquiat, Haze played an integral part in the New York underground and Hip Hop culture that emerged as a definitive theme of popular culture entering the early 80’s. Upon founding his NY based design studio in 1984, HAZE went on to design and produce a wide range of landmark works in the Hip Hop and entertainment communities, many of which proved to be both ground-breaking and definitive icons of the times, as well as setting the standard for the commercial viability of the aesthetic and emerging markets that signified “urban culture”. In 1991 HAZE moved his base of operations to Los Angeles where, alongside his design studio, he founded his current eponymous clothing company HAZE. As one of the pioneers of the “street wear” movement, Haze and his company continue to define the cutting edge urban graphic and product design. With a growing international base, distribution and retail network, the impact of HAZE products now extends throughout The US, Asia and Europe. In addition to the line of graphics based prints, embroidery, and sportswear oriented garments, the company HAZE has also consistently pushed the boundaries of the marriage between art, design and product, producing limited editions of jewelry, furniture, posters, skateboards and accessories. Having relocated his studio and company headquarters back to New York City in 2005, Haze continues to direct his international clothing brand and product line, while also maintaining his individual involvement in various art and design projects worldwide. Recent collaborations and products include sneaker designs for Nike and New Balance, a G-Shock watch for Casio, a Bearbrick design for Medicom Toys, and a custom show car for Toyota / Scion.
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    thanks for the heads up!
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    yeah that newyork stuff is fresh!
  8. The Hipster


    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/sykeone/_PAJ6194.jpg this top is badass!
  9. the thing is alife did the wu tang collaberation and im not going to front they had some fucking bad ass shirts. but beacuse alife did it tho brown babies and married to the mob jumped on it and just made it all look cheesy and shit.
  10. i think there both a bunch of ideots
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