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  1. http://www.lovegraffiti.com/images/1.jpg'> http://www.lovegraffiti.com/images/2.jpg'> http://www.lovegraffiti.com/images/3.jpg'> http://www.lovegraffiti.com/images/4.jpg'> http://www.lovegraffiti.com/images/5.jpg'> http://www.lovegraffiti.com/images/6.jpg'> http://www.lovegraffiti.com/images/7.jpg'> http://www.lovegraffiti.com/images/8.jpg'> http://www.lovegraffiti.com/images/9.jpg'> http://www.lovegraffiti.com/images/10.jpg'> pay to have your name painted by andre
  2. fashion will never go out of fashion http://store.slamjam.it/store//images/100set1.jpg'> be@Rbrick by andre ------------------> www.rakuten.co.jp/ace-web/img1038867672.jpeg'> www.rakuten.co.jp/ace-web/img1038867674.jpeg'> www.rakuten.co.jp/ace-web/img1038867677.jpeg'> and here
  3. niso

    Paris Grime

    not all paris but french never the less http://www.graffiti.org/eyegasm/big/s/suter01.jpg'> http://www.graffiti.org/eyegasm/big/a/apic01.jpg'> http://www.graffiti.org/eyegasm/big/s/sake001.jpg'> http://www.graffiti.org/eyegasm/big/t/ten-minutes01.jpg'> http://www.graffiti.org/eyegasm/big/c/crunch02.jpg'>
  4. MARTHA COOPER has created some of the most inspiring images in hip-hop since its birth post some of your favourite or images which also suit this thread: http://www.hiphopfiles.de/pics/slide/A1817-026.jpg'> http://www.hiphopfiles.de/pics/slide/A1818-004.jpg'> http://www.hiphopfiles.de/pics/slide/A1818-014.jpg'> http://www.hiphopfiles.de/pics/slide/ABronxFire4.jpg'> http://www.hiphopfiles.de/pics/slide/AbwKidsOnFenceNeg_BIG.jpg'> http://www.hiphopfiles.de/pics/slide/BreakingA.jpg'> http://www.hiphopfiles.de/pics/slide/rA1000-023.jpg'> http://www.hiphopfi
  5. niso

    Paris Grime

    http://img80.exs.cx/img80/2425/Photo808y.jpg'> http://img41.exs.cx/img41/2600/night13u.jpg'> http://img77.exs.cx/img77/3827/wilsstyleffr9.jpg'> http://img40.exs.cx/img40/8380/jgtgrr.jpg'> http://img45.exs.cx/img45/5355/zeunight0223.jpg'> http://img48.exs.cx/img48/9570/nigght2322.jpg'> http://img83.exs.cx/img83/7323/fer1225.jpg'> http://img41.exs.cx/img41/8954/yuui.jpg'> http://img55.exs.cx/img55/4376/jjjjjgi.jpg'> http://img34.exs.cx/img34/2224/night24.jpg'> http://www.fotolog.net/mister_t
  6. niso

    Paris Grime

    http://www.teaseone.net/v2/PAR_ONEL/pictures/000_0464.JPG'> http://www.teaseone.net/v2/Dubwise/pictures/nomadeparis.JPG'> http://www.teaseone.net/v2/Dubwise/pictures/nomade02paris.JPG'> http://www.jr-art.net/html/photo.php?p=en-action07.jpg'> http://www.jr-art.net/html/photo.php?p=en-action06.jpg'> http://www.jr-art.net/html/photo.php?p=en-action08.jpg'> http://www.teaseone.net/v2/PAR_MOVE/pictures/DSC02934.JPG'> http://www.jr-art.net/html/photo.php?p=rolktms.jpg&v=1'> http://www.teaseone.net/v2/PAR_MOVE/pictures/DSC03064.JPG'> http://www.jr-art.
  7. niso

    O'CLOCK 156

    was in parisfew mouths ago no new stuff at all only spotted 2 tags that i had allredy seen the larst time i was there there is some more here tho
  8. niso


    I have seen to many crack heads in my life time had too many friends from junkie parents and seen food friends slip to drugs for me to even bother wont to look at them though I do have a good story... When I was in school for lunch me and my mated would all go to the local park. The area my school was in was pretty bad so junkies used the back of the park to jack up. We would see a stream of them every day climbing up a muddy bank to their squat/shanty town. My mate one day had some rockets witch we aimed at this guy with one gangreen lead it hit him in the back of the head he dropped his
  9. to be able to fly you must first apply for a pilots licence
  10. niso

    Paris Grime

  11. thanks to an inside i have managed to pick up an erly advaneced copy today this i every bit as good as you think it will be and a hole lot more. i dowt ill be on 12oz for a weeks now.... haha
  12. niso

    The Babble

    www.ruggedart.com http://www.ruggedart.com/images/big_ra_logo.jpg'> http://www.ruggedart.com/images/566V1091_ease1.jpg'> http://www.ruggedart.com/images/566V1086_ease2.jpg'> http://www.ruggedart.com/images/566V1089.jpg'> http://www.ruggedart.com/images/566V1083_graphysics.jpg'> http://www.ruggedart.com/images/566V1079_ro3.jpg'> http://www.ruggedart.com/untitled_ro.html'> http://www.ruggedart.com/images/566V1076_ryan.jpg'> RuggedArt is a new project, weaving together the fresh ideas of the underground art scenes of New York and London, with the th
  13. niso

    Paris Grime

    wicked photos man relly feeling the style. did you youst to posto on armvr they seem familiar?
  14. niso

    Paris Grime

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