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  1. It's easy to criticise, harder actually try something out. Shut your mouth if you've nothing but unfunny criticism, your wit fails. I'm glad a backpack works for you. It doesn't for me, just as I don't own any messenger bags aside from my laptop one because they don't feel right on me, so I decided to come up with a simple way of solving this problem and share it with the rest of you. I know you'll all tell me how much of an idiot I am or similar such crap, but hey, I can take it. What are you going to do, lol? At least I tried to be helpful, unlike lots of you smartasses.
  2. I'll have to post some pics of what they look like when worn, they fit under most jackets, unless the jacket is a tight one. I can wear it under my hoody jacket, my leather jacket and bigger coats too, they're not particularly obvious at all. I was trying one of them out earlier and was surprised that I virtually never heard the paint balls move at all, whilst walking around normally at least.
  3. Right, here we go, a tutorial for a simple can harness: You will need: An empty pringles can A pair of old socks, fairly small for preference A stanley knife/cutting implement A tape measure/30cm ruler A marker of some sort A roll of duct tape A length of rag (mine was about 90cm long) First off, take the pringles can and measure it. Figure out the half-way point and mark it with a few points around the can, then join them up to form a fairly straight line, once you've done that, just cut along the line. It helps if you've got the lid, but it's not essential, as you can just tape up the bottom to fix that. Take the end with the metal bottom and push the sock into it, toe first. Then, when it's mostly in, fold over the top of the sock and bring it down the sides. Bring it so it covers the bottom a bit, I let mine cover about 1cm or so of the base all the way around You should now be able to fit a normal 400ml can in there easily. It should fit snugly, making it easy to pull out, but also tight enough that it doesn't fall out if you tip it over. Next, take some duct tape and tape all the way around, nice and tight. That way the sock is unlikely to slip off. By this time I'd found the lid to the can, so I taped it up securely. Then I did the same to the second as I did the first. Line the two holders up, side by side and then tape around the bottom with a couple of pieces of duct tape, then do the same on the top. Next, take a long piece of tape and either thread it under the tape you put on the two cans before, or stick it on in two pieces, so you've got two sticky pieces at the top of your can holsters, able to bite onto the length of rag: On the other side, it's slightly different. Instead of biting onto the rag, you want to create a wide duct tape tab: To grip onto this tab, you're going to make a small sticky tab at the end of the rag. Not too big, or it'll stick too tightly and be difficult to remove (unless of course you want it to be one piece, in which case you can just do the second side like the first). A few final touches – I widened the contact area for the sticky tab and reinforced the bottom of the cans with a couple of bits of tape: You can then hang these on your shoulders, one each side. Unless you're really puny, you should be able to wear a jacket over these and it shouldn't show unless you open it up wide. To remove them in a hurry, just pull on the wide contact tab and it should come loose and drop off you, allowing you to ditch them quickly.
  4. I've taken the pics for a tutorial, but I can't be bothered to resize them and type it up this evening. The current version holds four cans, two on each side, but I imagine you could probably adapt it to hold three on each side without too much difficulty. It separates the cans out enough so they don't bang together, but also keeps them tightly enough together so they don't take up too much space. Due to the design as well, you can tip them very far over and the cans don't fall out. They're not perfect, but they feel much better on me than when I wear a backpack. Tutorial coming soon, I'll probably have time tomorrow, depending if anything comes up.
  5. You know, it's pretty fucking funny how arrogant some of you guys are. You're all telling me why I can't do stuff, like I'm twelve years old. I didn't start writing because of Getting Up, numbskull. I happen to have liked a game, I don't recall that being something you can give someone shit about, but hey, I guess you need to find something to bitch at me about. Gotta hate on someone, make yourself feel like a big man, it's okay, I understand. As for the guy that said I'm a cop - I know you're used to a standard of English that's comparable with pre-school, but that is no reason for me to limit myself to words of less than three syllables. If I was a cop I'd be trying to fit in, wouldn't I? Genius. Anyways, regardless of all the hate you guys have tried to throw at me, I've just assembled a simple can harness. It's cheap to make and can be thrown together in about ten minutes from materials that are really easy to get. It's also really quiet, as it separates out the cans, although I'm going to see about getting hold of some magnets to stick to the bottom to hold down the mixer balls. I've designed the strap to be strong enough to hold the paint, but also really simple to pull a tab and release at a moment's notice. Furthermore, it actually fits really well under my jacket without being obvious at all, so it should be fine for my winter coat. If I was out, I'd probably carry a rucksack too, stick a couple of playstation games and a few beers in there - instant allibi - I'm on my way to a friend's place for some late night gaming. Hate all you like, call me names or whatever, it's all you can do to me. Or you could come up with some useful criticism.
  6. No, it's not that hard. However, just because everyone does things one way doesn't necessarily mean it's the best way, it just means that they can't be bothered to try anything new or anything that might suit them better. You guys use bags, great for you. Why is it such a problem that I want to try something differently? It's like hating on someone because they like Pepsi instead of Coke! Isn't one of the principals of graf to try and do things your own way? Instead you get a load of pig-headed responses from a load of writers who may have style but are still intolerant of anything different from the norm. Oh noes! Everything's gay! Shut the fuck up, man, what are you, twelve? Trying to look big and hard by hating whatever everyone else is hating on this week? How would you not get caught? Well if you use your fucking brain and eyes you'll see that I want a harness like this for when I'm going to quieter places, or when I'm doing anything legal. The idea is to avoid getting into a situation where the police would stop you. I've never even seen any police out at night, I barely see any people, let alone police. You feel threatened by gay people or something? Calling things you don't like gay? Marc Ecko may have sold out to some extent, but in doing so he's up more than you are and raking in the cash.
  7. That beer holder thing is pretty much what I'd like. Looks fairly easy to dump too. Shame you don't get beer in cans that small over here. If I could get one that'd hold British size beer cans it'd be ideal for paint.
  8. A friend of mine is an apprentice tailor in London, a writer too. Him and some of his writer friends are interested in harnesses. We're currently working on individual can holders for attaching inside jackets or on belts, possibly using velcro. Another friend of mine is working on getting hold of a can harness from his job, where they use them whilst climbing on planes (for degreasing and cleaning). You guys can keep laughing if you like, but why should I listen to naysayers? Isn't writing about doing your own thing, even if not everyone else likes it? The jacket I generally walk around wearing at night here could easily hold four cans without looking suspicious. The only problem is that I currently don't have a way of strapping them to my chest. There's no real police presence to worry about mostly. If we keep our eyes open, we're fine. But carrying a backpack means you have to stop to find the right colour, get a cap from another pocket, it all slows us down. Speed is our defence.
  9. I've been away for a while, not anywhere else, just not on here, mainly because this place has a pretty bad signal to noise ratio. There's some good tips, but the amount of people wanting to hate on others for no real reason other than boredom makes it more hassle than it's worth. I notice finally some people have actually considered the question seriously, rather than just writing the idea off completely, which is nice to see. I assure you, the amount we wrap up warm during the winter here means that hiding four cans under a jacket wouldn't be a problem. I don't like carrying a backpack. It means whenever I want paint I've got to take the damn thing off, reach in between the hoody inside it (to keep the cans quiet) and find the paint I'm looking for. Not so smooth. I also wonder whether you guys remember my ideas about pringles cans, the ones people shouted at me about because I was overcomplicating things. I tried it out the other day, my paint cans fit perfectly in pringles cans, which also means you could butcher a couple of cans into four segments, duct tape them together and voila, you've got a cheap way of keeping the cans apart in your bag, whilst keeping them close together for easy access. What shame? Why would I be ashamed of asking an honest question, in the correct section, no less? I may be a toy in my writing, but that doesn't mean I'm scared of you guys. Maybe if I was with you in person, sure, you'd kick my ass, but I'm not and I know that. Perhaps you should too. I'm in my twenties, don'tsleep34. Perhaps how I type misleads you, time to stop making unfounded assumptions.
  10. OTD

    up like viagra

    I enjoy pissing you off, perhaps? If you're the "big man", why couldn't you hold off the insults in the first place? You're the one who started all this shit in the first place because instead of keeping your digital trap shut you felt the need to berate me. I don't need to "beat" you, I just enjoy being a pain in the ass and making your forum experience that small bit less pleasant. Just following your example..
  11. OTD

    up like viagra

    Pardon, BUFFAkilla? I don't speak idiot, could you say it again in English?
  12. OTD

    up like viagra

    Your double standards amaze me. What YOU decide is sensible and real is okay, but gods forbid anyone else even suggest you might be wrong. As for all your "you're a homo" stuff.. It's not intimidating, it just makes you look like fucking children. Sexual preference isn't an insult, dumbass.
  13. OTD

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    Among the blind the one-eyed is king.
  14. OTD

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    There's this little button that says "view post". I'm sure that 11K posts makes you feel better about how so many people ignore you in the real world. Also, more gay insults! How awful! Could you be any less original?
  15. OTD

    up like viagra

    If I've already been convicted, I might as well commit the crime. As for GTA being based on reality vs Getting Up being based on reality.. Both have some massive "creative liberties" in them. The fact that you're in such denial about this is pretty lame. In Getting Up, posters are put up using wheat-paste. Markers are used to tag stuff. Guess that's nothing like real life at all? The point is, some elements of games are based on reality, some aren't. Saying "you're a dumbass" because I ask a question about a particular aspect that seems plausible makes you the dumbass. I didn't say "Would a harness like that hold all the colours used in the pieces in the game?" Now that would be a dumb question. I'm quite willing to keep going because you've incited me to hold a grudge against y'all, it doesn't take much effort to keep going and it annoys the hell out of you. You were asshats to me, I'm just returning the favour.
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