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  1. I don’t see how ethereum can grow whilst the fees are this high. If fees are linked to demand... surely it will only get worse? I need to read up on eth 2.0!
  2. I finally moved over to a hardware wallet and jeez the gas on ETH is insane! Spent about 60$ just moving money from 3 wallets.
  3. Ps. Shit. Only just managed to get back my OG account so have posted on both
  4. I'm learning Python so if anyones got any ideas for beginner level projects I'm all ears.
  5. I got hooked on xanax once without realising. It was only when I thought I could stop (cold turkey) that I realised I was addicted and the withdrawals started. I was shocked at how quickly it happened. I had to jump back on after a few hours. Just taper off slow and listen to your body and you will get there. It can be a bit scary when your body is screaming for it but once you've set your mind on it, just keep reducing the amount you ingest and accept the fact you are probably in for some wild dreams and intense mood swings. Took me a week or so I think
  6. poes


    Yeah I have the same symptoms as you when I start drinking. I recently cut down to almost zero for a good number of weeks and they pains all went away. I've spoken to my doctor about it and they had no real concerns. I have slightly elevated liver enzymes but the ultrasound showed it looking healthy. I assume it's just the body's natural response to processing stuff it does not like. I'm still a long way from having quit and have been getting fairly drunk over the Christmas period but definitely not in a way that feels quite as painful (physically and mentally) as previous years.
  7. poes


    I do. Since the age of about 16 I have been getting super-hammered at least once per week (not including the multi-day benders during holidays, festivals etc). I'd consider myself a long way from being an alcoholic but it's definitely something I have difficulty controlling once I have had one drink. After 17 years, my hangovers are horrendous and last several days. My tolerance has gone way down and I feel like a much more sloppy drunk that I was. Normally around peak summer and Christmas, I'll go through periods of drinking a lot (ie. until I don't remember half the
  8. You could also try the Sam Harris app (https://wakingup.com/) but suspect you might have similar response as the Headspace one. To his credit, Sam harris has a deal where if you really can't afford it, you can email him and he will give it to you for free (both can be found on torrent sites as well). I have done a bit of meditation over the years but never been able to stick with it. I do find other activities that force you to switch of your mind have a similar effect ie. BJJ or reading or anything where you end up losing track of time. Meditation is unique in the way it encourage
  9. Wow - amazing post! Sorry my original question wasn't very clear, I originally meant to ask more about what you chose to grow and how to do it but the response I got was way more interesting. Thanks.
  10. Thanks - yeah i read all that. It's still one hell of a change in direction without some sort of muse. Are you just deciding what to do based off what you see online and what you learn from speaking to your neighbours?
  11. @misteravenThis is cool - what gave you the inspiration for this? I feel like everyone in here would enjoy Escape to The River Cottage, if you haven't seen it already: A docu-drama following a city-dweller who tries to simplify his life by moving to a smallholding (like a acreage) in England. The series combines educational material of him building shelters, raising crops and animals, mending his belongings and such, with humorous interactions with his eccentric neighbors. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0331740/
  12. Hahaha shout out the dude with the red backpack.
  13. Hang in there buddy. Excuse my ignorance but what is preventing you from leaving? I don't really have anything on this level but I couldn't walk for 6 months due to injury. I was at home so it was relatively luxurious but soon enough I was back to being able to stand up and eventually resume normal life. Despite the damage, it will give you a new lease and perspective on the fragility of life and how to enjoy it once you are back.
  14. It would be awesome to see the oontz mature in this sort of direction. For all the misfits out there trying to get a grip on their future before it comes and goes.
  15. Out of interest, how many hours per week do people train? I average somewhere between 2-6 at the moment.
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