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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/alabama-college-students-are-throwing-covid-parties-where-they-invite-infected-people-and-gamble-on-who-gets-sick-first-officials-say/ar-BB16fpPo?li=BBnb7Kz
  2. never a competition, doodles are always fun
  3. @Hua Guofang That wraps up page 20 user names, clearly i have been bored at work.
  4. Blasting through the search results it seems that the old alpha battle threads are dead in the water and most of them were rather time restrictive and single letter threads. This would be dope to bring back possibly with a more centralized thread instead of creating a new one every letter. My thoughts are that we do a letter every 2 weeks which would fill out a year with Z carrying over, keep it to one thread that the title gets updated every other week. Anything goes, paper, digital, paint, sculpture, as long as you created it. Judging - Could do set ju
  5. cross post, did this a bit ago.
  6. I have been buying a bunch of stuff from empty gas stations, if i need to go get groceries I will go during the week usually around 10am and scope out the few in my area and pick the emptiest one. I will bet anything the panic buyers are responsible for 70%+ of the spread.
  7. I know its not MS Paint, and I feel like I have failed my duties on C.Zero due to it not being mspaint.
  8. +1 to this, if I am just dumping rounds at the range its whatever.. and I get putting a bunch through to get used to the weapon and that's totally a good thing to do. But when it comes to defense, train and load a round that you are comfortable with and is predictable. I also always stick to one round for the magazines that I use for carry / defense.
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