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  1. Thank you for all the help you do on the forum.  It helps this place be more awesome and you're definitely contributing.

    1. glorydays



      you're welcome bro...I care too much about the forum to let assholes come in and ruin it

  2. How many of you straight males can see a woman wearing a t-shirt w/o a bra and not look right at her nipples? Don't you fuckin lie either. It's instinct and going against instinct is what's causing us to have trannies. I was driving home a few moments ago and this nice black woman was walking w/o a bra on, her titties looked like they were trying to repel eachother like magnets, nipples pointing at the ground like ms. chokes on dick from south park. You know, or you could have some discretion to not share your personal things with others. I don't go around w/ my balls hanging out because it's not ok, or pants so tight you can see my dick because "it's comfortable to me." It's a distraction from the goals of the public. As long as I have a heart beat I'm going to do man shit. Straight man shit. I'll leave the being pussies for the millenials.
  3. Dirty_habiT

    the NEW sketch thread

    Please PM me the name of the "other account" so I may research their posts as well. Also, anyone that has had an issue with this person please PM me what the meat of the issue is so I don't have to go flipping through all the threads he's touched to try finding who he pissed off and how. Thank you.
  4. Dirty_habiT

    the NEW sketch thread

    Don't worry.... he's going to stop now. 😄
  5. Dirty_habiT


    Pretty sick tats. When are you getting them done?
  6. Dirty_habiT

    ***----.....Casek & Dirty's Talk Show***----.....

    That's kind of funny. I wonder why it can't be a "business card" though like brass knuckles are "paper weights". That's kind of odd that it would be illegal to have a lock picking set. It's not like criminals won't still carry and use them when the time is right to do so. It's weird how as you get older, unless you're an "interesting" type, you don't care so much about going to loud places full of people..... or you own clothes and shoes that you don't want beer spilled on. I outgrew all that shit a long time ago, probably as a result of getting 2 DUI's. Both were pretty "innocent" but I just got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. The first time I did the FST's and did really well on them. That got reduced to an obstruction of a highway charge. The 2nd time I was smart and tried to wait out my drunkeness knowing that I had drank too much and wasn't in a good state to go driving. I waited 2h past my last drink, drank a lot of water, ate some food, pissed a few times, then decided I felt perfectly fine. Not "I can do this" fine..... I felt sober again.... no problem. So I got in the car and started to head home. On the highway a cop tailgated me and it was dark so I couldn't tell it was a cop. I'm talking, dangerously close.... tailgated the shit out of me. So I made a mistake in judgement. I sped up and switched out of the lane I was in so that they could pass. I was in the left/passing lane. In Texas the left lane is for passing but people dick it up all the time doing 10mph under the speed limit in it. Anyway, people in Austin, TX suck at driving for the most part and don't do the speed limit in any lane on the highway. So, if you do the speed limit here, like a normal sane person..... you're usually wizzing by everyone else on the highway, and thus using the left lane to do it. So I get tailgated in the passing lane, because I'm passing people.... doing the speed limit. When I move to the middle lane the car tailgating me stays RIGHT on my ass, flips on the lights, and pulls me over.... for speeding. I, this time, knowing better..... refused to do all the FST's. It didn't matter anyway, the officer used this device that is like an "instant" breathalyzer that can detect the presence of alcohol vapor in the air..... he snuck it in front of me quickly after asking me a question because I refused to use the breathalyzer. It beeped and he said "gotcha" basically. That was the evidence used to impound my car and jail me that night. It happened to be one of the "no refusal" weekends because the ROT Rally was in town. On "no refusal" weekends there are judges that stay available 24h a day to sign warrants on the fly. They can do things like, in my case, sign a warrant to draw blood right after an arrest. My BAC was over the limit despite feeling fine and driving fine. I'm ashamed for what I did but wanted to share my story so that maybe someone would make the decision to not drink and drive thinking they felt fine. The problems with my thinking were two fold.... there was the part that I, in the same thread that made me make the bad decision to speed up to get out of someone's way, could have made a mistake that wrecked me or someone else.... and there's the problem that I drove after drinking which was a risk to my freedom. All said and done it cost me ~$15,000 to make that poor decision. There now you all know about how the dumb me changed into the smarter me that doesn't drink at all anymore. I've always enjoyed cars, and I was driving one of my turbo cars that night.... it's not a safe car because it's old and because it's extremely fast. I tell myself I wouldn't make a decision to endanger my car, or anyone else. I put too much blood, sweat, money, and tears into that car to ruin it doing something stupid.
  7. Dirty_habiT

    ***----.....Casek & Dirty's Talk Show***----.....

    I tell you what.... soldering does suck unless you have a proper setup. I bought a Hakko FX-888 (non digital) years ago and haven't even had to change the tip that came on it. It still looks shiny and new just like when I bought it. It's important to have a small tub of solder flux so that you can make solder go onto shitty wires. It cleans the metal as it melts onto it so it makes the solder attract onto the metal. There's also a lot of wrong techniques and only about one or two right techniques for making solder go onto wires/pcbs. If you're doing anything outside of the "right" way well then you're wasting time and materials.... and probably frustrating yourself with damaged parts from heat. My New Years was pretty fun. My sister and her bf visited from out of state and my mom came and stayed. We drank half a glass each of cheap wine and lit sparklers in the front yard. As a security aficionado I don't trust much of anything that humans have made or coded. Everything has holes. Recently I've been watching "bosnian bill" and "the lock picking lawyer" on youtube a lot. Not much of anything with a lock/key on it is safe. Those guys pick some of the craziest shit that is specifically made to be difficult to pick. That doesn't even bring in the other techniques they use to break locks outright (like the ramset gun). I dunno, it all just reminds me of spy vs spy. Blackhats break shit and whitehats try to fix it. I'm a straw hat.
  8. Dirty_habiT

    graff clout ...

    I feel like I can't vote peoples' posts as "fuck boi" because I have to not give people a negative impression.
  9. Dirty_habiT

    ***----.....Casek & Dirty's Talk Show***----.....

    Yeah man, didn't that Black Phone get hacked pretty quickly? I thought I remember reading about it not being as secure as it was marketed as. I joogled a little too after saying that to make sure I wouldn't wind up w/ my foot in my mouth: https://www.google.com/search?q=silent+circle+blackphone+hacked Yes, I would totally be flying a whole lot more if I had land. I haven't been flying recently because my friend's land is the only "safe" place to fly like an animal without worrying about hitting anyone's shit. Racing drones are very dangerous..... VERY dangerous. The props will cut you right open and they have no problem damaging anything they run into. Even with prop guards, which you don't want because they make the drone fly like doo doo, you can still easily damage things. I'm not trying to be a grandpa here, just saying it's easy for things to not go the way you want. I've given it a break recently because I got tired of my kitchen table having all my parts and soldering station hooked up for near constant repairs. It's almost smart to have 4 or 5 drones that are all capable of running at any moment. That way when you break one, and you will break one..... you can keep flying. I'm considering selling all my stuff but I dunno. Dirt biking has been taking most of my free time lately and I can't say I feel bad for it. I went riding at Emma Long metropolitan park yesterday after it had rained all day the night before. It was definitely a new challenge that I hadn't experienced out there before. Everything was way slick and traction was an issue on almost everything. I rode through quite a few deep puddles with my feet sticking up close to my handle bars so I didn't get drenched legs. Who's shooting fireworks for NY's? My street turns into a crazy illegal fireworks show every time it's time that Americans like to shoot fireworks. My neighbor across the street probably spends $1000 on fireworks every time and then lights them in the street. He's nice about it and sweeps everything up the next day though. Our end of the street is known as the "driveway club" because all the people at the end of the culdesac know eachother and hang out together in their front yards all the time like rednecks. It's great.
  10. Dirty_habiT

    How can I keep up with dank memes?

    I think @misteravenshould change @Kults's title to MemeLord.
  11. Dirty_habiT

    FaceBook Photos

    Yeah that hippy foot..... I'd be scared of what kind of pearl the flexiclam might be holding onto there. I'm excited to see what this thread can become since I don't have facebook, and haven't in a very long time.
  12. Dirty_habiT

    ***----.....Casek & Dirty's Talk Show***----.....

    I think the Grom is actually made for an adult. I don't know why I don't see more of them. The typical thing to do to a Ruckus is to put a GY6 motor (150cc) vs the 50cc stock GET50 motor that it comes with. If you pull up pictures online of them you will find that MANY of them are lowered and stretched. This considerably ups the speed that the chassis can achieve but you must question whether or not it's a great idea to go on the highway with something meant to handle well at 40mph and below. Sure, you can do it but I'd be really pissed in the after life if I knew I got smoked by a prius driving neckbeard checking instagram on his smart phone. I don't know that the Grom would make you feel uncomfortable unless you're like 6'5" and 300lbs. It's probably not the bike for you then. What I'm most concerned about with it's "mini super moto" body style is that I would immediately be thinking of how to launch it off 3-sets of stairs and stuff like that.... then I'd be trying to figure out how to beef up the suspension so it doesn't bottom out when I decide to try to do something stupider on it. Of course, being from a BMX background, I'd try to bunny hop the thing which I'm sure wouldn't really work that well. The reason I know this is because I've done these things on the ruckus I bought. It was some drunk kid's ruckus that got impounded by the police here in Austin and I bought it at the auction for a great price. I just think it was a drunk kids because i am pretty sure it's been dropped a few times and and it looks like a donkey did some modifications to it. So, it not being in great condition, I naturally had to try to do some off roading on it. Keep in mind the Ruckus is not an "off road" machine. It actually does off roading on light trails REALLY well. As long as there aren't any crazy bumps or pot holes it works great on dirt and gravel. I've also held the front brake and did burn outs in my neighbor's front yard with it. He said I wasn't capable of doing it so I had to prove him wrong. It's an absolute blast and if I had bought it brand new I'd probably have taken a lot longer to figure out how much fun it actually is. I found recently that Casek has a memory that is pretty much exactly like a steel trap. He brought up stuff that happened here years ago with a clarity I don't think I ever had even before I did fun things with my brain cells. @One Man Banned- what flip phone do you have and why did you choose it? What kind of christmas plans are you all participating in? I'm probably going to Uvalde, TX in Big Booty Judy (that's my 99 GMC Suburban) to spend Christmas w/ the gf's fam.
  13. Dirty_habiT


    ^^Lol man you speak from experience. I like it when you're messing w/ something that has a spring and it flies out into oblivion.... never to be found again. Then a year later you clean and find this spring and you're like, "I knew this went to something, I was looking for this, but I don't remember what."
  14. Dirty_habiT

    Channel Zeros nostalgia: Fallen members and standout memories

    Wasn't Keep it Rail a TEASE thing?
  15. So I'll just pick up where we left off in PM's..... I'll leave it to you to bring up topics that you wish and we can just kind of nerd out on the same kinds of things we were in PM's. For anyone reading this, Casek and I were enjoying some catching up with eachother after quite a few years of not talking on here.... and not having eachothers' info to reach out otherwise.... and we realized that we were talking about some cool shit that others may be interested in reading or pitching in on. In any case, we were discussing Honda Grom vs. Ruckus. I own a Ruckus that is not modified and I know a guy that has wrecked a Grom despite having motorcycle experience. I'm recommending the Ruckus because it's less "ballsy" of a vehicle and won't get you thinking about "I wonder if I can launch off that little handicap ramp thing there, " like a Grom might. We were also discussing phones. I'm kinda tin foil hatted about it phones despite going balls deep w/ Apple. I have an apple watch (series 3 no LTE), an Iphone XR (red), and a mid-2013 MBook Air. They're all connected and Apple's probably slurping my info right now, they probably know what tv show I'm watching (it's LivePD btw). They probably know I've got a Timmy and Tommy Amiibo by my computer, maybe not. Casek, on the other had uses a flip phone.... and I'm not surprised by this knowing a bit about his computer related background. Dude's smart and I completely understand his reasoning for having a flip phone in today's day and age. I actually want one and thought about getting one just for funsies after talking to him about it. Anyway, @lord_casek- let's continue talking about tech shit and little turd motorcycles... or whatever here. Maybe people will like it. I remember there was a thread where people asked about computer stuff, I don't want this to be that but hopefully it can follow a similar format.