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  1. My rent is 1200/mo..... but it's taken me quite a few years to get to where that wasn't a struggle to pay. I can see an angle to what you're saying. They're saying that Austin is a giant tech hub. Houston has O&G industry. I think the future of big money in tech is going to be healthcare shit. Everyone's buzzing about it because of covid. Someone asked me the other day what my goal was, since I was telling them about focusing on only making money at work and with my time. * My intention is to own my own jet. * If I never get there, that will be ok. *
  2. One of man's most amazing flying machines. Love watching strafing runs on youtube of these.
  3. If you move from one place to here it doesn't magically make you rich. You still have to get a job and the rate of pay here is probably less than what you'd find in those places people are leaving to come "live cheap here". There's the catch that nobody talks about. If you cannot bring in the same kind of money or better that you were before then you will not "be rich" here. If you work in the service industry, expect that you will be moving into a SATURATED market and you will have a decently difficult time trying to find meaningful/high paying work. You will, in reality, likely accept l
  4. It sounds like you will fit in well here and we agree on many things. Whole foods is good, your Prius will be in the way of people here because we shit and get, drive fast, no fucking around here.
  5. So, now that I've been printing for months now.... I've learned some things about this "hobby". * Bad settings within your slicer software can cause all kinds of stupid problems. * Store your filament in a dry location. I'm using 20Gal. Husky containers that have 6 latches each and an o-ring seal to keep air/moisture from easily going in/out. * PLA is good for printing models/figurines/etc but not good for mechanical things that need strength; PETG is better for that task. * z-height adjustment settings are a bit challenging to get proper and will cause all kinds of
  6. I told you if you want to see it again just ask.
  7. Is that like the kind of porn they watch in Alabama or something?
  8. I did a little reading last night. Weird af really. it sounds like she made lemonade though to me.
  9. Not related to 3d printing, but related to the crackdown I mentioned in the previous post.
  10. Posted by the leader of one of the groups.... again not going to share the name for ..... reasons. Hey @here – I’m afraid I’ve got unfortunate news. We recently learned that keybase will no longer allow 3D printed gun content/discussion on it’s platform – while we suspected this was coming after zoom acquired keybase, we have now confirmation of that. While this will be a little speedbump, we have already set up a self-hosted instance of rocketchat over at https://chat.----redacted----.com/home. This chat should have most of the features that keybase offered – the only thing s
  11. I would say it may be more secure than normal text but only marginally. The idea is to keep the big tech companies out of your business and the way to do that is end to end encryption. Signal App offers this. I would switch to using Signal if I were you and encourage everyone else you know, family and friends, to do the same. Both of my parents use it.
  12. Of course you cannot create such a voip service because the spammers would be on that like stink on shit.
  13. I wish there were some "freedom" related VOIP service. It'd be sick to sign up a cell number using signal that isn't your real phone number as I'm sure 99% of everyone using signal has done.
  14. https://signal.org/blog/the-ecosystem-is-moving/ This seems to suggest there is some sort of centralized server. "Mass influx of new users." "FBI installing back doors." "Migration to new host." Guys and girls, I have friends that I have worked with in the industry that have FIRST HAND been involved in government seizing of equipment (data). They were briefed about how to stage an outage with the customers that were being, effectively, arrested. I get sketched out with stuff like this. The Signal devs know that this app
  15. Is your ISP/VPN provider blocking Signal for you today? No reason for the application to suddenly stop working. Looks like reddit is confirming it's down. It is peer to peer (i think) which means there is no "server" infrastructure that could be shut down (I think). This means that your ISP (time warner, google, charter, verizon, att, tmobile, etc) would be blocking packets on the network that are identified as belonging to a signal app transmission. This is a VERY real scenario and there is a decent possibility that that is exactly
  16. i don't know why the video converted like shit. It did it in bitrates that were much lower as well.
  17. RESISTING THE RESET on Twitter Footage of CNN’s Jade Sacker .mp4
  18. I heard reports of people saying "antifa's breaking windows!!" as people began bashing windows out. As if.... there were people there that were just stirring the pot, not interested in any peaceful protest. What strikes me as odd is that this isn't typical behavior from that side of the fence (IMO). What also strikes me as odd is .... "the tolerant left" has become , well... this antifa thing. I'm not saying these things to drive a bus over anyone or their beliefs right now, I'm just pointing out that this whole raid on the capital building strikes me as very odd....
  19. It appears that it is not working through my vpn provider. VERY interesting. Almost as if VPN traffic into the signal network has been blocked. There aren't any good reasons for this to happen or for VPN access to Signal network to stop working.
  20. This morning Signal stopped working for me.... and it's network seems unstable. At first it would send a message but say send failed with a 502 - bad gateway error. I wonder if someone is fucking w/ the network.
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