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  1. Hit me on signal, i'm signing back out of here until someone tells me moderators are doing stupid shit again. xxx-xxx-xxxx
  2. edited to not drag anyone else into personal shit
  3. Yeah fuck this. This is turning gay af really quick and i'm not going to be a part of it. Remove me.
  4. https://beckernews.com/arizona-official-was-just-sent-a-death-threat-to-halt-election-audit-39244/ I rate this four oofs.
  5. Now he can reimagine his prison cell. Lololol.
  6. Whhhoooooppppssssssie daisies your Honor. https://www.frontpagemag.com/point/2021/05/husband-mayor-who-wanted-reimagine-police-busted-daniel-greenfield/
  7. "We visited with him and his team. Tumor on his spine. They think it was agent orange."
  8. My dad filmed this at the hospital in San Antonio this morning. Paralyzed veteran walking again. Almost brings a tear to the eye. IMG_5308.mp4
  9. I can't debate that. Good luck w the coffee I know that struggle orrrrr lack of struggle? @fat ralphy
  10. And that once you took the mod it's too late. There is no reversing that "robot dna". Your only recourse will be treatment and taking vitamins to try living the healthiest you can despite your body trying to open the Mexico border to whatever wants in. That was a zinger got two birds on that one.
  11. I agree this has happened but it digresses quickly into a chicken egg argument this way. I think it's better to be cautious in the way I've chosen than it is to be cautious by trusting an mRNA mod. Im genuinely concerned for the future health and well being of everyone that took the shot. I'm up to three younger siblings now that took the jab. They're saying that future immune system problems are on the horizon and this is bill gates and faucis flavor of eugenics.
  12. I won't get one because I do not trust anything about this covid scam. i know this is a little deeper in the vein for someone that has gotten sick. I had a little chest congestion for about a week... two or so weeks ago but I wasn't really feeling shitty and the last thing I was going to do was go see a doctor. I have no idea if it was covid or from the full bowl one hit rips I take from the bong regularly. I've seen a lot of reports saying that the risk of getting fucked up by THIS vax is higher than the risk of contracting covid and being sick from it. The screenshot here sums up my concerns pretty well.... the issue is this is an "unpopular" opinion in a society that has turned into Reddit. That is why I believe more people aren't rejecting the "danger". Im in no way denying that people have gotten sick from covid. I feel bad for people that have lost loved ones either due to the virus or due to the mRNA mod.
  13. I believe so. Some heads are going to roll for sure on this..... more than already have.
  14. I think trust the science is, as much as I hate to say it, something the left made up. I don't think you'd ever really hear a scientist say trust the science. You hear it a whole lot from people not licensed to practice medicine though. also informed decisions made upon evidence/numbers skewed by politicians via their media outlets is behavior control. It's not as simple as telling someone to do something and they do it. Any conman knows to trick people you make them think what you want them to do is their own good idea. I think that is what we are seeing a whole lot of from otherwise smart people.
  15. "Trusting science" is what doesn't sit well with me. Science needs no trust..... it's science. The problem with "the science" that is being talked about on MSM commonly is that it doesn't actually portray or represent a scientific process.
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