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  1. are we all going to Zoom? I'm warning you now that I'm only wearing clothes for the part of the camera that can see me.
  2. I know a few people locally here in Austin that make a living off of just servicing the reef tanks in doctors offices and peoples' homes around here. I'm not talking about little aquariums either. You've brought up a point that I **believe I may have some insight on . I think "cool" fresh water stuff is actually more difficult than salt water because it requires you to do water changes with high quality water very often (depending upon bio load). Reef tanks have a "bio filter" made up of nitrifying and de-nitrifying bacteria. I will explain all this stuff soon since I have so much time to do it.
  3. @KILZ FILLZ- if you're into fresh water (ie. not "marine") there is a really awesome YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Kk8tvhHkWMMfKBb0q0X9g. The channel "Foo the Flowerhorn" has quite a few subscribers, appears to be filmed (rather well) by one person, and is very intriguing at times. I need to update this thread. There are a lot of really cool "aquascaping" contests too... especially for freshwater.
  4. Just got done making the set of Elastic Container Registry images on one AWS account available to another AWS account. Super. Cool.
  5. Honestly, if you want to have all the time and money to fuck off doing graffiti in the world.... focus on figuring out how you're going to stop yourself from renting when you move out as quickly as possible. Start planning for that now. It'll be way cooler to the older you than "being good" at graffiti.
  6. Thank you because I was looking at it for way too long thinking that it looked like something that you should be able to make sense of but..... it just doesn't. LOL wow. Don't eat paint chips kids.
  7. Lol, cool but it's a death trap. I don't know how safe it would be to drive that thing in any capacity.
  8. Oh man, nice @-Rage-!! I like how you made his name the same color as his bandana. Getting a dog is one of the best things I've ever done. I waited a long time thinking I was a cat only person.
  9. Shells showed up yesterday..... damn we have a lot of shells now. I'm going to give a box to my dad.
  10. What is the list of ideas from this thread that you intend to implement @mr.yuck?
  11. @Fist 666- https://hackaday.com/2020/03/26/stay-informed-how-to-pull-your-own-covid-19-data/#more-404297 Found that article this afternoon and finally got around to trying all the script examples (they all work).
  12. @misteravenalready basically said what I was going to reply with. The way the data is shown definitely lends itself to an "oh shit we're fucked" or an "oh we're going to work this out and be ok soon" sort of sentiment. We already know it's widespread, but what people aren't good at doing is understanding how data should be shown. The downfall in the John Hopkins map is that it doesn't take into account the fact that once a dot is large enough it becomes an overlapping dot with another one. They should be detecting overlap and scaling the entire herd of dot sizes down to keep any overlap from happening while keeping the data accurately proportional. I 100% believe this is possible without losing the ability to show that some places are heavily effected. I was just pointing out that it looks like NY and Florida have to be cast into the sea now..... and I don't think that's the case.
  13. Dirty_habiT


    I've been playing Doom Eternal for the past 3 days or so with a PS controller hooked up to my PC. Shit is legit af. Some of the most difficult FPS platforming puzzles I've seen in a while. Very fun game, highly recommend.
  14. That chart is nuts, I'm not even going to start trying to track it down online and figure out what it represents but I can tell just by looking at it that there are a lot of data points there. I think @misteravenbrought up a good point I didn't even think about. The color scheme of the map is bad. @Fist 666- the better way I think it should be shown is number of infections vs. population density. The diameter of the dot should be proportional to a percentage of total infected population vs. total population. You pick a min dot size and a max dot size and you leave the max dot size to represent the largest in the list and the min to represent the smallest. As the graph gets "blurred" with too many max dot sizes, you reduce all dot size so there is no overlap. What (I think) they've done with that graph, aside from it's poor color scheme, is made a "large dot" = 100 infections. So that means that Denver and Rhode Island may have a the same amount of infections, but it looks like all of Rhode Island is zombies already. If they represented the data across the USA using the method I outlined above then it would show (very likely) a small dot on Rhode island... or a few small dots. If I had the drive, I'd make a page that did this right now but I've got other projects I'd appreciate spending my time on right now. Maybe if lockdown gets extended significantly I'll teach myself how to program some graphs like John Hopkins did. Mine will be happy colors though, fair warning.
  15. Updated my battery cables (because the terminals were pretty screwed up/loose) to a kit from ceautoelectricsupply.com. I highly recommend their cabling. I've used one of their kits in the past on my IS300 for a battery relocation to the trunk. The quality on the Dodge 2500 battery cable kit I installed yesterday was just as good. Next parts that will be installed (maybe this weekend if I decide to go outside and do it) are: 215hp-375hp fuel delivery valve kit..... this will take my truck from stock 450ft/lb tq to around 750ft/lb tq and should increase the highway cruise miles per gallon by 10-15%. Single disk clutch that supports 850ft/lb tq. If you're paying attention, I got a clutch that holds just a bit more torque than I intend to make with the truck. Typically the clutch pedal is stiffer and stiffer the higher the torque rating of the clutch goes. Driving a stiff pedal SUCKS unless you're specifically racing in a race vehicle. DD'ing a truck or a car is not a situation where you want a heavy clutch in the car.... ask me how i know. PowerDrivenDiesel Air Fuel Controller that will allow me to manually tune the fuel deliver on the "mechanically fueled" engine. This is not normally possible in the type of motor I have. This will allow me to turn the power up, tune the smoke out of the acceleration/idle/cruise, and control the exhaust gas temperature (the key thing you want to control when tuning a diesel motor). 4x gauges that will be installed on the top of my steering column. They will cover oil/fuel/boost pressure and exhaust gas temp (EGT). Oil pressure is how you know the engine is healthy and full of oil. Fuel pressure tells you the health of your fuel system, mainly the fuel filter. Boost pressure tells you the health of the turbo charger and engine intake system. EGT tells you whether your motor and turbocharger are in a healthy working balance.
  16. I think the John Hopkins map looks like shit anyway. It's probably some software design grad students first "major" project and they probably think they are representing the data in the best possible manner. They way they've represented it (using circular size to indicate number of infections) is wrong. It needs to be represented based upon percentage of population infected. I think it would look like Florida and NY don't need to be chiseled off into the ocean if they had the data shown in that way. Basically what I'm saying is fuck morons that think they do shit bad ass but don't know they don't.
  17. Yeah they laid people off from my job yesterday and most of the people at my gf's job have been laid off. The unemployment cost is going to be insane. What's going to happen is people are going to run out of money and then I wonder what money will be worth at that point.
  18. My opinion is that he's just a mess. He's got way too much ego. I believe he loved the animals at one point but they kind of explain what happened with him on the last episode. I still think Carole is bat shit crazy though. The guys that ended up helping the feds just had the "I'm a narc" look to them.
  19. They mentioned a few times that everyone except Carole and her husband were basically high af on cocaine and meth most of the time.
  20. ^^ I would believe so. Senators are elected and I'm certain they have a limited term. Also, his salary is probably considered average for a senator. Nobody would really be "upset" about his salary at his level of government.
  21. Paid sick leave just means he gets his normal amount of pay while he's sick. I have paid sick leave and paid personal days and paid vacation days. I basically get paid for 40h every week no matter what happens and that is no different than the situation described above with Ted Cruz... he just has a higher salary than me. I see no problem with him getting paid sick leave in the role he holds. And I'd think someone is a bit weird if they didn't want me to get paid sick leave for the role that I hold.
  22. @misteraven 🙂
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