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  1. Took it back and forth to Waco on I-35 over the weekend after putting it back together and was able to average about 90mph the whole way there and back. Left lane is not passing lane in Texas anymore. It's retarded transplant that doesn't know how to drive or read lane. Right lane is the new fast lane.
  2. Changed the fucked up stock crank pulley on my Cummins to a fluidampr. Easy'ish job but still a pita. Over the weekend changed my gf's blown up motor mounts to some nice aftermarket poly ones. The Lexus now feels like it could be a track car with the direct motor feel and the coil overs we put on it. I still think it needs a set of slightly larger cams in it though and we will address that in time.
  3. I don't think any of these are staged. Looks like legit messes that take years to build up.
  4. Damn right there at the border wall. Looks like a cool adventure. Remember when a "migrant" doesn't have a visa they're called an illegal.
  5. Kazakhstan thread is a dud. Nobody knows enough to talk about it or cares. Derrrrrrr.
  6. I think you get in these ass clown moods like a woman sometimes. DM to be friendly but then put on this funny front in public. Chinese dick ain't long enough to cum in anything lol. Probably all in vitro babies. Let's talk about the crazy insurrectionists some more instead of your weak play on words and attempt to insult the intelligence of people reading. Leave being funny to people that are funny.
  7. Dirty_habiT


    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokamak show me where China helped with any of that. Don't worry I'll wait.
  8. China came to me. Don't try that smooth brain tactic. Lol.
  9. Dirty_habiT


    Tokamak. Suck it.
  10. Dirty_habiT


    Lol. Alright. Surrrreeee. r&d thieves. What you mean to say is the "science" they've stolen was well developed by other country's scientists. Interested to hear you spill all the personal knowledge about their science from you. My suspicion, however, is that you're just trying to refute what I say without offering any evidence. What "science" that they made is particularly well developed exactly? Don't say this generator either because other countries have been far into the development of that tech for a long time now. It's very reasonable to believe that documents have been lifted from those places in an attempt to copy the work..... just like basically everything else they do. They eat dog dick soup.
  11. Just talked to the doctors office I haven't visited in years and they tried to add me as a new patient to get a telephone doctor appointment. My sole reason for calling was to get anti viral medications ivermectin and hcq. I stopped the woman before going through her new patient procedure and asked if they would prescribe either of those. She said no because it's not fda approved. Stupid. then I called the teledoc service through my jobs insurance and asked them the same thing. They said no they are not allowed to prescribe those medications at all. looks like it's going to be black or gray market for me if I want to get those items.
  12. When are ANY of you going there or having someone from there visit you? Oh what's that? None? That's what I thought.
  13. When you going to Kazakhstan broski?
  14. I hope that's not your real contribution. Kazakhstan isn't an interesting topic. None of you have been there, will ever go there, or know anyone from there. Don't white knight other country's problems for them unless you've fixed all of your own first. The title was a bait title. I'd rather talk about the blood bath on Jan 6 since that's what this is really supposed to be about.
  15. Oof. A ton of hacked up POS reservation runners in this thread. Seems to be a lot in California too.
  16. Dirty_habiT


    Unlimited clean energy for 17 minutes lol. This tech is far from complete and Chinese "scientists" just come here and steal r&d. They're a thieving people without humanity. Fuck em. I hope they melt when that thing fails. Nobody's been able to make fusion stable yet and I don't think Chinese will be the first. If you had said Japan or Germany I'd have a little more confidence. Not China though. They don't do their own research and as a result don't fully understand probably much of anything they fucking with. Do it right or do it twice. Chinese shit holds steady in "do it twice" all the time and I wouldn't expect this to be any different. The chances for major catastrophic failure are very likely with those levels of energy. I don't hate all Chinese people, I hate evil.
  17. theyre trying to predict who will die soon. Kinda sickening if you ask me.
  18. Dirty_habiT


    China needs to burn. Fuck that place. Drown while burning would be better.
  19. Who is dr. Zelenko? https://x22report.com/aiovg_videos/dr-zelenko-ds-big-pharma-hid-the-cures-from-we-the-peoplechoice-has-been-made-collapse/
  20. You guys are a death cult.
  21. Mystery solved. I hope she continues to be ok. She sent me a custom cd around 20 years ago now. I would have been surprised a healthy person got so sick but after my vaxed brother getting fucked up less than a week after the booster and then this it's pretty easy to connect the dots.
  22. How come the soy boy leftist retards aren't doxing all the people from Charlottesville? Or from the InSuRreCtiOn. They love doxing people that don't agree w/ them like the dad that wrecked Biden and got him to say LGB on tv. LOLOLOLOL. That's never going to die. Lol fucking gomers. It's because they're CIA/FBI and you CAN'T.
  23. January 6 was a blood bath, AOC was killed 15 times and her dead corpse was raped by an American flag.
  24. That little white drawer full of dog toys barrier kept her out of the kitchen for less than a week before she started bouncing over it.
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