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  1. Should you be paid based upon the value you offer the employer or should pay be based upon some arbitrary number decided by politicians.
  2. Should "poor people" that are willing to work have their wages raised without an across the board raise for everyone everywhere? Why or why not? What would happen in a society where those at the bottom are lifted to being at the "top of the bottom"? What would three net result be if all workers got an equal percentage raise? Give minimum wage +30%. Why not give someone like me +30%?
  3. lol dangerous. The "women" they don't need men now wonder why their dating pool is little ginger cucks like aoc has. nobody is going to hog out that vagina when the brain controlling it is so full of shit..... and that's if it's even still a vagina and not a man made wiener.
  4. Beer pee is a disinfectant that will get you drunk and clean your mouth. Try it.
  5. Big pharma is the assholes in all this. Not doctors and nurses that are "just doing what they're told."
  6. I wouldn't place the onus on the "medical professionals" for being dubious. They could be administering swabs that were freshly shipped in and selected for a certain purpose.
  7. Swab should be inert. I'd only open a covid test inside a sealed box with gloves and use my own q tip that I swabbed spit with before placing in sealed box with test.
  8. Lol. Hot trash. This is only displaying some of the most obvious flaws it has. I read a lot of that software engineers comments earlier today and a lot of what he said was pretty scary.
  9. what was the medical advice he followed? and what do you think about positive and negative control swabs? I dunno about the part with "nanos" and morgellons.
  10. Ooopssss you tuys weren't supposed to see dis one brüders.
  11. dude thank you for posting this. This guy is legit and definitely highlighting the trash tech the company is using on everyone. it's ok to have bugs but they should never make it into production.
  12. Also what do you think she ate that made her ass taste like that.... if you had to guess?
  13. How long ago do you think she set pooped?
  14. man I'm sorry to hear this. Tons of people saying the ventilator is not good.
  15. it's much cheaper in time effort and cost to feed a family off the dollar menu than it is to put effort into something and buy nice ingredients. fat people only want to do more fat people stuff.
  16. i don't support governor abbot. So before you travel that distinguished path I'd like to point that out.
  17. definitely. Publicly traded companies take the "investment" of people buying stocks in them without the benefit of knowing industry secrets like what contracts wouldn't be renewed soon or deals to absorb other businesses via acquisitions. normal investors don't usually have access to that kind of info that pelosi is benefiting handsomely off of and that's what makes it very illegal.
  18. This is Texas. Metallica is on now. Old Metallica. FullSizeRender.MOV
  19. Yep. Lots of triple jabbers getting that big floppy dong slapped all over their face right now.
  20. I only race my shit boxes on the Mexican highway. Teslas don't do so hot from a roll against high hp man cars.
  21. What kind of beers are y'all suckin tryin to catch up to me?
  22. I'm curious about every facet of the "high performance" claim. Which firmware version are they up to now on those things?
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