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  1. They're the Honda Civic of guns. Mods for days. You can do stupid short bus shit like put an angled foregrip binary trigger two flash lights a laser sight with a red dot. American eagle powder coated hand guard with a bipod and barrel takedown kit. https://unique-ars.com/shop/handguards/freedom/
  2. https://www.gunbroker.com/All/search?Keywords=ar-15&PageSize=24&Sort=13&View=1&BuyNowOnly=1 stay away from "pistols". The 18" barrel is good for close range and at distance. The pistol ar is good only at close range. Ideally you should use a weapon capable of both. That's just my opinion. The ballistics of 223 rounds out of a short barrel aren't great. They do what's called keyholing where they don't hit the target and make a circle hole. They hit sideways from tumbling which makes your accuracy basically trash.
  3. Dude they're like $500. Just save your lunch monies.
  4. Guns that shoot full auto require maintenance and gunsmith level of knowledge. Most people up to illegal shit wouldn't be good enough with guns to keep one running. A normal run of the mill ar is good enough for anyones defense needs.
  5. Party switch is the only difference. Media likes to say semi auto as if it is an auto assault rifle. Difference is semi auto shoots 1 bullet per trigger pull. Auto trigger can be held down and it will empty the magazine. Auto trigger is illegal unless you've paid big daddy government for the tax stamp. Same with suppressors. Same with pistol caliber guns with a stock (makes it a short barrel rifle or SBR). ATF has some silly rules. Every home in America should have an AR-15 in it.
  6. i was thinking it might be the new dude that's smashin the muffin.
  7. Yep that attack in the link is even easier to pull off. My idea is to proxy the connection to the proper server through your own and scrape the payment creds as they're sent to the legit payment gateway.
  8. 100% possible to do and without reading that link I can tell you that it's not entirely difficult either.
  9. So awesome. I love your dogs. They are cute-o's!
  10. Anyone who believes in free anything should checkout economics. This includes all the free social media apps too. Same premise.
  11. Oh your test and vax was free? Go on I'm listening.
  12. You're placing a whole lot of trust in people that have manufactured a virus, sold you your n95 mask, sold you a test kit, and sold you a vaccine. No they definitely would cheat you into making a poor decision for your health. /s
  13. @mr.yuckyeah your cousin is on some other shit. Sounds like he's been reading into some weird rabbit holes.
  14. Covid is definitely real and manufactured. It's danger has been vastly inflated by the cnn media and their penis pumps.
  15. Dirty_habiT


    Guys are so dumb. Buying farts and spit from slags.
  16. Tried melting butter and putting baking soda in it then putting it on the steaks. My process is to rinse meat juice off steaks after unpackaging then dry thoroughly with paper towels. Then I put the liquid butter and baking soda onto the steaks and stuck them in the fridge while I prepared other things. If you let your steaks go to room temp before cooking it is a lot harder to control the doneness imo. don't forget to cuff the 1gallon freezer bags zipper area to prevent getting junk in the zipper as you put things in the bag. I see people on cooking shows fuck this up all the time and it just makes me cringe. The steaks came out pretty good imo. Nice caramelization on the meats.
  17. Epic battles going on now between Talon and BB. She also sleeps like a lady. IMG_6810.MOV
  18. It is not society's job to take care of your long storied history of making poor decisions with your life.
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