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  1. @SchnitzelHoly shit that's old!! The Capitol's Best (TCB). nice!!!
  2. I hope that cop gets a nice sharp prison shank right through his fucking carotid artery.
  3. damn....he sold out?? j/k, i would've too. how will it change the landscape? more people will get into it to make a quick buck. you will start seeing big-named podcasters also getting their content and future content bought out. but mostly people will try to make as much content as possible,...doesnt mean it will all be quality shit....look at netflix.
  4. He's in my top 10 favorite emcees of all time list... so if i were to spend money on myself, he'd be one of the cameos id purchase. I remember that cribs episode lol
  5. No idea who that is, but props for pulling the trigger and spending some money lol
  6. If it were your birthday and i had $500 to spend on you for a Cameo, which people would you want birthday wishes from? (Thread obviously made out of boredom) http://www.cameo.com
  7. What's the motivation to NOT go back to work? Oh, that's right...a PANDEMIC. I wouldn't mind people doing what they want normally (hell, i painted shit that didn't belong to me for years), but when doing what you want could affect my health (or more importantly, people i love) then as i said before, we got problems. You can't imagine how much I'd love to beat the shit out of those fucking protestors at the Capitol. But even going out there for even a verbal confrontation during this pandemic is risky.
  8. I dated a Karen in high school... i haven't seen her in years... assuming she's still alive, she's 37 right now.
  9. Oh give me a break! Is "virtue signaling" the new "social justice warrior-ing?" I'm making the point that if i can sacrifice, then all these people bitching can too. I understand that the economy is fucked up but Jesus fucking Christ, have a little patience... i wouldn't expect anything less from our "need it right now" drive thru culture. If anything people need to spend their energy asking the good ol boys (grand ol party.... same shit) to approve more stimulus help to keep people afloat... at least some democrats are already pushing for this.
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