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  1. Fuck, i literally signed on to 12oz to predict Bob Barker right now. Kilz beat me to it by 4 hours.
  2. One of my biggest regrets. I carried my Jansport backpack on my left shoulder through junior high, high school, and college... in junior high our lockers kept getting broken into so they just stopped having us use lockers.. imagine being 12 or 13 and carrying 5 heavy books on one shoulder. I have a fucked up left shoulder because of this.
  3. I still have this exact Walkman in storage.
  4. RIP Tie aka Seo RIP Ayer Also RIP Dream. I was in Oakland a few weeks ago and they're definitely keeping his name up
  5. Ive always liked this Jaber character.
  6. Ichabod is such a long name...i like ich for short. It reminds me of a German word.
  7. In Spanish, that's pronounced ha ha ha ha
  8. Shit... I've been doing it wrong. I've been serving all my revenge piping hot.
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