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  1. So anyways, after the two hour drive from Sacramento to San Jose to see the concert (Warren G, Too Short, E40, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg)..we walk into the hotel lobby to check in and i notice this guy at the counter that looked just like Warren G...i got a better look and was Warren G... told him I've been listening to his music since back when he and mister grimm did the song indo smoke. Anyways, really cool guy...i took a pic with him in my 12oz shirt.
  2. So i haven't rocked my reunion T yet... but i have rocked the one with the dead animal on the back (sorry, forgot what it was called)... But the weekend before last my friend took me to the Kings of the West concert in San Jose... and i wore my old 12oz stacked T on the 2 hour drive out there from Sacramento.... to be continued...i gotta go
  3. Well look what the cat dragged in...
  4. Just got my shipping email confirmation! My shirts are on the way!!!
  5. Literally or figuratively? True to figuratively, false to literally. The person below me likes watching baseball more than football
  6. Bitcoin Still sleeping on it but i remember first hearing about it when it was still relatively cheap
  7. Thanks man! I turned 39...40 is next year.. I'm thinking vegas
  8. I seem to miss the active shootings. There was one at the hyperion los Angeles trader Joe's that occurred about a week after i was there. The Gilroy garlic festival one happened 4 years to the day after i was there.
  9. Bump this, because i was entering my first year of my 30s and today im entering my last year of my 30s! Happy Birthday to me! 39 mawfuckas!! LoL!!
  10. False, still no children.. then again, still no health insurance The person below me likes fat girls
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