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  1. Landlord special right there
  2. the C.I.A. just found a replacement for waterboarding
  3. I have a history with those shit machines with wings as well
  4. That's what happens when you ask for pineapple on your pizza
  5. To kinda add on to what OMB said. Make sure you or the inspector take lots of photo's with the location and description of what has been observed. Check the hvac system to see if its been serviced regularly. Usually you'll find a sticker with dates and what parts or services were provided. And how old it is, it might be working now but it could be on its last legs Check the water heater as well for rust, leaks, or bulging pipes Make sure the gutters are clean and water spouts are directed away from the foundation. Some of the homes i looked at looked great until i looked behind the gutters and found dry rotted wood. Also check the circuit breaker brand and model number. Some models are known to fail and cause fires Take a look at any trees on the property that could be dying or need to have branches trimmed off. Especially if the branches are growing over the home Have the sewer line and pipes inspected as well. I got lucky and had a great inspector who took the time to explain to me any looming issues with my home and I was able to get the previous owners to fix the problems.
  6. I bought my house right before prices skyrocketed because of the housing shortage. A lot of farmland is now being rezoned for new housing developments where I moved. I guess the appeal is being close to a huge river and lake system where people build zillion dollar houses and being within an hour drive of chicago and Milwaukee. The good thing is my home is almost doubled in value. The bad thing is inflation and the housing shortage has made buying a house these days out of reach for some families
  7. I would drink Rumplemintz to end bowling league slumps. Used to call it "magic syrup" because it worked. I don't recommend drinking more then 2 shots while out in public.
  8. I haven't watched "once upon a time in Hollywood" yet. My friends are still giving me shit about it
  9. Neighbors had me over for dinner. Grilled piranha stuffed with onions and pesote
  10. taking a break from working on the Jeep. its like 75 degrees with 1000000% humidity here so i'm done fucking around with welding today
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