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  1. My sister inlaw went into labor last night so I didn't get much sleep last night. Decided around 5am to go fishing and caught a pike on a lipless crank bait. Wasn't expecting that in mid June with highs in 90s. 20mins later I got a text from my Bro that the baby arrived and all is well. Best day I've had in awhile!!
  2. I used to be able to roll blunts 1 handed while driving. Those days are long gone
  3. Started put the day geetin shit done. Cleaned out the central AC unit, the heat exchanger looked like it was a shag carpet. Then I took an afternoon nap and haven't done shit since
  4. I never really read into what the whole "killdozer" thing was about. other then this song
  5. Sitting on my ass watching some terrible action movie.
  6. The amount of surveillance in Chicago is ridiculous. Don't quote me on this but at one point Chicago had the 2nd most surveillance cameras in the world just behind London. And it doesn't do shit. Just another way the politicians can say they are doing their job without fixing the root of the cause of violence in the city.
  7. Basically this thread is the real life version of the movie Office Space. My only question is when do we get to stomp the shit out of a printer
  8. I'm doing the same amount of work no matter what. I could care less if someone else leaves early. I'm salary so when my responsibilities are accounted for I'm definitely leaving early, if not then I gotta stay late.
  9. Stacking slices is a no go, wtf were they thinking?
  10. My cat just opened up the door while I was taking a dump.
  11. I accidentally put my mask in the washer with dirty socks, I mean dirty boot wearing socks. I put that mask on a nearly fainted
  12. I'm more of the occasional weekend warrior type these days, there's a time and place for having a lil fun.
  13. I gotta complete a sexual harassment course at my job every year, honestly it just makes shit worse for the next week.
  14. I think our cats are related, they look exactly the same and I can't keep mine away from the pizza as well
  15. I'm still rolling with my LG V20 I've had for 4yrs, the only thing I had to change was the battery and upgraded the SD card. otherwise its still holding up just fine considering the kind of abuse I put it through
  16. I had a friend who was an electrician who would do rehab and renovation jobs on apartments. He showed me photos of a job where all the units had orange extension cords coming out of holes in the walls.
  17. ~KRYLON2~

    Polar Vortex 2021

    I feel for you Texans, making deliveries in the streets of Chicago was a real struggle on the lake front. We got 18" of snow in some places. Got my semi truck stuck a few times but nothing I couldn't get out of with my trusty old shovel. I was hoping to spend the day in the office, but crappy weather usually fucks up any plans of having an easy day at work.
  18. Probably is, if not they'll start using this method for contact tracing
  19. I thought my washer was clogged up and thats why it wouldn't pump out the dirty water. After siphoning out all the trash water (tastes like malort) I started digging into this POS. Ended up being a broken connection on the water pump. But what a fuckin mess. Glad it's over with
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