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  1. The emojis I select from the mac's own emoji selector just show up as question mark boxes (since a couple weeks I think) - always wondered whether they're showing fine for others (some website stuff does display weird due to adblocking stuff etc.) The emojis I used in that post are the oldskool ones from the oontz emoji selector (scroll down to the very bottom of the list).
  2. To be frank, artichokes in general are really weird things I think. I do appreciate how they build these huge ass plants just for a very few flowers buds I think they are meant to be eaten cooked in salt water, then dipping the leaves in a mix of olive oil and fresh lemon juice, until you get to the heart of it. The stuff you can buy in jars is so shit in comparison, and it doesn't get better by throwing it on a pizza. Hope this answers your question
  3. I suspect that broccoli is not exactly al dente, but yeah
  4. might have a beer as well while you're at it
  5. ..is this butter you made from a cbd-only plant?
  6. keep going, I like what I'm seeing
  7. I guess Pizza Hut were never really that popular over here in Germany, I do remember my first visit to one though, some time in the late 90's I guess - had never seen "pan style pizza" before in my life, I was like..
  8. I've never thought about it like that. This makes total sense to me.
  9. I think the idea is to stop toilet water splashing back up on your nuts after you drop your cannonball
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