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  1. Just saying I took a garbage bag full of stuff like that, far from any crystals, just the big leaves from the bottom a friend of me chugged out, cooked some butter, and that stuff got me seriously high for three weeks
  2. wait what, wasted ? you know you can cook some really powerful butter with this stuff, right?
  3. yeah, all time favorite of mine as well
  4. Haha, please tell me that's not real
  5. Huh? What's your fucking problem?
  6. I haven't really seen much skateboarding videos (or actual skateboarding, like in my city) much in the last decade or so, and seeing those Nyjah parts is pretty mindblowing
  7. I take back all I said, those anti-broccoli cunts don't deserve my sympathy
  8. Yachty's looks awesome, both the packaging and the actual pizza
  9. They do not have a boobie gif thread, I just checked
  10. dogfood and soggy mushrooms, nice
  11. To be fair 99% of the "real" bacon out there is probably made from animals pumped full of meds in factory farming and a ton of flavours and preservatives etc. added afterwards, one could argue this goes against the spirit of healthful eating as well
  12. I truly think my work here is done
  13. Posted 100+ animated gifs of bouncing butts in the last couple of days
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