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  1. Huh? What's your fucking problem?
  2. I haven't really seen much skateboarding videos (or actual skateboarding, like in my city) much in the last decade or so, and seeing those Nyjah parts is pretty mindblowing
  3. I take back all I said, those anti-broccoli cunts don't deserve my sympathy
  4. Yachty's looks awesome, both the packaging and the actual pizza
  5. They do not have a boobie gif thread, I just checked
  6. To be fair 99% of the "real" bacon out there is probably made from animals pumped full of meds in factory farming and a ton of flavours and preservatives etc. added afterwards, one could argue this goes against the spirit of healthful eating as well
  7. Posted 100+ animated gifs of bouncing butts in the last couple of days
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