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  1. I mean run them feet through the car wash and lotion up a bit and yep!
  2. Big butts, big boobs, and chubby bellies for life!
  3. Dear @SMdoubleXL continuous Truly, Sr. Yuck
  4. Also for future reference don't ever admit to doing anything wrong. They don't give a fuck about reason. It's how innocent people end up in prison for life.
  5. Oh my fucking God bro. What are black people Cheeto feet called? Bless me with something crazy @MOOGLE?!
  6. Oh shit. Just realized you didn't even go to court. You were just like fuck it! You have to go to court and lie to the best of your recollection to make these things go away.
  7. Now you can't go to court and lie to the best of your recollection cuz you sent in some strange letter admitting you realize the error of your ways due to your ignorance of the law. You tried to appeal to the wrong people. You'll get em next time bro.
  8. I've already made plans to go see this with a group of like 15 people. Might bring cocaine!
  9. Church militant? Okay Google...
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