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  1. Don't get me wrong, let's keep joking about young broc top, the shits funny, I was just thinking out loud.
  2. Haha. I wonder what it's like to not have any kind of childhood trauma or delinquency and come here as a kid then maybe check back as an adult a few years later and a bunch of grown men are making jokes at your expense about getting molested by a sexual predator in cartoon format. That's gotta be weird right?
  3. She looks familiar AF but I can't say. She doesn't have the tits to be Linda Carter.
  4. Lol. Jesus Christ. She looks like her head game is probably 90% teeth and she bites down if you complain. It's also dryish. Also dry hand job that punches you in the nuts with every stroke. I'm not here to link shame anyone, that shit is just not my bag.
  5. Yo did you just hit the delivery jank with a creme brulee torch to crisp it up? That's next level my man!
  6. Hah. I wish we had trays here at the house. I've secretly been super jelly of @mortons trays
  7. What the actual fuck? Are we talking the same Rosie O'Donnell from a league of their own? The very same Rosie O'Donnell that looks like she uses ketchup to chase Vodka and Mustards?
  8. @NightmareOnElmStreetbro at one point I was spending several thousand dollars a month on advertising and wasn't getting shit for return on dollars spent. Let me know what you're doing fam! @ndvI have a homie that owns a pretty big plumbing outfit. I was talking with him a few years ago and he said he had $30,000 in overhead a month he had to generate before he could go grab a double cheese burger from McDonald's. That kinda pressure would make me shit liquid I was talking with another homie that works for a large commercial HVAC company. I told him my business insurance was only like $2000 for the year all in and he could do it too. He said that's bitch shit and his companies liability insurance alone was $20k a month. Fucking liquid shits all day.
  9. 0 points for presentation lol. Steel head trout Broccoli Carrots Baked potato wedges Zero salt
  10. Haha. I'm gonna change mine. Fuck this old ass lunatic.
  11. @SMdoubleXL This is the shit I don't like Anywhere up to about half that long I can fuck with. Shape on both those hands above is fine. It's the nude color on white people hands that kinda grosses me out.
  12. That's Don Davis, baby. He doesn't wanna make any money he just loves to sell guns! He died several years ago. He can't hurt you!
  13. Nah. I'm good. I decided these fools can get fucked. Fix your own god damn house. I'm gonna kick it with the interior designer and do work for people that actually want me there. I just went by her website and some of my work made the cut for her portfolio.
  14. Bros. I'm pretty sure stress is a major factor in what landed me in the hospital. It's never the physical work that's the hard part. It's the dealing with the god damn customers that sucks. I have a problem with internalizing criticism. It's absolutely retarded that we put out custom, interior designer, magazine quality finish work and you have some hood booger mother fucker trying to blame you for their previous bullshit work that you are covering up. Paint all over the ceiling, paint on stained trims or cabinets, trash in the previous coats of paint. One of your guys broke my TV. There's a tear in my couch that wasn't there before you showed up. Fuck these people man. It would be different If my company had layers, but it's just me. I find the job, I deal with the customer, I do the actual work, I then have to listen to their bullshit lies and talk about the poor quality of workmanship. I'm surprised that I haven't smoked one of these faggots yet.
  15. Lol https://m.imdb.com/title/tt6342256/reviews/?ref_=tt_ov_rt
  16. That shit doesn't matter to a hand pervert!
  17. I like painted nails. I don't have a preference. I can say I don't like nude colored paint. Might be different on black girl hands. Gonna Google for a minute now. That shit is weird to me on white girl hands. I dated a witch in my early 20s. She did black French tips often and I remember liking that. I don't like overly long nails that click clack and get caught on everything. That shit skeeves me out.
  18. My man. My ex was a red with a pixie cut. She showed up one night with long black hair and that made my ding dong walla walla bang bang. My wife has several wigs in the dirty blonde range. I keep trying to get get her to be a sultry brunette but she likes being blonde so I like what makes her feel confident. I'm a fan of big stupid messy hair. Bed head really does it for me.
  19. We get treated rough south of the Mason Dixon line with exception to the northern VA / DC adjacent area. I for real walked into several jobs that wouldn't pay me more than $12-15 with 20 years trade experience and told me I should be happy to get that. I think there was one guy that had been with one of these companies for 20 years that was making $18. This was a key driving force in me striking it out on my own. All these sucker ass companies that didn't want to see me go but also didn't want to pony up more cash can suck it. I think my first day on my own, I made my weekly pay, also came to find out I was undercharging for my work by about half.
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