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  1. I'm doing that tomorrow when I go to replace their momma's alternator.
  2. I meant to say something days ago, but I really like that color combo. Classic.
  3. As usual I always feel a little more dumberer after partaking in this type of conversation. Conversationalist remorse.
  4. I ate at cracker barrel this morning. It was not good and the gift shop filled me with an overwhelming sense of sadness.
  5. I'm pretty sure I heard that thing shuffling around in my house last night.
  6. That thing is much bigger than I thought it would be.
  7. @fat ralphyNice. Are you going to recess an lvl up in the ceiling and hide it or you gonna do an exposed beam across the room?
  8. @KILZ FILLZI listened to a couple episodes of cumtown but I don't get the reference to the cumtown ending.
  9. Dope. Keep documenting. That's something I've never done before.
  10. @fat ralphythat walls load bearing isn't it?
  11. I don't know that the Republicans need that big tent. The opinions that the court have been dropping here over the past few months seem to have one end goal in mind and that's to put more poor (ethnic) people in jail with no hope of escaping even if new evidence could possibly exonerate them. I know this gets a little bit away from strictly the Roe opinion but in the scheme of things, I don't think it's the most important thing they have been up to. So I see a shift in politics leaning towards Christian Fundementalism. Some of these views seem far fetched by any normal human beings reasoning but it's like they are putting guys like this out into the wild to test the temperature of the greater mass of the GOP. It's also not a mistake that he's black which is outrageous in and of itself but the language he uses is also very carefully selected to conflate homosexuality with terrorism and treason. 6014fea655daf090199fa28f7c237abe.mp4 Now, I'm not reactionary in the sense where I'm sitting around biting my nails like 'oh no. I hope this guy doesn't get elected," but I am interested to see how this litmus test of a politician gets reworked into something more palatable for the greater American public to digest. Circling back to my main point; the Democratic party can't come to terms on what the party stands for. As long as their core values are divided into all or nothing issues, they are powerless to stop any of this.
  12. I think the right is just so hyped up on the own the libtards train right now, they don't even realize they are setting up a bizzaro fascist country. And because the right runs on a conglomerated platform of Jesus, Guns, Economy, and babies where all issues hold equal weight, it's easy for the right to say "yep, those are all the things that matter to me," the Dems are powerless to stop it. Because there is no all encompassing ProHomo™, clean energy, workers rights, gun responsibility platform where all issues hold equal weight, Dems are left playing the guessing game of who they think will win, or if their candidate doesn't get the nomination, they get spiteful and buck the party totally out of self righteousness essentially hurting themselves in the long run.
  13. No kidding. I guess the last people I knew personally that joined the service was late 90s and my cousin into the Marines in the early 90s. Progress is good. I could do without hearing sexuality slurs. I get this feeling that I'm gonna describe some one as being black or mixed in the future and some one is gonna straight clutch their pearls on me lol.
  14. They would probably just call in the schools resource officer to disappear your ass. The lefty left is weird like that. You can agree 95% with some one but they'll turn on you over that 5%.
  15. Can't do it man. They get in trouble trouble at school for calling shit gay and all kinds of shit. I'm not sure but I think the first thing they are going to call him at boot camp is a retarded
  16. Bro. My nephew had a raggedy mop of hair. I told him he should get one of those retarded curly clown doo's. He told me I can't say retarded anymore, then shaved his head and joined ROTC. Fucking nerd.
  17. My wife told me today that there's gonna be a lot of sad dudes out there when girls realize these boys dicks aren't worth a possible jail sentence.
  18. Haha. That's relatable. My first spot was some weird off the beaten path hole in the wall strip club in Nashville. Me and my homie drove down looking for something to do. When we got in there, we were the only people in there. There was some naked girl that looked like she was maybe 15 or 16. My man looked around, looked at me and said "these hoes are disgusting, man," turned around on his heels and walked out. Lol Man I haven't thought about a lot of this shit in years. Thanks bro.
  19. Probably like 11 or 12 years ago. At the time the manager and half the girls there were copping drugs from me. I told my old lady that the bitches up there were terrible looking and she should go up there and do their make up for money so these hoes would get better tips. So not only were they paying my girl to do their make up, but they had more money for drugs. Shit was going pretty swell.
  20. Lol! What a handsome little turd burglar.
  21. Sorry to disappoint. They don't seem to have an online presence.
  22. I think I just found a new adventure!
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