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  1. @MercerThats weak as shit. I’m so not mad at these ridiculous ass kids.
  2. Everyone in my family that was brave enough to show up to my uncles funeral contracted Covid. Fucking amazing lol.
  3. We take gas station boner pills LOLLLL
  4. For real my shit gets hacked all the time. Everything is like “your shit is compromised ” but I don’t do anything about it. My Identity has been stolen a handful of times. Shits hilarious.
  5. I got one password for everything like a boomer.
  6. This one goes out to an anonymous user in case you haven’t disclosed your location. You know who you are! IMG_1377.MP4
  7. You would wake up 3 hours early! Fuck you!
  8. Dreading getting up for my hour commute tomorrow morning. This will legit be the earliest Ive had to get up in 7 years.
  9. @fat ralphydoin the lords work lol. That bum thread was straight lolz. I needed that. It got a little dark on the last page where the suggestions were poison/murder. I have a lot to think about.
  10. mr.yuck


    LOL^^^ Yo it’s really like that the first time you track a dollars life cycle.
  11. Speaking of missed connections me and the missus used to scroll through that shit for laughs from time to time. One day we came across some one trying to scheme on one of our friends moms. I called him immediately cuz I know in his family history they had constantly been on the run from his biological dad. I wish this story had a cooler ending but it wasn’t anything nefarious. Just some dude that knew her as a kid looking to pound cheeks.
  12. I’m getting really tired of people letting their dogs shit in that little strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street info that of my house and not picking it up. Especially when it’s right next to my van and I step in the shit first thing in the morning. I have been thinking of taking pictures of these peoples faces and making little flag markers out of them so I can mark where they didn’t pick up their dog shit for everyone that walks by to see.
  13. I’d watch that. Live stream that hoe. Show everyone how the sausage is made.
  14. mr.yuck


    This is dope. What a ridiculous long ass name. also dig that arise and canas
  15. I’m sitting here watching Ginger Minge the Glamour Toad lip sync for her life.
  16. @mortonI never developed a taste for it, but a lot of people I know have done oyster bakes in the back yard on the grill. They just hang out and drink beer while shucking oysters and shooting them down with hot sauce.
  17. mr.yuck


    The internet is coming full circle. Consuming itself like an ouroboros.
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