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  1. I think that’s an old idealistic way of looking at things and doing business. People for the most part don’t talk to their neighbors anymore. I can’t be sitting around relying on the fact that hopefully when Joe needs to replace his toilet, he consults with his neighbor for a plumber. But I do more than plumbing. What if I just painted for his neighbor? People consult with google and look at reviews to make their choices. I have gone so far as to tell people to be honest. If we are lacking in some way, put in the review, because the end goal is to learn from our short comings and provide a better experience in the future. I look at my 100s of customers and my 4 reviews and I look at my competitors and their 100s of reviews. I wonder what I am doing different from them or if they are buying reviews.
  2. Started installing some crown the other day. Luckily this was the only room where the air vents fell into the line of fire and had to be shucked and jived around.
  3. It’s for the dog so her old feet don’t slide out from under her.
  4. This whole supply chain breakdown is messing up my whole shit. Doors came in yesterday and will be stacked up in the corner of my living room until my flooring shows up on the 22nd; if that doesn’t get delayed longer as well.
  5. @~KRYLON2~thats not a bad idea. I was talking to my mom about this recently and she got legit mad. She was like “I hate when people ask for reviews. Their reward for doing a good job is getting paid. Figure out how to do your own advertising and leave me out of it.” I was like “God damn, Cindy, you’re a hard ass bitch.” I can’t imagine most people are like this.
  6. Heyyo. To all you self employeds out there, do you have a problem with customers not leaving reviews after job is complete? I have had customers go on and on and on about how great everything was and how great we are and I’m like cool cool cool type that shit into google. And they just don’t. You can do it from your phone. It will take you less than 2 minutes while we are standing here bullshitting about your ugly dog or what ever. Or do y’all just not care?
  7. Ive only done that shit once. I took on that job not knowing what I was doing. To say I slam fucked these peoples floor up would be an understatement. However they were happy with the final product so no harm no foul.
  8. Hell yeah man. Now you can throw a raging kegger!
  9. Oh shit here they come. It’s damn near 8 o’clock. They got my shit, too. Damn right. When I checked my mail yesterday it was full of all kinds of other peoples mail from down the street. Some of it wasn’t even from my street.
  10. Yo. Where the fuck is the mail man with my shit? I swear, if these bums delivered my shit to some one else’s house…
  11. So I got my first Moderna shot yesterday. Literally after I stood up and walked over to the 15 minute waiting area, my heart started racing like it was going to explode out of my chest. All I could think was “I can’t believe I’m about to die in the back of a CVS.” That shit stopped after about 2 minutes. Now my arm feels like it’s about to break off. Another interesting side effect I was initially upset about was I lost about a full inch off the length of my erection, but I got over it when I realized I have doubled my girth. So that’s pretty exciting.
  12. mr.yuck


    Holy shit. Filthy animals.
  13. RIP this is gearing up to be a terrible year.
  14. Lol. These leeches are stealing from her at her main job money, her side hustle money, and the physical product of her side hustle. And she admires these parasites? I hope dorris gets whatever is coming to her.
  15. mr.yuck


    nice! Any particular reason? I hope there is some sort of mega photo thread in the works!
  16. mr.yuck


    @Elena Delle Donne is that where you’ve been? Biking across America?
  17. i just got my first jab today. THUG LIFE!! edidded- also I did post the chairs on Craigslist first. Was really looking forward to the blowie but the only responses I got were scammers. Probably would have stolen my money and also not come through on the blowie.
  18. hey but all bullshit aside, right before I was about to delete this whole shit, I sold these ugly ass chairs to some one a few blocks away for like $550!
  19. @Mercer @Dark_Knight what percentage of income do ya’ll think the top 10-15% are hiding in order to not pay taxes on? Looks like the top 50% actually pay 97% of all taxes.
  20. I’d like to see some one create a computer program that would transfer funds right over $600 back and forth between two personal accounts 1000s of times a day times millions of people until the banks melt or the Treasury Dept melts. Fuck this democratic-fascism.
  21. holy shit bro. Next door is a cesspool of people drysnitchin and busybodyin. I’m bout to delete myself from that shit with the quickness lol.
  22. I wonder what it’s like to be the leader of the worlds largest and most obscenely wealthy cult. I bet he moves so slow because he’s draggin a thousand pound set of nuts behind him.
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