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  1. Bunch of chuckers out here masquerading as breeders throwing fire at fire and making a brand new name. Shits crazy as hell.
  2. It's wild that our entire government head to toe is run by a bunch of sundown seniors.
  3. I wanna name a strain BussyPop3000. Thanks @One Man BannedI'm gonna be rich.
  4. Is this thread applicable if you are trying to take a nap but just can't quite fall asleep?
  5. b24b3b4ae8ff8218857726f974fcdf01.mp4
  6. I was talking about this earlier today. Who's even a dem with national name brand recognition? AOC and Newsome were the only people that came to mind. Liberals are a bunch of ineffective milquetoast bitches. Biden should be stacking the supreme Court, codifying roe v. Wade into law, and all the other shit he was promising with his "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today" ass. Bitch, you're president now. Do the president things now.
  7. Doin a little trim carpentry around the trap house.
  8. I think the westboro Baptist church merged with the tea party to form the modern day Republican party. Also there's this b0970d6351815c4a4f9144595ea060a0.mp4
  9. Should I get an AR-10? Why or why not?
  10. DONT LOOK IT UP 1ST What do you think JD stands for? My guess is Jimmy Doug
  11. She looks permanently unhappy
  12. Oh shit. Crooks was registered as a Republican an actively voted as such. That's wild when your own people hate your guts so much that they try.to.kill you. 😂
  13. If there are any lessons to be learned here, the radical left needs to take range day more seriously.
  14. Hells yeah! What's new in your world @-Rage- Some one tag rage in the Taylor swift scat thread 😂
  15. Welcome to another installment of THE MOST AMERICAN SHIT EVER https://www.newsweek.com/end-self-checkouts-poll-newsweek-1921409 Finally
  16. Thats weird. Do these dudes do this sticker shit for each other. Is it like a jeep thing?
  17. Bruh. Sugar mayo cabbage is fire. Give it a chance player.
  18. Hahaha What in the fucking world is going on there?
  19. Nah. That dude got some big ass titties tho!
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