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  1. @KILZ FILLZthe future is amazing.
  2. I'm sorry. I'm obviously straight up behind the times. You can do audiobooks through the library for free?
  3. I didn't catch that the first time around.
  4. Korfhage is the love child of Rob Schneider and Terrence Howard.
  5. You know I don't fuck with that weird ass korfage cream!
  6. Laying in bed. I went to eat at the local Mexican joint with my old lady and the trouble maker kid. It was fucking dead in there. Which is weird cuz this joint is usually slammed. I'm having sharp gut pains right now and I get why they were dead.
  7. Nope. But I like it. I like a lot of brit Aussie slang. I particularly like calling people a bell end! 😂
  8. I didn't even read the packaging before I posted it. I was lolzing along with everyone else after I posted.
  9. Shut up and eat your patriotic red 40 and blue 2 dogs. If you don't do it, you don't love America! Tastes like America!
  10. Plants ended up getting way too crowded so I cleared out the middle row to give these ladies some breathing room
  11. I'm pretty sure that kid is being mind controlled by an alien.
  12. 463dad65738901282362aa46ab568c34.mp4
  13. Construction video is 100% accurate. Ay ay I don't wanna get hurt with my little foot! 😂
  14. I don't think I could hack it in Florida full time. I get in and out of that state all the time. My ass is running back north when it starts to get hot down there.
  15. Heyyo @SMdoubleXLcheck out my man's thumb over here. @LUGRyeah I figured it out. The capacitor was bad. It was like a $30 replacement part.
  16. Tussling with my God damn ac. Anyone in here do HVAC for a living?
  17. They aren't even trying to not say the quiet parts out loud any more and it's just hilarious to everyone involved cf68ca028804a63333e126c2c45355ac.mp4
  18. Oh my fucking God. I wasn't expecting that. I couldn't breathe for a few seconds there and then I started hyperventilating.
  19. @One Man Bannedi think this is an acceptable sandwich cut. Waiting to see some one slam fuck this shit up and make me freak the fuck out. 490e8bac1b5dc4206ac64413080c0fb1.mp4
  20. Thanks to @SMdoubleXLhandy dandy clone guide, your boy was able to snip some better quality clones. Here we are 8 days ago and today.
  21. a88849600007ce88f442958111f9fd73.mp4
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