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  1. @Mercerwhite people aren't even giving white people passes anymore. Unless you're really really about that white shit, in which case you don't want that pass anyway.
  2. Lol. The fool with the brain worm from eating BBQ dog? You're right, though. Ol brain worm is the better bet.
  3. The supreme Court just paved the way for Biden to murder Trump and assassinate the supreme Court but no one's talking about that because Joe is just a bitch ass old pussy boy at heart. He's gonna let this fucking weird orange make up wearing cretin take his job and I guess we'll just see what happens.
  4. a2f6a811ee47500d81fc29a2792c4ed9.mp4
  5. I'm also starting to feed phosphorus heavy as fuck through all phases of growth. This last group of plants, I couldnt feed them enough P.
  6. Why build more shelters when the housing already exists and they can force them to work for nothing. This sounds like something else.
  7. It's getting wild out here. Multiple outside sleeping offenses can get you a couple years. The fuck?
  8. Snitching in this instance is also back on the menu for 2024. Also ratting these 7-11 cock suckers out that have little signs posted saying you have to buy a certain dollar amount of shit to use credit. Fuck you. That shits illegal. Too bad your gonna get ass blasted with service charges on this 39¢ pack of Wrigleys
  9. My biggest 'get' before I start my next run is gonna be a water chiller. Sorry @SMdoubleXLthe root masses are too far gone to trim them up at this point. I pulled out the rotten shit I could get to last month and prayed the pool shock would handle the rest. The pool shock is at least holding things at bay. I'll be chopping these plants down in 10 more days.
  10. Boof that shit, coward! Where's @Corpseinarugwhen you need him to cook up some ground weed into crack?
  11. Homie should have just loaded all the pillows into his garage. The pillow market is saturated right now.
  12. Bruh. The pig/farmer role play is so hot right now. It's super fun to grease up your girl wearing a pig mask while you chase her around hootin and hollerin like an old farmer.
  13. Hell yeah. Them tweakers gonna come off at least 15 bucks. THATS A NEW SHIRT DOG!!!
  14. Haha! Gonna change my name to Krink Recipe!
  15. What's the going rate anyway. I have a few left that I'm not really using.
  16. https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0u3mQanr?s=a7&share_destination_id=MjQ4NjAxMjM2LTE3MTkzNjEyNDkxODc=&pd=0Gp6XMSM&hl=en_US "The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy, but these are new. They look human... sweat, bad breath, everything. Very hard to spot." --Kyle Reese
  17. I see, like myself, you are a gentleman of the times. Huzzah.
  18. The unfortunate reality is, you arent gonna do anything that can make a tweakers life worse. You can only take action that will make you feel better. Hit one of them with your car. Hard. Toss your keys on their porch and then report your car stolen.
  19. mr.yuck

    Hawk Tuah

    I bought 175 of these things. People gonna be asking me for years how I kept the hawk tuah so fresh!
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