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  2. That sucks man. My grandmother just passed away recently from some form of dementia. It was a wild time. All of her oldster friends turned their back on her. Her husband took care of her until they went into assisted living. I think she was only in there for a few years. Neither .y grandmother nor her husband brought anything up. I'm pretty sure it was up to my mom and dad to bring it up to the rest of the family and took it from there as the issue progressed.
  3. I was looking at a festool domino joiner a few weeks ago. I was like woooow cooool. And it's a super nice tool but then I saw that hoe was $1200 or $1600 with all the bits and bobbles. I can do the same work with a tenoning jig for around $250 and have an end product that looks like it was made with hand tools by some 1000 year old carpenter that only uses wood nails because that's the way Jesus would have done it. 😂
  4. A bullet hose, assault rifle, death machine, weapon of war, scary gun.
  5. It is for me. I never took my shit off. 😂
  7. I so badly wish I could have been a juror. Leak my name. I would hate to see these retards come to my house uninvited doing all manner of fuck shit.
  8. This is a good and interesting read so far but believe it or not chlorine is an important micronutrient for cannabis. Something something science chemistry, off gases CO2 as a byproduct which the plants also consume. My water is fine. My real problem is a design flaw in this system as a whole. Each individual light holds about an inch of standing water in the bottoms. If the room gets to hot, it basically cooks that little bit of water along with the roots that are soaking in it. I fucked up and let the room temperature get up to 98° several days in a row. Now I'm fighting root rot. These root balls are harboring some kind of nasty bacteria that is steady throwing off the pH of the whole system.
  9. But also, you can take life insurance policies on anyone. I should start pulling policies on all my neighbors. They aren't getting any younger. I don't see companies spending the extra dollars per month on every employee that's ever worked for them, in perpetuity. I can see them possibly hedging their bets on current employees but I would assume they terminate the policy as soon as the liability is gone. Could you imagine McDonald's paying out on 25,000,000 different policies every month just hoping for 10 of their elderly past employees to die every month just to break even so they don't have to pay out in any crazy lawsuit. Seems like a bad gamble to keep the policy running.
  10. Right! Or they kill you with stress after that payout has matured.
  11. Hahahha this is the evolution of tease lore.
  12. Okay. After consulting with several pros about the situation I was suggested to add pool shock to my reservoir to kill what ever funky ass shit is going on in there cuz we are officially on like day 9 or 10 of this insano pH bullshit. If this shit works I'm gonna rename this strain to Pool Boy.
  13. I mean it makes sense. If I die on someone else's job because of their bullshit, my people are coming for that ass.
  14. Quick story. While I was removing the cast iron vent stack from the trap house there was a big ass moose knuckle fitting in the pipe that was getting hung up on something in the wall. So I cut out a piece of the wall to see whats going on and low and behold it was a piece of 2x4 I used to pull the wall board together tighter. Now the pipe is free and everything is all gravy. Except there is a hole in the wall now. It's not a big jank but hot ass stank air from the attic is blowing out and triggering the thermostat to do all types of crazy shit. Anyway so there's this little hole in the fucking wall, right, and I don't feel like patching it right away cuz fuck all that. So I tell my wife to just stuff a towel in the hole or something. So she or something's alright. What did she stuff in the wall? So anyways I'm pumped for the new gear.
  15. Tell them you are voting for Jasmine Sherman. Report back.
  16. @mortonwhat's up with that? Are they people you could always take or leave or are you just not excited about having company in general?
  17. I'm gonna go practice saying some hater ass shit in front of the mirror and see what that feels like.
  18. Democrats look out for each other.
  19. Not for nothing, I really like Kanye's energy!
  20. Okay. So I think its hating if you are trying to gain personally by making some one else look bad. I think by taking away the personal gain aspect, you just become an asshole. I'm gonna be a fucking asshole for the rest of this year. It's been a long time since I just woke up in asshole mode and pushed on the gas all day.
  21. What's the difference between being a hater and unabashedly telling the truth about everything?
  22. I think I'm gonna try hatin this year. Being a hater is on the menu for 2024. Fuck it why not. Might actually be fun.
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