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  2. Ugh. I'm having crazy pH issues right now. It's causing sever phosphorus deficiencies. I don't know what's causing it. I've tested every variable in this system. Either the city has introduced some new poison into the tap water or my pH down is bad.
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  4. Sounds right. I had a homie that was a low voltage electrician. He was part of the demo of a circuit city around here. He pilfered their security camera equipment and hooked it up at his house.
  5. Lol. I swear there's only like 26 of these maga motherfucker per state. I've only seen one before. He lived next to my homie and they got snatched up by the feds on some crazy shit. One down nah mean!
  6. Have you ever noticed that bananas is basically Ban An Ass? So when some one is BANANAS, they are basically acting in a manner that is deserving of being banned from where ever they are. Also randomly I learned on tiktok the other day, by way of a banana farmer, that when picking bananas from the store, you want to get the ones with the shortest fattest necks. The have the best flavor.
  7. A girl can dream, homie. ebcb09275f49e608a4ee67d6b1152694.mp4
  8. Slabs were peak auto.
  9. All felonies are a minimum of 2 aren't they. I think these shits max out at 4. So minimum old Donald J TwoScoops is looking at a minimum of 68 years. Then again the judge can do what ever he wants. I watched this dude from the old neighborhood get sentenced to 99 years with 98 suspended. 😂
  11. Truuuuunks keeeep Popppppin Tops keeeep dropppppin Down in Houston
  12. That's it. There's probably some inaudible frequency they play that triggers the temu gene.
  13. My tinfoil hat game is tight. Fuck that shit. There's probably a gene in there that makes you more susceptible to temu ads and temu has found a way to trigger that son of a bitch.
  14. Don't let these fools gaslight you bro. The 90s sport romper was the shit! Bang bang 9er gang!
  15. You know, I keep thinking "how bad is it really gonna be?" Probably really bad for people worried about paying their bills or continuing to play the game. Keep gardening bro. Things will be okay.
  16. The full quote is a sick ass burn Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.
  17. Flowers are starting to chunk up and frost out nicely on day 25 of flower.
  18. mr.yuck

    Sean Combs

    Well I took it for the oontz of course. There was some I wanna see you thread or something. It quickly started to devolve into some thirst trap shit so I took it all the way.
  19. mr.yuck

    Sean Combs

    Before. It's funny, I remember taking that picture 21 years ago and why I took it.
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