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  1. I ate a lot pizza today, gais. I run on the elliptical for an hour straight whenever I work out though, so smfd. Ill always be a fat kid at heart.
  2. Dear guy who sucker-punched me outside the bar last night, You fucked up. Bad. I'm not even really mad at the fact that you did it, it's just that the left side of my jaw is swollen that I couldn't enjoy my wings and my motherfucking burger while watching boxing tonight. I'm a good guy who returns favors though, so don't worry.
  3. I used to think that I had the most Br00TaL-ass calves when I was fat. Then I lost 60 pounds and noticed that my dumbass needed to work on 'em. Facts br0, lulz.
  4. Both are gonna be ill. So fucking stoked to see Rotting Out for the most part though... YEAH, SON!
  5. A little situation here... So, I took a break from creatine for about 2 months and recently just got back into it. And by recently, I mean yesterday. Took it during the day before my workout, so far so good... but once I got home, I felt fucking nauseous. Now Im sitting here on my day off feeling bloated than usual. What the fuck?
  6. Porke, thanks for the props. Next time you get butt-hurt with what I have to say, make sure to click on 'I disapprove' instead. Fucking idiot, hahahahaha. Did not read. And Im not a skinhead, I have friends who are skins. You set yourself up for failure every time you post.
  7. STOP SPEWING THIS FECAL MATTER. Dont ever put throwdown and Madball/Integrity in the same list, or ill roll through with my skinhead friends and have a boot party on your ass. Also, Integrity > Converge. I can never get into them, personally I think they're fucking overrated. bump this...
  8. Vinyl is cool. But I'd rather buy shirts, hoodies, and shit like that to support the bands. Im not much of a recordfiend but I do buy vinyls here and there, mostly just my 'favorite-albums-at-the-time' joints... shit happens about maybe 2-3 times a month, which I think isn't bad. BUT EYO SON, PEEP DA NU SUBURBAN SCUM JOINT DOE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfQSxxFSXJM And I know some of you older heads might just scoff over this, but give it a chance. At least it's not the usual br0-ass beatdown bullcrap, so you might find it tolerable. edit:: Speaking of vinyl, I just recieved Stigmata by Skitsystem in the mail about a week ago. Any of you into euro d-beat/crust shit should appreciate this... or not, whatever, I dont care.
  9. yeeeeeeeeeaaaah nigga edit: as much as I love danzig-era Misfits joints... glen himself can suck a cornucopia of grandpa dicks.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wcz_9c1IbB8
  11. Been listening to these dudes a lot lately Along with... Backtrack Rotting Out Holding On (found a link of them on this thread a couple of years ago, shit will never get old) One 4 One Kill Your Idols Wolfbrigade Mob 47 DS-13 (again, whoever uploaded their shit on here... you're the shit) Extreme Noise Terror Amebix Anti Cimex Dystopia Not gonna front, I've had my share of 'beatdown' and 'bro' bands, but the shit I listed above is what appeals to me more these days.
  12. ^Retro UFC fights are the shit. Dont ever get rid of that tape, might worth something someday. Saying MMA is better than boxing is dumb, so is saying that Boxing is better than MMA. Both have their own pros and cons. Boxing's the shit, if you guys hadn't noticed, the fighters with the most crispy clean punches are usually the ones who started off boxing and evolved into an MMA fighter. Same goes with other styles of fighting. It aint called Mixed Martial Arts for no reason. /MrObvious
  13. Dear random dusthead who took on 4 cops and a tazer shot, Ho-lee-fucking-shit, who the FUCK is your embalmer?
  14. Dear mister postman, Quit bringing these bills to my house.
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