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  1. Spring Break '92

    UFO Alien Baby' in Mexico stumps Experts

    The video clip said that the creature was found in 2007.....so old news rocks? Plus everyone already knows that it is a Reptilian alien lizard baby, and that some Reptilians are native to the underground caverns of Earth and some are not. The Grey species is such that has transcended and evolved beyond physical bodies, but produce semi-artificial 'bodies' to which their individual conscience, albeit linked to a mass hive-mind, is applied to so that it they can physically perform human abductions and take the human captives to underground bases which are operated by the Greys, Reptilians, and the US Govt. Duh.
  2. Spring Break '92

    gun thread

    Alright dudes......who here shoots corrosive ammo? This question is geared more towards the 7.62x39/AK guys. I got ahold of a grip of Yugoslavian 7.62 for cheap. Its brass and I hear its accurate as all hell. It is however, corrosive. I did some research on what people do to stop the corrosive properties of this ammo from taking hold until a thorough cleaning can be performed. I am going to use the Ballistol method. That is, a solution of 1:9 Ballistol:water through a spray bottle into the barrel and gas chamber/port immediately after shooting and then a thorough cleaning ASAP. Discuss.
  3. Spring Break '92

    80's-90's MEMORIES

    Haha, my parents have Poloroids of a family friend wrapping his Stretch Monster around Budweiser bottles.
  4. Spring Break '92

    gun thread

    Ok, so I had to do it......went down to the sporting goods store and copped a Ruger 10/22. Its an American necessity, every American should own one along with an AM radio. I have spouted off the latter many many times to my kinfolk. I am very well known for saying, 'the first two letters in America are AM, motherfucker.' I didn't feel the need to post up a pic of the new gal. There are many posted in this thread, we all know what a 10/22 looks like, right guys? Right? You guys are the best, I love you. NH.
  5. Spring Break '92

    gun thread

    Man gun shows in alot of places now are just filled to the brim with cheaply made Chinese junk. Looks like vendors buy the shit off Ebay and try to resell it for a profit. Lots of cheap shitty optics, knives, etc. like what Boats was talking about. I dont even waste my time anymore. Gunbroker.com is the shit! Its like Ebay but for gun stuff.
  6. Spring Break '92

    gun thread

    Yea. Every platform has its drawbacks, that is a given. I already had an AK, decked it all out and shit. However, the AK is what it is and if it happens to be your only rifle, there comes a time when you are ready to upgrade from that platform. Dont get me wrong, they are awesome and if I could have afforded to I wouldnt have sold the AK to help fund the PTR, but the difference in quality and accuracy between them is very significant. I also have a low profile Swiss made optics mount and transferred over my Primary Arms red dot to the PTR.
  7. Spring Break '92

    gun thread

    Yes, Bulgarian AK mags specifically. Tapco polymer mags also work, steel mags not so much. I actually wish I had gotten the .308 PTR 91 instead. The PTR 32 is great because it shoots well and the ammo is cheaper, but since it uses AK mags the wobble. Both versions are not light at around ten lbs. so it may as well be chambered in a more powerful caliber. Plus used G3 mags are like $2. For those of you who dont know, PTR 91 is an American company who bought all of the tooling from the old Heckler & Koch factory in Portugal that made the HK G3 and HK 91 rifles (the former is full auto, the latter is the semi auto civilian version). The HK 91 stopped being imported in 1989, so they are very desireable and expensive.
  8. Spring Break '92

    gun thread

    My newest rifle, the PTR 32.
  9. Spring Break '92

    Tipping in the US

    Yea, my uncle, who is from the US but moved to Brisbane for work said that the first time he tipped a bartender the dude was like, 'Do I look fucking homeless, mate?' and was basically downright offended that he got tipped.
  10. Re: So I hung out w/"Banksy"... What the fuck u do.... I did coke with Raekwon once.
  11. Spring Break '92

    gun thread

    Mandatory items for any AK variant: Molot style pistol grip and AK 74 style muzzle break. Ultimak gas tube rail if you plan to use an optic. That is just my opinion. There really is no middle ground when it comes to aftermarket parts for AK's. Its either junk or its good shit.
  12. Spring Break '92

    Ghost city appears above Xin'an River

    Also, props to someone who can name the big screen TV that Martin used to want on his show back in the early 90s. I think it was the Washitashi 5000 or some shit.
  13. Spring Break '92

    Ghost city appears above Xin'an River

    Shenanigans. No fucking way a 'mirage' produces trees that sway as if blown by actual wind. Or lights in the windows of mirage'd out buildings for that matter.
  14. Spring Break '92

    How much pussy did you get this year?

    Fuck that Kreayshawn jawn, Lil Debbie is waaaay fucking more smashtastic.
  15. Spring Break '92

    Creepy Mother and Son Relationship on Youtube