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  1. i want to buy a new gun, but have nooo idea what. im leaning towards a .22 target pistol, or maybe a sig in 9mm. i want something that shoots cheap ammo but isnt a total piece of shit like a sigma. small caliber prefered, nice. i already have a .45 caliber that i barely shoot because ammo is pricy and its like smashing a souffle with a sledgehammer. (mutant league football referance gimme prop points)
  2. trust me i wish there was a government agency who could solve this for me. and i agree with most of you, i should not be spreading my seed lol. im not exactly the most productive member of society, like any of you PBR addicted hipsters are. i havent heard anything about it lately. hoping this just blows over. im staying indoors for the most part now and focusing on my "disregard females aquire currency" mission.
  3. you sound like a fucking pansy. haha damn MOOGLE, pullin my card!! but you are right, this is not the first time its happened. i have already gotten one girl preggerz twice. and i did bust nut in a chick last year and have the worries. but this is the first time i might not have control over the outcome. and i did post fuckin pics. god damn you people are hard to please.
  4. well fuck i dont think im in the clear anymore. now this bitch is starting to get on my nerves. she was at my friends house the other day (he smashed on her back in the day too, he sells weed to pastyflub) while my friend said pastyflub was talking about me nonstop. asking if i had a new girl and thats why im dogging her. and other stupid clingy bullshit. she was talking how i fucked her all night or something (which i didnt i only fucked her for like an hour then bounced). im going to strangle her if i see her. i hate this bitch so much. fuck now im wondering if she was joking about the pregnancy, or if she intends to keep it. im fucking clueless, she has family money so she doesnt need a job or nothing and could raise a kid. fucking scared man i keep seeing pregnant bitches and babies everywhere likes its some fucking sign from god or some shit. she hasnt even asked me for the $$ for the abortion yet. we havent talked since i told her to fuck off.
  5. nobody even thoght her attempt at dirty talk was funny lol. talking about sitting ontop of me? while she rides shit and throws legs. i cant even visualize what she was trying to suggest.
  6. tough crowd here! i thought i had some winners. shes not fat just kinda flabby, like her skin feels loose or something lol. i would be a terrible father, i like to venture into freight yards at 3am and i drink high life like its water. i would probably feed my kid hot dog cereal. i thought at least the conan o brian in the year 3000 reference would bring me some lulz.
  7. she wants me to shove shit instead of her. and throw legs. im not down with throwing legs. table vagina shit legs. i posted pics give me my tic tacs back.
  8. whos the fuckboy now. it made me puke in my mouth a little uploading these. her body looks like peter griffin to me.
  9. here is the pasty flab that the masses have so dearly desired. make sure your puke bag is handy.
  10. http://www.cafemom.com/group/114240?prism_id=136282&utm_medium=sem2&utm_campaign=prism&utm_source=outbrain&utm_content=1164 Man Charged With Stomping on Pregnant Girlfriend's Stomach to Kill Their Unborn Baby Posted by Nicole Fabian-Weber on April 18, 2012 at 3:55 PM pregnant bellySometimes, the human race disappoints and appalls you in ways you never thought possible. A 28-year-old man named Kenneth Turner got his ex-girlfriend pregnant. But he didn't want the child. So, instead of trying to figure out what he was going to do/how he was going to deal, he allegedly broke into her apartment and stomped on her stomach -- with both feet -- in order to kill the unborn baby.
  11. who the fuck said anything about kissing!?! we were drinking all night, went back to her house with friends. friends leave. she offers me back massage. i get a nice massage, then i flip over and she starts blowing me hard, deepthroat and ball licking, really good BJ not gonna lie. then i dicked her down from behind while pretending she was someone else. i might have dicked her down one more time lol. grimey. someone give me their email so i can send you this dissapointing picture of white flabby tits.
  12. i tried to upload in the attachments. says it failed. Manage Attachments Upload Errors pastyflab.jpg: Upload of file failed. Sum of all attachments owned by guerilla925: 0
  13. ok i took a macro shot of my cell phone screen. i have the file on my computer but i dont have a photo upload account. i can send the file to someones email.
  14. i have no idea how to upload. they are in my cellphone in our text message history and they are a month old so for some reason i cant click on them. do you have a photohostinig account i could take a picture and upload it to that. they seriously arent even worth it, just pasty white girl flab in pink panties. i couldnt even get a nut off to it. her body is not attractive to me. jokes on her, because i got a nut off, and she has to kill a baby inside of her. feel free to steal my song lyrics, thats 500k views on youtube garunteed. DONT STICK YOUR DICK>>>>>>>IN THE WRONG VAGINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGH.
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