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  1. i want to buy a new gun, but have nooo idea what. im leaning towards a .22 target pistol, or maybe a sig in 9mm. i want something that shoots cheap ammo but isnt a total piece of shit like a sigma. small caliber prefered, nice. i already have a .45 caliber that i barely shoot because ammo is pricy and its like smashing a souffle with a sledgehammer. (mutant league football referance gimme prop points)
  2. trust me i wish there was a government agency who could solve this for me. and i agree with most of you, i should not be spreading my seed lol. im not exactly the most productive member of society, like any of you PBR addicted hipsters are. i havent heard anything about it lately. hoping this just blows over. im staying indoors for the most part now and focusing on my "disregard females aquire currency" mission.
  3. you sound like a fucking pansy. haha damn MOOGLE, pullin my card!! but you are right, this is not the first time its happened. i have already gotten one girl preggerz twice. and i did bust nut in a chick last year and have the worries. but this is the first time i might not have control over the outcome. and i did post fuckin pics. god damn you people are hard to please.
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