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  1. Ooopoh see the topic was supposed to say I used to come here after eating AMBIEN but beings was ambiemed up I made a spelling error
  2. being I just consumed multiple, I thought well why not make another on so here it is....not really sure if I have any topics. Oh yeah I had an accident and the doctor gave me some painkillers that seemed to work...he wants me To research them before he'll prescribe. So between Vicodin and Percocet which one should I put forward for our next appt? Ok I am aware of the no drug talk in here....sometimes they let it slide...but really with he state of channel zero it would be like honouring the rule of not talking in the movies when your the only 2 in the theatre. Thanks for your time. Regards, AnUpsetSTomach Ps- does anyone want my Instagram username?
  3. ^ fair enough. Tipping isnt really in our culture, some service employees are not allowed to accept tips.
  4. Aa a foreigner going to the US I never know how much to tip. I found an article through google that said just double the tax is this about right? Can people also give a few words on their personal tipping habbits? Thanks.
  5. What are some things your need in your you n eed to be happy? (money excluded) All I need in life is 1- To not have to use an alarm clock to wake up- having to wake up early on somebody else's terms is extremely painful for me, especially pulling back those sheets on a cold winters morning (i've actually had thoughts where I wish I could die because I could sleep in a warm coffin for eternity) 2- To wear what the fuck I want- I cant express how much I hate ironing business shirts/pants and how uncomfortable crappy work shoes are. Its a hot day just let me wear a tshirt, some shorts and some trainers. In all honesty i've turned down some higher paying positions because their incredibly strict dress conditions. Thats all I can think of right now because of how much theyre bothering me. I'm curious though what are some things you need? Do you have them?
  6. I could go on all day about how this woman has been continuing to piss me off for years, but thats just mad homo. What i'll do instead is tell you that after many years on this planet I know which female traits i'm going to avoid from now on: 1- Food issues: Anorexia, bullemia, or food addictions. They dont share food in resturaunts, and their weight is constantly up and down. (in the end the up ALWAYS wins) 2- Daddy issues: They didnt have control growning up and will want to control the hell out of you, and every situation (stay away ESPECIALLY if you're an alpha male with a dominant personality) 3-The Victim: My god! Stay away from these like an email from a nigerian asking for your bank details. No matter what happens they have mental mechanisms in place to genuinely convince themselves they've been hard done by, they never admit they should change what their doing. They will remember how in 2007 you showed up 28 minutes late to pick them up, and how you on your anniversary you checked a text during dinner. Conveniently they NEVER remember the good things youve done for them over the years because in doing so they cant be the victim can they? They failed school because the classes were a joke not because they didnt study, they put on weight due to a genetic thyroid condition not because of a garbage diet. Feel free to Umad.jpg and CheerUpEmoKid.jpg Seriously though what other traits have I missed? what should I look out for?
  7. Well the years almost over. This thread is for me to reminisce on my most memorable periods of channel zero. Members: TEASE: Channel zeros class clown. The poor guy started a thread asking for advice on a stereo system for his car, he mentioned he already had amps but wanted advice about subs and decks. Channel zero being the assholes they are posted pages upon pages of pictures/info on amps, not only in that thread but every consequent thread he made, even his posts in other threads were quoted and replied with more amp related information. This went on for over a year. GLIK0: The Bully He loved to tell you about how tough he was and how much money he made. And loved pulling peoples cards. Haha he was a cool/smart guy though and I enoyed his posts. EL MAM & PMB: Comedy You all know the stories of mams dad. And how PMB would "Approve" threads. These dudes were SO passionate to the point that when they reached 5000 posts (that was a big deal in 2003/2004) they both created websites to celebrate the occasion. Loads of photos and stories. I guess when you hit 30 the desire to share "off topic" conversation with writers fades somewhat. On the topic of channel zero memories does anyone remember in 2005 when the place became overly intimate? There was 2 threads running one "Post your graff" people started with snippets then stopped caring and blatently posted the whole thing with links to their myspace pages (hahah myspace). Then there was the "I want to see you" thread where people were posting blurred photos of their faces, and yet again they stopped caring and posting their whole faces. Lots of people were put down, many were jocked, the women were all hit on by lonely creeps PM'ing them for "e-bonding". That shit would NEVER go down now. Good times. Can anyone think of anything else that stood out? Please share. Or alternatively ruin the last 12 minutes of my life with irrelevant youtube links, pictures with captions, or off topic comments....Its all part of the wonders of this place.
  8. Really pulled off the half throwie-half straight letter style. Love it.
  9. I'm really not a morning person. It takes me a good 10 hours to be fully awake usually (4-5pm) and unfortunately the majority of the working world doesnt operate that way. I wake up by drinking strong black coffee, doing some pushups to get my blood pumping, then a cold shower, then maybe a sugar free redbull on the way out. This reduces my tiredness by a little but i'll be back in that state in about an hour. Nothing works as good as 2 adderall (dexamphetamine for aussies) though but you cant really make that a habbit, plus they go for $3 a pop now and it would get expensive. If you suggest coke, please be aware its $350-400 a gram here and i'm not about a drug habbit. Anyway, the point of this thread is for my fellow non morning people. How do you wake up in the morning?
  10. Didnt dash snow get liver failure at 23? Looks like AB's headed down the same path. The only problem I have with these things is the sugar content. I dont like the sickley sweet taste and feeling i get after too much sugar.
  11. Is this the same ALERT that used to have beef with AEON a few years ago?
  12. Dont put yourself in a position where your girlfriend uses sex to control you or as a bagaining tool.
  13. If your in a store and want to purchase something wait 24 hours and see if you still want it. 9 times out of 10 i dont care enough to go back. collecting shit is stupid. money wasted and clutter generated.
  14. -excersize. lift weights/run etc. key to great health and adding a bounce to your step. -Get a fog free shaving mirror for your shower (you can brush your teeth in the shower while your at it. -eat healthy dont worry about the cost because you'll only end up spending more on the medical bills when your older -If your losing your hair, rogaine will only slow down the process, but act quick because it wont really regrow it (re-growth will be minimal) -dont procrastinate your applications by giving people stupid life lessons.
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