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Everything posted by NightmareOnElmStreet

  1. Yo fridge game sad bruh. Ain’t you got a niece or uncle or some random magnet to put up dog?? Anything?!? Lolol
  2. I got a Thai massage by some hippy white lady today and it was pretty awesome. Been adamantly against massages of any type for as long as I can remember but I’m getting old and super down bad in the bones and nerves and all of that department. Don’t stretch enough. Always junk. Caved after seeing some video on ig and I’m stoked I went. Any y’all ever got a massage ??
  3. Dear everything, Better fuckin work out, frfr. Brotha needs peace of mind. And a mf’n hot tub. Word! - Noesy Dangles
  4. Miss that fool. Such a solid dude. Rip the homie Arcader. Need to throw him up more often.
  5. Mans with the exterior fridge spice rack wtf!!? Lol I’ve never seen that before. Not sure how I feel about it but seems legit!!! I’m back and forth with putting something on my wall I just had paper’d for a stupid amount of money not long ago. Shits up high above my stove and I’m always knocking shit around in a frenzy trying to find what I’m looking for.
  6. And I’m still ranking fine but now my shit looks like trash and the phone isn’t ringing. I need more reach out of area too.
  7. I don’t have a contract with these dudes no. But they’re definitely gonna take shit down if I pull out. Just trying to figure out if I can get anything outta what’s there lol. Idek if that makes any sense but it’s definitely on the table for decision cause my leads have been shot.
  8. Not even sure it’s code but just random language but I know there are tabs on the new site for basically every individual area. And it’s not doing shit because it looks like ass. If I cancel then I know all of that goes away. Just wondering what my next move is and if it’s possible to kinda copy/paste that shit onto my old site somehow lol.
  9. I want my old site restored at this point and to be done with this company.
  10. A few months ago I finally caved to all my contractor homies and went with a company to take over my existing website and run seo. I don’t know shit about it. Was told it takes a couple months to gain traffic /leads. Understandable. Went with a place for 525 a month which I’m told was very fair. My conditions were explicit in them not trashing my custom site into some whack generic looking garbage. They did exactly that and I have t gotten any leads in months barely. Now I was already ranking locally organically top 3 and I guess I am still with these idiots but the site looks like shit and I’m convinced it’s the sole reason. All dude I’ve been working with ever has to say when I call and bitch is “I’ve done and been doing all this stuff on the back end” like they all say. Is there a way to steal all the code they’ve put into the site currently, and take it back to my old site with someone else ?? Are there certain questions I should be coming at these fools with in response to all “the back end” stuff??
  11. The top three can read one thing and somehow lenders are always coming up with different numbers. I fucking hate credit.
  12. I find the scores we think we have are never fucking accurate anyways. I pay for experian alert supposed to be the top place to keep tabs on that type of shit. Then when you go try to get loans people are like naw b. You’re trash lol.
  13. Odd thread bump but word yeah I do alright out here in these streets.
  14. Tf are y’all talking about? Savings accounts at affirm? Never heard of such a thing! I have used it a couple times to buy shit I didn’t feel like paying for outright. Like my stupid carhart seat covers lol. Am I slippin?!
  15. For all of my interracial relationship homies. The conversations been huge lately (mostly amongst the blacks lol and stepping outside, but really just in general a huge topic) it pisses me off that it’s such a thing but not half as much as it used to. Most mixed folks end up keeping the party going I’ve found. And ain’t shit wrong with dipping your toes into other candies so long as you’re truly into it and not some psycho trying to take hold of another race lololol. (They exist) Anyways I thought ot was pretty good. Hard to imagine Jonah hill and Lauren London but it actually worked on screen.
  16. Though I’m not exactly there at this moment. My life is definitely not super enjoyable. That said. I’m feeling the vibes for sure dog. It’s funny how things on my end look and feel kinda positive but underneath it all I’ve never been so stressed and disconnected. Too tired to hit the bars. Too stressed to have fun? Should be damn grateful for everything but a mf is just struggling lololol.
  17. I need a desperately need a hot tub.
  18. How’s everybody doing? Stupid extra busy and stressed out down here in my neck of the woods. Choo choo train noise keep it going try try try or whatever. Eyeroll.
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