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  1. I resent this comment lol. And @mr.yuckwtf kind of struggle life pasta makin ass night you havin over there son…?! Butter noodles and broccoli….! I know you ball harder than this son. Come on breh.
  2. @One Man Bannedi have finally had enough to remember to ask you why in the hell your pies never run together. Lol you are king of most random fragmented pies posting.
  3. Dead ass the most fire ice cream ever.
  4. Can’t really hang with that wild tip top gun smile shit. You ever know a bitch who just had a face like that all the time…? I knew one once. Was weird. Would you smash a pregnant chick that wasn’t your pregnant chick? Tuff call but maybe. The rest of those birds are all t’s.
  5. Wife swapping. Great topic for a discussion actually. Would you? Have you? Discuss, Lolol!
  6. Bonus kind of perveract but kinda weird cause even though work out jegging chick was hot her body was so thin it made a nigga uncomfortable just lookin at her. I was truly happy to see her hitting the bbq truck Lolol.
  7. This was dead ass the most fire thing I have tasted in a long time. Brisket Mac n cheese egg roll off some bbq food truck. I knew it was going to be interesting based on the fact it was manned by a little old ass Asian lady. Never seen that one before. Had to pull up.
  8. SON! Ima need a dry ice housewarming delivery of ALLLLL that shit pickles and bird game included son! Lol shit looks fire!
  9. YeooooOOOO. It’s been a whole lot of things lol. Definitely some excitement in there somewhere. Just settling in now. Buying a house is a next level trip.
  10. Sometimes they be acting up. My old dog never did no shit like that but for damn sure witnessed countless homies go through the trenches with theirs. Seatbelts, (Audi seatbelts), fuckin fancy comforters, shoes, you name it! These 2 particular folks ended up getting raided on and they had to take that jold your own depending on where you are thing.
  11. Definitely a forever trend. My apartment is that color right now.
  12. River swims aye. I’m not above a good river swim. In fact, I’ve swam in some of the grossest ones I know. Your River is probably not gross at all though. Overall I’m a salt water guy but these sharks got me fucked up now days. Fresh water for me.
  13. Fairly certain I’ve asked before but wtf kind of car is this again??
  14. Bein busy as balls is the worst. All for good cause though. CraZy part is I went to the fuckin beach like 3 times all summer. Any of y’all got that goin on??
  15. Sometimes you gotta get into that fire diner breakfast, b.
  16. To be crystal clear. I mean no disrespect or insult to anyone who chooses to vaccinate or believes in covid like evangelical Christians believe in da jeesoos. Do y’all thing. Sorry rip to the peoples dyin.
  17. Hey dawgs. Covid talk spinning around in my general discussion thread. Figured I’d pop in over here to see where everybody’s at on this shit. And I say shit with authority because that’s what I think it is. Definitely not reading all the last few pages. What. The. Fuck. Is happening out in these streets man…..? Niggas don’t know anything anymore. The amount of contradictory back and forth add this booster add that one you can’t get it you can get it still is fucking out of control. Is there no cdc statement for basic ass people to read and chill out or are we just out here sheepin around making single file lines to the vaccine shot man just because.
  18. They are so close to making us present little vaccine cards everywhere you want to go. The sheer sheepery of that idea scares tf out of me.
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