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  1. Holy hell. Hope everyone’s alright out there. It really helps/means a lot to dudes deep in the dark, be it on the edge or leaning, for people just to simply say they’re there and want to hang out. A simple suggestion like that can sometimes mean the difference between major choices.
  2. You know what’s nonsense. Paying 13 dollars for a bacon egg cheese and a coffee at the local cafe. I know things are up across the board but fuckin hell.
  3. Wow. Reckon I’m gonna need to hit the playback button and watch this fight.
  4. Lol at myself. Nothing wrong with chick ran true crime shows I just don’t hang out over there typically.
  5. I don’t listen to a single women ran true crime show. All my shits dudes. LPOTL. Sword and scale (despite all the pc controversy) . Wondery?
  6. This is some for real ass nosferatu shit. Wtf is going on with this bitch?
  7. Watching this type of shit play out on social media is so hilarious.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ch4ngoQI-OL/?igshid=YzA2ZDJiZGQ=
  9. These truly are dope! Curious if you sell your work in galleries or if it’s purely hobby based?
  10. Eerily specific, my g. Lol. I vote roadkill. Or multiples of said roadkills.
  11. Also, welcome to the forum @Garethm
  12. Holy shit, man. Big props and respect for having the time, patience, and most of all creativity to land on the mark with that type of art. I know all of not a single person who does it. Seen a guy or two over the years that enjoys building out model abandoned buildings but never with the actual figurines and definitely not on this level of detail. Is that just a random hobby you picked up or have you been into other forms of sculpting for a long time?
  13. Woooooo chyld. Seems like we’re in very close boats. The court system when it’s comes to shit like that is fuckin broken amongst every other way. Kids should automatically go to the most stable but the wokeness of gender only goes so far. Stops at the courts unfortunately b. I gave up trippin about it for the most part but it still pisses me off on occasion.
  14. Seems like a million lifetimes away for me and my kid but if there’s anything I’ve learned over the last near to be 8 years….that shit moves fuckin QUICK son. Blink of an eye shit. Especially when you’re kind of a depressed weirdo. You miss a lot quickly even if you’re right there the whole time….
  15. Holy hell @SMdoubleXLthats trippy. Does she still live in the burg round you or dice moved?
  16. Yooooooo lololol. That dog shit is real though. Mf's always doing the most with that line. Chicks and dudes alike. Im a dog mom or dad........
  17. 100% accurate. I have several lesser thans that are homies or family who always like to chime in on parenting or having kids talks and all I really wanna do is shout out STFU. Ol might see a kid once a month ass bullshit parenting. The worst are the ones I know who live in the same damn town as their kids and still don’t see them. But talk like they do. Man I hate these niggas. Lol. I live 45/50 minutes away from my kids mom and still have her 3 nights a week.
  18. I think my shit was/is stuck on searching within dr. jekyl and mr. hyde group. Mod card revoked facepalmOner.
  19. Anyone remember the name of that thread @misteravenhad going that explained the origins of the forum?? Did dream this up or?? Had a kid ask me about said origins and told him i'd pm a link but can't find shit. Tried searching every variation but i must be way off the mark cause nothing comes up. Such a great mod. lol.
  20. @fat ralphy your house situation has a colorful yet pretty awesome past. i feel for your homie though man, thats a bummer. How close into the city are you located? i imagine same with up in boston or even my own shit around pvd the values sprawl way outside the city.
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