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  1. No att issues over here I’m t hoe-bil but I do keep hearing about that shit. My tv on the other hand has a mind of its own and has been total trash with dropping connection pretty much since I got it a year ago. Sony google tv I think. Never again will I get something like that off Amazon cause the return situation is a bitch for the size and effort. Yo thanks @fat ralphyim going to look into that.
  2. I forgot all about blue cheese. Quit bein a hoe and join the contestant ranks since you know so much about salads and rabbit food I’m sure you could bust a solid veggie setup dog.
  3. Staring at all this new wet crete on the sidewalk outside the bar really suffering the debate mind on picking up a rock and catching that hand you know will run maybe 50+ years.
  4. Saucy ribbles. I can dig it. Dry rub g mostly over here.
  5. Woulda definitely leveled right on up with a slight melt on the havarti, griddle on the bun or some shit, not much you can sauce add with bbq chicken so maybe even some kind of cream vinegar slaw situation as opposed to the lt and tmt but I see you with the salad dressing s&p on the tomato son.
  6. The entire topic of life insurance should be a good solid discussion. I need some of that shit frfr. Not sure though. But I think so. Who do all my real dads out here use if any?
  7. Should definitely do another run of the username joints though, my shits fading.
  8. Sounds better than the one I’m reading tbh lol.
  9. Idk there are tons of videos out there of dudes that don’t suck at ribs going straight skin on or just scoring the back which definitely lets seasoning in. Personally I haven’t removed it entirely in a while and don’t think it’s very important especially if you’re seasoning right and wrapping shit with the sauce flex. I will remove it next go and shoot my own video.
  10. I used to do a lot of reading in the existentialism department especially Camus. Never really thought of that shit aligning with stoicism so that’s pretty interesting. Did you ever end up reading the stranger? That’s one of my all time favorite books period not just philosophy. Also “A happy death” & “The Rebel”. I’ve heard a lot on stoicism over the last couple of years though. I lack serious discipline in my life I think. Would be something to look into for sure. Also lmk what you think of that meditations book that shit keeps popping up everywhere in my daily too. Just tonight even as I was watching that new Paul giamatti movie.
  11. This surprises the shit out of me dog. The skin imo doesn’t need to come off if you score it up diamond shape style with a real good knife. A dull butter knife makes for pretty quick removal though shits easy.
  12. Been going down over here. Negl. Killed the game on my year later second pork shoulder cook. A lot was done differently this time around and entirely different size cut of meat. IMG_5856.mov IMG_5874.mov
  13. Also. This ninja ain’t going to jail for damn sure. Anyone who thinks so is buggin.
  14. I knew there would be talk over here. I just came by to laugh out loud at the fact headlines everywhere are guilty on felonies but this guys still possibly going to win. Idgaf really but man this country is so fuckin ass backwards it’s hilarious.
  15. So general discussion consensus points to fuck dna tests. Probably won’t do it. But I just wanted that 1/2% Italian so bad 🤣
  16. I mean…I can’t see anything you have going on there but I’m sure it was all delicious🤣. My buddy owns a bar restaurant up the street and does all his shit on electric smokers. Doesn’t taste half bad or any different then what I get off the pellet imo. I think it’s all what you are doing for prep end of day. If you have trash seasoning game and a 1500 smoker vs some rinka dink nonsense setup and a trash seasoning game it’s gonna hit the same probably. If you have top notch seasoning game it’s gonna be the same deal but not bad I mean.
  17. Random not so random but how many of yall have done that dna test shit and would you or why haven’t you?? I got no reason to be on any soapbox tinfoil hat shit about it really but I kinda am. Highly fucking doubt it matters. We are all fucked anyways somehow some way what’s a blood test?? Maybe? Idk. Thoughts??
  18. For suuuure. But they all were. It’s a weird complicated obsession we have with these tv goons or any of the irl shit end of the day. I’m not Italian at all either but it’s always love even if they don’t love back lololol. I swear to god though one day if I start not giving a fuck more I’m doing that dna test shit and I’ll put money down says I’m in the zone. Pretty sure it’s in my blood somewhere I hope🤣
  19. When you put it that way………🤣🤣 kinda sick score actually.
  20. Unfortunately I’m sure it’s a couple off here doing it wrong but hey. To each their own. Me on the other hand. My kids are getting as much blend of hood and luxury as I can possibly provide lol. Mostly privilege and luxury 😒. But sugar coaty shelter bullshit ain’t never been around fuck that.
  21. Mostly a win because she said it was fun tricking people but not really being mean about it was nice🤣🤣.
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