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Everything posted by NightmareOnElmStreet

  1. Lol. This seltzer thing has gotten out of control.
  2. It was code for drunk on the couch trying to keep my vision from going dark and spilling beers all over the couch.
  3. Spectacular content addition. Really great smash or trashin's. That said. Trash both.
  4. My life feels like a delta blues record atm. I am neither happy, nor upset about it.
  5. At the beginning of your inquiry I was lol'ing. Now i'm not so sure since I know your irl situation. Tf breh. Although, I will say this. I'm a huge advocate of not hyper sexualizing our fucking kids like the rest of society wants to do. Just this passed weekend me and some homies were out to some b&b and they got a couple chirrens the same age range 4/6. There was a jaccuzi tub in the master and the kids wanted to ham it up together. When i was little it was totally fuckin normal to take a tub with other kids from family and friends with both genders and it didn't raise a fuckin eyebrow. T
  6. That spot looks so rad @SMdoubleXL. The coffin spot and the layup. Looks like the kind of place you can really post up with a beer and some paint. Might have to visit.
  7. smh. i know a lot of my 12oz bretherens use droids. i actually couldnt tell you why they suck outside of societal judgeyness lol. nuttin wrong with that! fancy bread and bucha are whats up!
  8. What if you cash out after making a substantial profit knowing it's going way down then just buy the same amount all over again.....? Financial retardation, or smart and risky lol?
  9. My b. Went on a out of town bender. Just snapping back into reality lol. Big recommended. One of those kinda long lots of nothing but FUCKIN BINGO BANGO, money shot lol! Check it out yo.
  10. never gonna happen i reckon. he gon like too many others.
  11. Just when i was beginning to regret not supporting Donald Trump lol..........
  12. And also. Above The Rim. Which to my knowledge is slightly out of your age range bruh lol. Thats whatsup though! Gahd bless tha ded! RIP BIG BERNIE MAC DAWG and PAC! How weird is it that 2pac killed Bernie with violence but he died first irl by violence and Bernie died of natural causes.
  13. Most illusive even after death. True legend and a huge inspiration. As for the news being a sham I think nah. He’s dead and it’s terrible. The man has the genius of wizards to remain in several different irl character studies spanning decades.
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