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  1. Chocolate rotty definitely a bit of a pure bred rarity. 1500 dollar dog for 500. Apparently the breeder lady had a buyer cancellation and their family is transitioning moving so she’s just trying to get rid of the last 2 pups. I’m not too keen on adoption agencies but I do like the idea of what you’re suggesting. I am busy as shit and just bought a new truck so those are basically the detergents but I know it would all work out fine in the end. Might not be the best time but ahhhh idk.
  2. I haven’t ever browsed around on there but I’ve noticed over the last couple of years it frequently pops up when google shopping browsing with the most random ass shit. Did Amazon buy these mf’s too?? Also I have that sleep record.
  3. Would you guys buy a puppy knowing full well it might not be the most sound idea in the right now for a multitude of reasons but you’re being given a fuckin hella sick deal and been putting off getting a new dog for way too fucking long…..? Dog for scale.
  4. ACTUALLY…..they’ve gone down substantially the last couple weeks as I have been doing daily regiments of push ups. According to my chad friend that doesn’t use salt or other seasonings on his food and goes to the gym daily, one can almost lose the gut and tittles with 35 push ups per day. Seems to be working. Took a few days to even get close to 35, well like I could get to 25 but for some reason 30 was a stretch lol. Definitely notice something happening. And you can basically eat or drink the way you want.
  5. At first thought I wanted to jumó off that big tall shit and then I saw the sharks. Nah.
  6. Sorry boys drunk fat and on one this Monday out here moderating when I should be moderateding my personal life.
  7. Had a lot going on this passed weekend. Still a bit hazy. Woof. Big work day Friday. New washer purchase and nearly committed suicides on myself. Weird ass bug infestation. Apparently they come around every so often in huge groups then just disappear. Yktfv. Party time with the Dominicans down the block. Niggas know how to peer pressure something fierce! IMG_1639.MOV Hit’em with the leftovers on a Sunday. Watering hole to cap it all off. Great weekend overall.
  8. Don’t think I’d let her beat me to death but id sacrifice something very important just to smash.
  9. Governess island one I went to. 07 or 8 I think. Shit was fuckin awesome. Doom and black moon were my highlights but there were some big deals on the headliner stats.
  10. Power washer. New used. Works ok. Cool.
  11. Right about this time last year yep. Got bike. Took bike course. Never rode bike.
  12. Had written a lengthy response but it somehow disappeared and now all I got is “fuckin a.”
  13. Doesn’t one have to automatically rank rza #1 since he’s not only a dope rapper but also the best conductor annnd creator? Idk I’m not versed enough in all the different avenues to give any real input. Sure did go down the rabbit hole back to back watching all the recent shows and docuseries!
  14. A whole shit load of things that are millions on millions of dollars aren’t worth said millions. ESPECIALLY a car. But hey whatrygonnado? People are always going to be slaves to the price tags.
  15. Weekend in a nutshell. Finally picked up my bike from parking lot abandonment. Major sidewalk find. Proceeded to sanding and polishing. Scored highly overrated pizza. Was disappoint. Others go crazy for this shit. (it’s like bootleg pop up “Detroit style” pizza but “Big Mac” version idfk. Shit was 40$ trash. Fam friends cookout. perved late night
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