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Everything posted by NightmareOnElmStreet

  1. It’s hilarious. They all were from that time frame.
  2. There’s a back forth about ass eating in the random thoughts thread. Pretty random considering I was just finally getting around to watching the 2 girls 1 cup video. Literally right before this moment. I guess it’s one of those things you’ve maybe seen clips of or heard so much about, it actually feels like you’re on the team but in reality are not. I’m this way with that stupid Serbian film shit. I have literally seen every shock value movie in the same running but never that one because of the reason I just said lol. ANYWAYS so yeah someone in one of my group chats posted this meme and I got to wondering if those were the actually broads in the video. One google search led me down a rabbit hole which eventually spit me out right on the original videos door and lemme just tell ya what…..fuck that fucking video. Here is said meme, it’s not even funny or went over my head but again I repeat. Fuck that fucking video. Holy shit balls.
  3. I am not down with this ass eating trend of the last 5 years. You weirdos can hold all that! Lolol
  4. @KILZ FILLZdamn fam. Gotta be a mod hack to go back in time and stay on target for your notifications to stay lit lol!
  5. Many, many, times. tpbm is team cat
  6. Never even got to use this fuckin thing before sending it back to hell where it came from.
  7. I’m not quite outta the woods in this one. I have friends and family on the other side of the fence whom I love and appreciate. That said, I could definitely be a little less ignorant on using the language, if you could even call it that…. @One Man Bannedbrought this up to my attention a while back in regards to saying that type is of shit around here and I respected the concern enough to actually cut it out lol. It’s unnecessary outside of your own private circle. ANYWAYYYS. S/o to screeching weasel! @nicklesndimes And not sure if actual photoshop or real on that cope 2 rainbow fill.
  8. Sitting in silence and darkness in bed wondering what the mother fuck is crawling around in my attic.
  9. Can’t forget biggie shorty. aka one of the funniest people ever, Wanda Sykes!
  10. Here are some folks I truly admire.
  11. Would absolutely destroy Sandra Bullocks box.
  12. I repeat. Fall River is the Florida of the north.
  13. Mehhh false. tpbm drinks their coffee black.
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