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  1. metronome


    That is a heck of a build! Gorgeous bike.
  2. can you translate that for us ?
  3. When do we start seeing AI graffiti
  4. So I ended up going with a Kirin. It's outlined, sitting again next week. I'll post some progress pics.
  5. AWPs are whack. I have to work at heights occasionally and I don't love it lemme tell you. I can't lean on a balcony railing either when its up past a few stories.
  6. All pretty good shouts in this thread so far! Irrational fear of mine is super deep water, ie: the ocean. Rational fear of mine would be family related and not being able to provide for my kids.
  7. metronome


    Indeed. Very snazzy tech on this bike. Very over the top for cruising my kids around.
  8. I have heard that Albania bangs and is still on the cheap, like Croatia used to be.
  9. Just started this
  10. Are you guys okay down there?
  11. I just read that Neil Blomkamp (District 9) is the guy who made Gran Turismo so I have some faith its going to be awesome here.
  12. If you liked Neuromancer I suggest Snow Crash by Stephenson.
  13. Show up with a bunch of 20 pc McNugget boxes
  14. With how popular Drive to Survive made F1 in North America this makes a lot of sense imo. Also there is like 15 F&F movies, the people like them some vroom vroom.
  15. Nah. The analog stuff is genuinely funner/cooler. This shift to AI generated "art" and music is not my jam at all.
  16. I'd feel bad for boomers except they're the ones responsible for gutting social aid and assistances that would have helped them retire reasonably. That and they're also responsible for their children being the first generation worse off than their parents in a not insignificant amount of time.
  17. Whoa! Chin rock thread is leakin.
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