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  1. Thanks for getting back to me, and yeah, not surprised. It's been a trend for years that platform creators fill the screen full of panels, widgets and switches, inevitably crowding the actual content out. Sorry to be a noob, but how do you collapse the stuff on the left? I can't seem to find the button that does that.
  2. @misteraven ^^^^ Keen to keep on posting graf pics in brickslayers, but not if it's going to be a waste of time.
  3. @misteraven This thread isn't the right place, but there's a connection and I know that you'll be interested in this as it involves how media narratives are manufactured and the agenda for public communications are set. Here is a "Washington insider" putting his name to how crowds are inflated and manipulated and how the media narrative is set, by attacking the media itself:
  4. IF I was looking into this, the first place I'd start is the obvious explanations: What is the societal average for suicide in the US? What is the societal average for suicide in DC? What is the social average for suicide by cops US/DC? What is the suicidal average for returned service men ? What is the suicidal average for cops with PTSD? etc. etc. Match with the rate of cops that were at the Capital on Jan 6 and see if it fits any known patterns. If it does not, move on to the next question about whether the national spotlight on their actions might be a contributing factor - feelings of betrayal from political system (surveys of living cops from Jan 6 would be the starting point, etc.). IF there's no matching trend here, move on to the next explanation. Develop a theory, starting with the most obvious explanation and do what you can to disprove it. Once you arrive at a theory you can't disprove, that is the working theory until disproved. Jumping to sensational and hugely consequential explanations right at the jump can have you easily manipulated and believing almost anything. Think systematically and critically.
  5. This reply is mostly for @misteravenand based on the first post (haven't read any further) but will hopefully be of use to others as well. There are a few 'facts' around conspiracy theories: - Humans crave clarity. When we are uncertain about things we can't make informed decisions on how we should react. Thus, we crave answers - In times of crisis (which commercial media loves to promote to grab your attention), we seek answers more than usual, because time frames for making decisions have been shrunk and the consequences of our decisions can greatly impact our own survival (think about how bad you want to know your enemy's position in a firefight and the consequences of making a bad decision) - Conspiracy theories most often involve a villain, and that means there is most often some one who will benefit out of you believing it We like to believe in conspiracy theories because: - They provide the believer with clarity or answers - They appeal to our narcissistic tendencies - we are able to defeat the people trying to fool us ("those people" are often framed as having access to vast resources and having nefarious intent) - They make the world a more interesting and dramatic place - They provide community and belonging - this is a pretty big deal in the internet age. Previously those who bought into flat earth/no moon landing/JFK/etc. would be isolated among many who didn't believe. But with the internet and social media, believers can get in touch, provide nurture and encouragement as well as organise and 'defend against' those vast forces who are trying to rule the world and whatever Conspiracy theories often have common elements: - They are nebulous and vague but centered around a couple of facts which act to make the whole story believable - They can rarely, if ever be disproved - indeed, trying to disprove them often acts to only entrench belief - All new facts can be retro-fitted to suit the narrative - There are always plausible alternative explanations This is not to say conspiracies don't happen, the Church Committee, the Suez Canal Crisis, Iraq WMD all prove that beyond doubt. But the internet makes concocting conspiracies easy (just read through the relevant sections of Reddit and 8Chan/Kun to watch people do it in real time), and it has become very politically useful to to harness the broad conspiracy communities out there (Qanon, ANTIFA, Anti-Vaxxers). Add this to the constant crisis we seem to be living in and you can see the fertile ground that exists. Case in point - Bill Gates has vast resources, one arm of a non-profit he's connected to is working on a medical micro-chip, another fund he has does vaccines in Africa. There's your elements of truth, now you retro-fit a story to link them together - mega-rich villain is developing microchip for vaccines to control you - and you have your text book case of a modern conspiracy theory. Always ask yourself - are there plausible alternative explanations? Have there been similar rumours about other people before? Who stands to gain out of me believing this? Hope that helps as a bit of a template to sift through the mountains of dis/information that get piled on us every day.
  6. Sorry it took me so long to respond, busy days. I do almost all of my browsing on laptops and desktops. So the below comments should be read in that context. You can see in the attached image, having the stats section on the right compresses the middle section, where we post pics and responses to discussions. Previously, that middle field took up two thirds of the page. When browsing pics of graf, all you had to do was scroll, because the images took up two thirds of your screen. You could see all the detail and 'full glory' of the pics without having to open each one individually. Now, the pics are compressed and small. To properly appreciate them you must open each one individually - the website seems to be configured for phones, much the way instagram is. Coming here to get an eyeful of cool pics has become more complicated for no actual gain. I would argue that the stats section on the right hand side is of little value to anyone and really only detracts from one of the core elements of this website; sharing pics of graf. Cheers!
  7. Canberra Pics aren't working, hang on. Going to have to log in from phone.
  8. @misteravenI just saw this thread and thanks for the mention but I don't get involved in the forum as much as I used to and wouldn't be much help. But I do want to raise something with you and wasn't sure where else to do it. The new layout makes looking at pics a pain in the arse. I still come here for the graf and have been taking pics and sketching with the intent of posting in Brick Slayers and Paper Chase. However, this new layout, which includes the stats bar on the right (replies, created, last reply, etc.) squeezes the actual forum content, including pics to be so small, I might as well just make jump to insta. I don't see the use of that stats bar on the right, the info is pretty irrelevant to most people and all it does is create a lot of dead space on the page when you scroll down, and makes the actual content less pleasing to view. I stayed on 12 because I could fill my screen with the pics, which are the reason I first came to this place. Now, this forum is no different to Insta for my uses, which I feel is a great pity because I can't understand what has been gained by choosing this page layout. I hope that you are able to remove that stat bar on the right and expand the content field to optimise the visual aspect, and what I believe is the core of this website.
  9. Yep! And it's a real wild card as to how that's going to play out.
  10. Popping through, wondering how this thread was going. Wasn't let down! Raven - the short version of it is that this is the same for all of the claims since Nov 2020, heaps of accusations and claims, but no reliable evidence to back them up. People will parade a bunch of stuff out to protest that they have evidence, but if you dig into it, there is nothing close to a 'smoking gun' or anything where you could actually charge some one with a crime. There are a lot people working hard to try and find proof, because they desperately want it to be true, but they've come up with nothing real at this point. Enjoy.
  11. If the US has so many mentally disturbed folk, why y'all make it so easy for them to get guns and shoot everyone up?
  12. [insert profundity here] In lieu of the above, please refer to the default setting of "shit really does suck, right about now". That is my professional opinion, thank you. I accept cash and cryptocurrency only.
  13. I think the reason why most folk like me that avoid this place as much as I do these days is not related to establishmentism or anything ideological, they/we just got tired of tired internet arguments. I'm quick to add, though that the majority of the stuff you and I spoke about wasn't tired old arguments, I truly enjoy considering the myriad ways that ANCAP is flawed as I discuss policy with my state employed friends in my state-subsidised job, created to support the state. So, anyway, back to the reason why I'm passing through here today: 'Murica!
  14. Yeah, it's a chick doing aerobics for the Dept of Education (assume it's sent out to school kids that are at home due to pandemic). She was dancing to a song called Cool it Mr Hotshot, which is from Indonesia and was used as a bit of a protest song over there recently (not sure what for). The poetry of it all is really quite something. Myanmar is a place with a lot of sadness due to the many ethnic conflicts and the dictatorship of the military. I'd love to go there but I fear it would break my heart.
  15. Figured I'd respond to this whilst on my monthly walk by as well. Not from China, from Australia (and my name isn't Hua either. Other usernames I've had on here have been Walid Jumblatt, Christo, Donald Chump, etc. and neither am I the leader of the Druze, the son of god nor a caricature of the recently voted out President). I worked in China for 5 years, I went there to learn the language after doing an undergrad and honours that focused on China's strategic policies and was picked up by an organisation headquartered in Austin that you, DH might be familiar with. The family I have in China I married in to. I've been back in Australia for almost 10 years now, major part of my job focuses on China. In a nutshell, the most important thing for the Party is for them to retain power at all costs. Hence, no properly organised religion (which is why they smash Falun Gong and the underground churches as well as the BS they're doing to the Muslims in Xinjiang), no unions that aren't controlled by the Party and no actual political opposition. They just want everyone to shut up, be productive and go on about their lives under the 'national culture' that the Party dictates (put it this way, it's illegal to have threesome or group sex in China because it's 'not part of China's culture' as dictated by the CCP. They also are trying to push out Western influence, such as music, some sport and things like that, to keep Chinese culture 'pure'). They want to dictate all aspects of life, with the #1 priority of making sure nothing can challenge their control of the country. They get rich in their positions and they get to have the country that suits them best personally. They are truly cunts of people, for the large part. They basically don't give a shit what happens in other countries, as long as it doesn't undermine the interests of the Party. If another county's national interest intersects with their own, the want China's (read: the Party's) interests to be prioritised. they are exporting the tools of oppression in order to encourage more governments similar to theirs as they feel that will make the world safer for the Party. If they feel that a country is challenging the Party's interests - as they perceive Australia to be doing right now - they will intervene in that country's internal affairs in any way they choose to try and unduly influence that country. If they fail, as they have done with Australia, they will do all they can to punish that country, as they are trying and largely failing to do with Australia today. The CCP are up their with the North Korean leadership, the Russian, the Myanmarese and a couple of other countries in terms of bastardry. I would prefer to see a different China than one we have today. All countries have problems, the way my country treats asylum seekers is appalling, the way the elite have much greater power and access in the US is also terrible. But, there is little in the world that matches with the damage that the CCP causes to many lives the world over today.
  16. Straight up, this, IMO is cream. I'm coming back here every couple of weeks in hope that this thread has been updated. If graff could only ever take one style, this would be my choice.
  17. The military never stepped out of the picture. Under the constitution they still held a mandatory 25% of seats in the parliament and commanded all the security agencies. To change the constitution you needed over 75% of the vote in parliament. It was never an actual democracy and with the NLD sweeping the seats in the recent election, the military wasn't willing to risk allowing the groundswell to grow any greater. Hlaing was also supposed to retire a year ago and it seems like that he wasn't prepared for ASSK to wait him out. It will be interesting to see what kind of protest action, if any arises in broader society given the participation rate in the election and the huge turnout for the NLD.
  18. Hua Guofang


    Saw these and thought of you wankers. Enjoy: Fucking man-crush on this berserker. Dude has balls like supernovas.
  19. Its Ok D_Habz, as I said, this is the only thread I'm playing in for the News section and I'm just waiting on @lord_casekon coming back because he's capable of holding a simple conversation without personalising it or resorting to abuse. If he's done with the discussion, I'll be done too. But thanks for taking time out of your power-tripping on a dying forum to inquire.
  20. @Dark_Knight, it's actually very unfortunate that they have lost their voice, as it's likely an indication that most are retreating to safe ground rather than questioning their beliefs. The conspiracy that the election was stolen (and Qanon, pizzagate, birthirism, etc.) has created a community of shared grievance where a sense of loss will continue to fuel anger and drive behaviour. Below is how this community of disbelief has been created: First, you introduce a false idea, spreading it by every available means. Then, once people are talking about it, and some believe it, you cite its prevalence as evidence that it might be true— propaganda validates itself. ... Traditional conspiracy theories—claims about staged moon landings or silent mind control—tend to be grand and elaborate, sometimes comically so, weaving tangled narratives that purport to explain everything. The new conspiracism, by contrast, offers no proofs, evidence or theory. It “dispenses with the burden of explanation,” and it does not necessarily try to be convincing. Rather, it foments confusion, disorientation, cynicism and division. It levels accusations, observes which get traction, then uses their popularity to justify the claim that they might be true. It thus “substitutes social validation for scientific validation: If a lot of people are saying it, to use Trump’s signature phrase, then it is true enough.” ... If many people entertain a notion, it can be suggested it should be looked into because—who knows?—it might be true, it probably is true, and the theories that live on are the ones that are disprovable. ... Lies are thus self-validating, and there is no end to the hall of mirrors. If Congress’s “emergency audit” were to occur and find no fraud, Trump would claim that it, too, had been rigged. His supporters would repeat and amplify his claim, and this would be cited as evidence of its credibility. Wash, rinse, repeat. ... The new conspiracism has no interest in establishing the truth. “Its product is delegitimation.” The real message is that everyone who acknowledges Trump’s defeat is untrustworthy, unreliable and fraudulent: the media, the courts, the experts, the states, Congress, the Democrats and, for that matter, many Republicans. Taken from this piece here: https://www.persuasion.community/p/the-made-up-conspiracy
  21. https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.dcd.225330/gov.uscourts.dcd.225330.10.0_1.pdf In addition to being filed on behalf of Plaintiffs without standing and in the wrong court and with no effort to even serve their adversaries, the suit rests on a fundamental and obvious misreading of the Constitution. It would be risible were its target not so grave: the undermining of a democratic election for President of the United States.The Court will deny the Motion.
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