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  1. If the US has so many mentally disturbed folk, why y'all make it so easy for them to get guns and shoot everyone up?
  2. [insert profundity here] In lieu of the above, please refer to the default setting of "shit really does suck, right about now". That is my professional opinion, thank you. I accept cash and cryptocurrency only.
  3. I think the reason why most folk like me that avoid this place as much as I do these days is not related to establishmentism or anything ideological, they/we just got tired of tired internet arguments. I'm quick to add, though that the majority of the stuff you and I spoke about wasn't tired old arguments, I truly enjoy considering the myriad ways that ANCAP is flawed as I discuss policy with my state employed friends in my state-subsidised job, created to support the state. So, anyway, back to the reason why I'm passing through here today: 'Murica!
  4. Yeah, it's a chick doing aerobics for the Dept of Education (assume it's sent out to school kids that are at home due to pandemic). She was dancing to a song called Cool it Mr Hotshot, which is from Indonesia and was used as a bit of a protest song over there recently (not sure what for). The poetry of it all is really quite something. Myanmar is a place with a lot of sadness due to the many ethnic conflicts and the dictatorship of the military. I'd love to go there but I fear it would break my heart.
  5. Figured I'd respond to this whilst on my monthly walk by as well. Not from China, from Australia (and my name isn't Hua either. Other usernames I've had on here have been Walid Jumblatt, Christo, Donald Chump, etc. and neither am I the leader of the Druze, the son of god nor a caricature of the recently voted out President). I worked in China for 5 years, I went there to learn the language after doing an undergrad and honours that focused on China's strategic policies and was picked up by an organisation headquartered in Austin that you, DH might be familiar with.
  6. Straight up, this, IMO is cream. I'm coming back here every couple of weeks in hope that this thread has been updated. If graff could only ever take one style, this would be my choice.
  7. The military never stepped out of the picture. Under the constitution they still held a mandatory 25% of seats in the parliament and commanded all the security agencies. To change the constitution you needed over 75% of the vote in parliament. It was never an actual democracy and with the NLD sweeping the seats in the recent election, the military wasn't willing to risk allowing the groundswell to grow any greater. Hlaing was also supposed to retire a year ago and it seems like that he wasn't prepared for ASSK to wait him out. It will be interesting to see what kind of protest acti
  8. Hua Guofang


    Saw these and thought of you wankers. Enjoy: Fucking man-crush on this berserker. Dude has balls like supernovas.
  9. Its Ok D_Habz, as I said, this is the only thread I'm playing in for the News section and I'm just waiting on @lord_casekon coming back because he's capable of holding a simple conversation without personalising it or resorting to abuse. If he's done with the discussion, I'll be done too. But thanks for taking time out of your power-tripping on a dying forum to inquire.
  10. @Dark_Knight, it's actually very unfortunate that they have lost their voice, as it's likely an indication that most are retreating to safe ground rather than questioning their beliefs. The conspiracy that the election was stolen (and Qanon, pizzagate, birthirism, etc.) has created a community of shared grievance where a sense of loss will continue to fuel anger and drive behaviour. Below is how this community of disbelief has been created: First, you introduce a false idea, spreading it by every available means. Then, once people are talking about it, and some b
  11. https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.dcd.225330/gov.uscourts.dcd.225330.10.0_1.pdf In addition to being filed on behalf of Plaintiffs without standing and in the wrong court and with no effort to even serve their adversaries, the suit rests on a fundamental and obvious misreading of the Constitution. It would be risible were its target not so grave: the undermining of a democratic election for President of the United States.The Court will deny the Motion.
  12. “Not one of the Republican officeholders objecting to Biden's victory have objected to their own wins on the same day on the same ballots using the same election systems.”
  13. That last one looks more recent than 78. I would have put it around mid-80s or later, particularly due to the hand styles around it.
  14. Sorry, not meaning to point at anyone in particular here as rubes, that wasn't my intent. I was just trying to point out how fertile a ground democratic society has become - in many ways thanks to our own politicians and media - for anyone looking to pit us against ourselves. @misteravenhas been discussing this threat for many years on this website. I'm unsure if this was the precise threat and outcome which he was referring to, but he was at least on the right track, if not completely on the money.
  15. Yep, saw that one too. Anyone who still believes that the opinion sections - at least - of these two news organisations are anything else than outlets for propaganda and disinformation are consciously deciding to exist in the realms of faith and fantasy rather than reason and fact. Haven't gone onto Parler, have been meaning to but expect that site to be a snake pit of malware and data capture. Drop me that handle that does screen grabs, could you, please? It is a real pity that we retreat into ideological safe spaces like that. I'm sure the 'liberal' crowd have somethi
  16. Ebola is nowhere near as easily transmitted as CV19. It has a much higher morbidity rate but is much more difficult to catch. Trump did not shut the border to China, he only stopped Chinese people from entering the US. Americans coming from China could still enter the US without testing or quarantining. Stopping Chinese from entering the US was for political theatre, rather than an effective response to a novel virus. The bottom line is that just like many other leaders, Trump politicised the response to this threat, and that is a big reason why the US, the UK, Brazil
  17. @lord_casek Wondering if you've seen this. It's Newsmax back-pedalling like fuck on all the claims they've been airing about Dominion, Smartech, Chavez, George Sorros and all the other unsubstantiated accusations they've been airing the past two months. This is what it looks like when people realise that freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences. You start making bullshit claims about serious shit, you're likely to land in serious shit. Seems like Newsmax aint up for it. Wonder of old buddy Ron Watkins is considering his options at the moment,
  18. You're partially repeating what I've already said myself. I don't think I'm gloating, even in the slightest: From up the page: Whilst I'm happy that Biden destroyed Trump in this election, and I'm not as anti-state* as you are, @MercerI certainly do feel like the US has just been through the shitter only to return to the status quo, which was responsible for giving us Trumpism in the first place. Biden may have come from a middle class background to work himself up to the presidency, however the system he represents is geared to supporting elite interest rather tha
  19. In all seriousness though, now that Kayliegh McEnany is about to be out of work, any chance she might do porn?
  20. Keen to hear where @lord_casekis on all of this. .
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