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  1. Haha drop the 12oz revolution bit. Im sharing a fucking TV show. It's just ways to save money, if you're not interested in that, why are you here? Dude you're beyond caught up in your own e-image. I don't even know who the fuck you are—or do you think you can just type shit to anyone on the internet and get an emotional reaction? There's no feelings here; no argument. I'm telling you how it is and you're choosing whether or not to read it. I caught the sarcasm, it was in poor taste. You want to get into a discussion so you can flex your intellectualism in front of some internet crowd AND you want to start beef with a kid so it takes up half a fucking page like any of you actually just did something, besides waste your time. ou need to pick one and drop the other; Logical coherant discussion, or waste of time internet ranting, "oh shit my pussy hurts, ha ha I think I made someone mad through the interweb I's so cool" fucking delusional bullshit. Here's my response the energy efficiency: On average it takes five years for a solar installation to pay for itself. As in from the time you install the panels, you no longer pay for electricity, and your electrical company is paying you. There's also numerous cheaper materials that can be used to collect solar energy, which are cheap enough for even the poorest parts of America. The recycling is obviously a tougher question, but the reality is the energy used in recycling on the entire grid is pretty fucking miniscule. We can burn it all, but we do to a large portion of it. Tokyo has a garbage furnace connected to numerous apartment complexes via a string of air pressurized tubes (think futurama). There's no trucks picking up garbage, and no garbage on the streets. That's just one example. Here's the "big picture" tho, since it seems hard for you to grasp. Like I said 75% of America's buildings in the next 20 years will be NEW buildings, or old buildings that have been rennovated. That just means we need to create more energy efficient designs. Houses right now overheat because windows facing south are too big. The walls and roof are made of shit and don't provide enough thermal density. Think of the size of skyscrapers and office buildings built with no idea of how to save energy. Ever seen a skyscraper in a hot city with glass for walls? What do you think they were thinking when they built that? They thought it looked pretty and had air conditioning, with a million dollar utility bill. Think of the shit they make houses out of. How about straw? Straw bale, for instance, is infinitely renewable, cheap as dirt to manufacture, can provide insulation for the poorest people in the world in the coldest parts of the world, and it's just as practical for rich people too. You can press it into bricks as hard as wood, and it's more fire resistant as wood as well. Straw bale is porous, providing insulation on rainy days but the house can still breathe. Our energy consumption in the next twenty years will need new energy as well, estimated to be the same as 267 new coal plants opened up in America alone, which won't be built. Prices for living on the grid will sink the economy into a real fucking depression. You'll have a choice of creating your own electricity, or living without it. This is in America with 300 million people. China has 1.3 billion people and is expected to construct 400 million new houses in the next twenty years. As far as your environmental drain goes, if all those houses were built out of brick, there'd be no soil left in the entire country. China knows they don't have a fucking choice so you see these appartment complexes popping up with green roofs, their own natural water treatment system using a pond and natural renewable resources, and their own solar and geothermal energy as well. Other office buildings are constructed to be so energy efficient they use 3 to 4 times less energy than the average office building. If you think that doesn't effect you, like I said 25% of LA's pollution comes from China. China also exports it's garbage into US landfills, nevermind the landfill 300 feet tall and the size of Texas floating in the pacific ocean, killing off much of the fish I'd be eating right now. I could go on for fucking days dude. And Im not a professor, I never said I was.
  2. Haha what I should've said is what you pay for utilities is what I'm saving and going on vacation with. Hawaii son, every fucking year. For the rest of my life. What about you?
  3. "the overwhelming excess of your idiotic vocabulary usage causes my assumption that you are not nearly as smart as you think you might be." Did you just look all those words up in a thesaurus or something? Typing like that doesn't make you look smart, just longwinded—like a 1700's physics book. So you want a discussion here of how I'm wrong and 'dupid and haven't even thought of all the brilliant ideas you have? First off, no thanks; Second, tell me where I even made mention of recycling? This isn't some broad discussion here about hugging trees and saving the planet: it's focused on one specific half of crisis surrounding carbon emissions. Construction, buildings, and building materials. Any of those in your post would have been correct answers. Plastic bottles and the recycling of bottles, NOPE. I mean think about what you're saying here. Is it really that fucking condescending to post a video? I'm not shoving it down your fucking throat, am I? I'm pretty sure you're reading this (THIS) voluntarily. I'm sharing something I find interesting, a simple basic video. If you want to make this about me, go ahead: You're already off on a brilliant start. Oh noes! I'm being condescending again!
  4. Re: motorbikes! Unless I get a call today I didn't get the gsxr. In other news yesterday I got the the GS airborne. 80 in a 35, all of a sudden the revs shot up, followed a second later by a thud and the front wheel trying to shake loose. It was dark so I couldnt tell you if I got air or just distance. Over all a pretty cool fuckin experience. I think i'd like to get a motard next too. I sit at stoplights and try to trackstand my bike like if I put my foot down i die or something. it's too heavy to wheelie and fork's too soft for indos but i'd be doing that shit too if I could.
  6. Sex on bubble wrap, in bubble wrap suits.
  7. I think you're onto something: Apparently you've gotta watch your holes in Australia.
  8. What the fuck does that have to do with anything? No question was posed. No answer was needed. If you don't like the concept of responding to people logically, theres a wall right behind you.
  9. Who the fuck are these people? Noone's asking you.
  10. If someone's got a way to change videos from itunes into something without a password, I can upload the series, because I want this series to be available whether you're stuck on stupid about the word hippy in the title, or not. Until then tho here's something for you to gnaw on. In the united states: 40% of carbon emmissions are caused by buildings. 27% of carbon emmissions are caused by transportation 25% of corbon emmissions are caused by industrial 8% of carbon emmissions are caused by the construction of buildings, making the materials etc. 70% of the power generated goes using buildings In 2035, 75% of all the buildings in America will either be new or renovated. (Construction workers, get your party hats on) By 2030, if power conservation and the conservation of fossil fuels isn't implemented: Energy consumption in the US goes up 70% 20% of the world's species will die Much of the east coast, new orleans, texas, and the bay area MIGHT be under water. By 2050 the world's temperature will rise 2° centigrade (not confused with celcius) By 2100 the world's temperature will rise again 1° centigrade, which will cause massive amounts of methane currently frozen to thaw and cause catastrophic global warming
  11. Hamburgers with giant oreos for buns. Oreos and meat. Meatyoreos.
  12. Hahaha. Here before anyone thinks I'm taking myself too seriously: Alright, now that everyone's pussy hurts I'm gonna go back to the subject. Anyone get to watch the series yet? They're on PBS, youtube, or even buy em on iTunes for $2.
  13. Condescending? Cry me a river. Don't like that answer? You're reading into what I post any way you want so what the fuck do you want me to say? Fist, It was more directed towards people who think If I use hippy in the thread title it's instantly cool to talk shit about it without understanding what I'm even talking about. The series is about why being energy efficient and conserving the world's material resources is good for everything, including the economy and your fun money. The video's not without its faults, but it's a good jumpoff. I'm not trying to be crossfire-esk, but knocking it because environmentalism in this country is a hippy word is fucking retarded. Edit: Since i'm still laughing at being called "condescending," by someone who thinks environmentalists want eight billion people to live in the woods: I'm an architectural engineer at UC Berkeley. Needless to say sustainable design is fucking HUGE right now. I just thought the video was approachable enough for anyone, and if someone likes this shit let me know I've got a bunch of other books and meta resources for you.
  14. I dunno dude I get my hair cut by some old vietnamese lady.
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