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Everything posted by LUGR

  1. LUGR

    Be honest

  2. LUGR

    Be honest

  3. LUGR

    the NEW sketch thread

    ^New name, same 🤡.
  4. LUGR

    Be honest

    I still hit up a foggy mirror after a shower.
  5. LUGR

    list of favorite designers

    This thread is interesting. Thanks for taking the time to post so much.
  6. LUGR

    The Nonsense thread

    Fried chicken- if the bitch fried the chicken- both.
  7. LUGR

    The Nonsense thread

    ^Do you have link to source?
  8. LUGR

    What Are YOU Wearing Version 189378129739817

    Let’s see your chain.
  9. LUGR

    random thots

    What’s up with the newest member showing up in this post like ghost attachments?
  10. LUGR

    What Are YOU Wearing Version 189378129739817

    What are black and red jeans? Post pics plz.
  11. LUGR

    The prayer group

    ^new name same 🤡
  12. LUGR

    The Hip Hop Thread

  13. LUGR

    How can I keep up with dank memes?

    5 probably retired off that weirdness.
  14. @mortonThat sounds good and reminded me of a 12oz member who moved to Mexico and opened up a hamburger shop. He had a thread about it and he made a HUGE hamburger and posted pics....anybody else remember that? Meetchu in Juarez
  15. He wants to eat chicken fried steak and hang out with Mexicans.
  16. LUGR


    ^Another name...GTFO.
  17. Go to Lockhart, TX for BBQ. https://austin.eater.com/2016/6/16/11954976/lockhart-texas-barbecue-where-to-eat
  18. Go to @misteraven‘s house.
  19. LUGR