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  1. Actually, it is The Long Kiss Goodnight.
  2. Jumping for joy. Wonder where they are now?
  3. Are those your Halfcabs? If so, I think I get it... If you made the simple adjustment of not dragging your toe, you would not have a blown out sole within a month of owning your new shoes. If people made the simple adjustment of wearing a mask and social distancing, we would not have blown up COVID numbers within a month of trying reopen. Seriously Ray, stop dragging your toe, you’re making you parents sad by unnecessarily ruining the nice things they buy you.
  4. Sink? No. Shower or bathtub? Often.
  5. Stranger danger...keep your face off the internet.
  6. LUGR

    The Hip Hop Thread

    Lol, big daddy Jane.
  7. @Ray40You are flicking the board and it is flipping like a kickflip is supposed to flip, so, sure...you are flicking right.
  8. Jump! Just like with your ollie, you are not jumping. Your back foot is on the ground mid flip instead of in the air over the board. At least the board is flipping, that is progress.
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