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  1. It’s a gusher when the sink is on, but that is pretty minor. Still sucks big time though. Can you give us some background on discovery? Just leaking from your usage? How many dehumidifiers and air movers you have in there now? What happened in your 1/2 bath?
  2. Go ahead and turn the water off to the building now.
  3. 😆 Hold up on that. Looks like a common element and possibly the responsibility of your association.
  4. Directing wifey to the kitchen to do dishes and laundry?
  5. It is close...I’m a traditionalist and prefer that sharp angled S.
  6. Looks minor. What’s the deal with the blue tape?
  7. Yeah...drawing & coloring on things that don’t belong to us.
  8. I think I may have the game twisted...
  9. Our ducks dont look like that. I think geese are all white and have long necks like that. My apologies if I am wrong, I am no water fowl expert.
  10. ^thats a gooose wtf is wrong with some of yall
  11. I spent one night in Juarez back in the early 2000’s and it was a bit sketchy at that time but we had a good time. Drove from Albuquerque through El Paso and stayed the night at a random hotel not far over the border. My friend’s girl had family there so she translated and treated us to an amazing meal at her families place in the hills around the city the next day before driving back. That night, we ate, drank tequila and bar hopped the night away. We met a local girl who became our guide at the first bar which was a gangster bar with all the locals looking like eses. They were all chill and
  12. Would be a whole lot cooler if that was a Stussy S on your wheels.
  13. This is very true. Choose your location within the city wisely. Some areas flood like crazy and others don’t. I am sure price is associated with that factor and the flooding areas are much cheaper. Houston seems to have the worst weather in Texas. @+plus+should chime in on this, but I don’t think he has been on in awhile?
  14. Any of you on Friendster back in the day? Everyone I have mentioned it to these days has no idea what I am talking about. I have not accessed any current social media for a few years. Don’t really care to delete it because never posted a bunch of selfies or personal social pictures anyways.
  15. Redfish and trout. They are apparently called some kind of bass somewhere. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_drum
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