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  1. Was just passing by and didn’t get a look. Probably a black tip, sharp nose or bull? Not exactly sure though.
  2. You better wrap that glizzy up if any of them touch the swol pp.
  3. No way Dude. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats are the only true Slipknots of Stomp Clap Hey.
  4. Ask them to dump those titties out.
  5. Soup was definitely before his time.
  6. Classy. I was a Gold Club all you can eat buffet kinda guy.
  7. You better ice that cake with Preparation H if you going on a Lusty Adventure through Akron town.
  8. You have to go! Let them dance on the swol pp.
  9. Disregard hate…smell my jealousy.
  10. You for real just baked 3 cakes tonight? You a wild muthafuka.
  11. ^Smash that shit hard! That thang is perfect!
  12. That is definitely a Lusty Lady! @fat ralphyyou ever hit the Lusty Lady back in the day when it cost a quarter?
  13. you would be the type to wear a Rock the Bells shirt.
  14. School us, what Cap tracks we need to check out? Otherwise, we going to be out here bumping Slipknot for the rest of our lives.
  15. Yeah, I smoked entirely too much weed that day and during that time in life. It’s all a bit foggy.
  16. Master P - “Ugggghhhhhhhhhhh!”.
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