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Everything posted by LUGR

  1. Tint those windows before you break your engine.
  2. All main frame computing issues need to go to dhabz for analysis.
  3. Glizzies on the grill is a must. Only time boiled glizzies are allowed is late night drunk as fuck only food in the house.
  4. Cooked beyond perfection. The opposite of crunchy.
  5. Are those sizes for the elephant trunk? Or waist?
  6. LUGR


    Dude in black is clearly a formally trained street fighter. Looks can be deceiving. Other dude definitely has the better street fighter look, even has a nice wide stance. But, his arms and that first kick were garbage.
  7. Broccoli suits and Wu-tang crocs are in. Polo and Wallabees are out.
  8. With these on top would be sick! Rock them with the Slipknot waist band peaking out.
  9. LUGR


    ^that stance is negative wide…
  10. Long day for one fish. We had another one on, but lost it inches before it was secure in the boat. Had a good time with family.
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